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An Apartment with Benefits Ch. 01

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Anal Gaping

I suspect an apology or two are due. I never really intended to write this story as long as this, but like Topsy, it just grew. I could not seem to stop once I had started and chapter followed chapter followed– well you get the idea. It will take a few days for the complete story to come through, probably a chapter a day. It is all written but I am still checking the spellings and grammar etc for a third time, so it could take longer. I was quite surprised myself at the final paragraph. I am really not sure that I want my hero and heroine (?) to go down that route, but as I said it tended to write itself. One last apology, there is practically no sex in chapter one as I set the scene a bit, which is more than made up for later on when it almost got in the way of the little plot that there is. All the characters are of course over 18, although I think I make that clear on the pages. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


An Apartment with Benefits.

Chapter 1 A Subsidised Apartment.

I answered an advertisement in the evening paper.

‘Wanted. Young, attractive, outgoing couple to apply for subsidised housing. Send CV’s, recent photo’s and letters explaining your backgrounds and desires. Box 6969A’

Let’s face it. It was an intriguing advert and my girlfriend and I could not afford to buy or rent on our wages. Who knew. It might be some sort of weird philanthropist.

I felt that we had a good case to make. We had been going steady just over a year and we were both living with our parents after Uni. We were both reasonably attractive looking. Put it this way, we were never going to get thrown out of Abercrombies. Frankly they wouldn’t look twice at me after seeing Susan. Long reddish hair, a beautiful face and small but firm B or C breasts. Susan that is not me. Her breasts are wonderful but personally, I thought that they are second to her bum.

I sent off a letter explaining our backgrounds, where we lived, how, although we were not actually engaged to be married, we both accepted that it was likely to happen and a couple of photos of the two of us together. One was a close-up selfie we both liked and another full length with Susan in a short cocktail dress that showed off all her best assets. I hoped that, like the staff in Abercrombie’s, they would not even look at me. The CVs I printed off were our most recent ones showing a couple of minor ‘Desmonds’ (2.2’s) at insignificant universities in almost useless subjects. I also pointed out that we both had jobs, me, an apprenticeship to a gardener and Susan working in a supermarket. We were however both still looking for work more suitable to our degrees, in History of Art, mine, and Hospitality Management, Susan’s.

The letter explained that we met at Uni, while we were both serving on the Student Union social committee. I specialised in bar-work and Susan in party organising. This was the business she was actually trying to specialise in, now in the real world. Unfortunately, there seemed to be an awful lot of students who were great at partying and they all were looking for jobs in this sector.

It must have been nearly a week later that I received an email saying that we had passed the initial selection phase and they would like to talk to the pair of us on the phone later that week. Could we nominate a phone and time when we would both be available together?

Sure thing. Of course, I had to explain to Susan what I had done. She naturally pulled a small hissy-fit about the photos I had sent in. Surely there were better ones of the two of us and what was I thinking of sending the cocktail dress one where we had been mucking about. Why had I not sent the boring one that we had taken for our parents albums rather than the one where I was pulling the hem of her dress up over her hip, showing more than a bit of leg.

I countered and said that acıbadem escort it was very much an oddball advertisement so I had chosen a couple of odd-ball photo’s. And anyway, it had worked hadn’t it.

She accepted that it had and agreed that the important thing was that it might speed up the time before we could live together and she gave me a peace offering of a couple of inches of tongue. And a blow-job, but that came later as we were in her mum’s lounge when I explained about the ad.

They rang on Friday evening while we were at my house, in my bedroom. We were just chatting and listening to music because while Mum knew that we had slept together she was a little old-fashioned and I get the ‘while you are living in my house my boy, you live under my rules’. Both my parents were the same and in fact so were Susan’s. I cannot imagine how they ever had children. I guess in those days it was grit your teeth, think of England and save up every penny to buy a house which were so much cheaper then nowadays.

Consequently we did not get together for sex that often. No car meant that we were limited to times when our parents were out or occasionally a summer evening in the park.

The guy on the other end of the line seemed more interested in our health and our relationship than anything else.

Did we row often?

I guess the flat had thin walls and the neighbours may complain if we shouted.

No, we were not in the habit of arguing.

What did we wear around the house. Our regular clothes duh.

Do you ever walk around nude? We live with our parents for fucks sake.

And then we got on to the personal questions!

How often did we make love? I wish. I can hardly remember the last time it was weeks ago.

Had we ever made love in public? – well I was not going to go into too much detail but surely the park counted.

Did we like sex? Of course, we were human weren’t we.

I was just about to tell him that these questions surely had little to do with accommodation when he abruptly changed the subject.

‘Look, we are sort of doing a scientific survey, a sort of lifestyle portfolio seeing how changes in environment can change people’s perception of moral values and the ethical considerations that they may involve.’

‘Oh well,’ said Susan, ‘if it is about going green I am all for it. Healthy air and lifestyles you know. We would do anything to further that cause. And well especially as we will be living together for the first time we would be able to give it a lot of time.’

I began to wonder whether I had missed the point in his explanation. What had he been talking about? Susan seemed to know.

‘That’s perfect,’ he said. ‘It looks like you have got through the second part of the interview. Perhaps we could meet up in London sometime soon.’

‘Yes of course,’ I said, ‘but where is the accommodation? We both have jobs.’

‘That’s true,’ he said. ‘But both of your jobs are highly transferable, you could work anywhere. The current accommodation is a flat in almost central London. We have a couple or three actually. A couple of one bedded and a two bedded. How would you feel about sharing?’

We looked at each other.

I put it into words. ‘I guess as a first stage or perhaps temporarily we would be okay with that, well, providing we like the other couple.’

I had seen Susan’s smile start to fade until she heard the proviso.

‘Don’t worry about where it is at this stage, once you have got used to it we could move you if necessary. And don’t worry about the standard of accommodation they are all lovely.’

We arranged a date to go up to London and agreed to meet in a coffee-shop he knew in Marylebone.

‘What were you on about going green for? I am not sure that was relevant.’

‘Well isn’t that what he meant about a scientific survey. It atalar escort has to be green doesn’t it?’

‘Maybe, well we will meet him and ask him. If you think it is a scam try and warn me. Kick my foot under the table or something. Anyway we must make sure we don’t sign anything or promise any money, agents fees or anything like that.’

The days passed quickly and there we were in a coffee shop in Tottenham Court Road. We arrived a few minutes early and settled down with coffees.

This guy about our age came in a few moments later and came straight over.

‘Susan, Alex? Hi, I am Mark, good to meet you. You certainly look suitable.’ What did he mean?

‘You must be very puzzled let me tell you a little more. Susan, no it is not a particular green thing, it is a sort of anthropological research into human interaction. We have a few flats which we let people use for free on the basis that our scientists can observe 24/7. They will record your activities and make notes. They watch the way that people talk, watch tv, eat, sleep, their cleaning routines, of both the apartment and personal cleansing and even when they make love. From this interaction our scientists can suggest ideas for new cleaning techniques, devise ways of aiming advertisements directly at tv watchers, look at bedding suitability. A whole load of things in fact. We don’t actually know what some of our scientists are actually working on until they produce an idea that can be marketed or patented. We may never find out. We only produce the raw data and sell it on. That is one of the great opportunities given by the internet. Someone is always interested in the data we can produce.’

I was impressed. My business brain was buzzing just thinking about the sorts of things that I do in a day around the flat. How many of my little jobs could be done by a robot in this day and age. Could I have one that takes out the garbage for my Mum, a job I hate doing, particularly when it is raining.

Susan however had picked up on a word that I hadn’t.

‘Errr… you say watching, how is this data actually transmitted?’

‘Yes, that’s right, brilliant isn’t it, we have cameras in all of the rooms so the scientists can see first-hand how you do things that they may be able to improve upon. Obviously, we have safeguards based on the highest moral principles. We will not show the toilet, for example so you are guaranteed some privacy.’

I guess we both looked a little stunned.

‘But I mean in bed, and err… err in the bath?’

‘Of course. I realise that you are giving up a little personal privacy but areas like this are so important to our scientists. I mean what do you wear in bed, for example, pyjamas, a nightie, t-shirts? What soaps, shower gels, how do you wash your back? Could we get a robot to do it? Did you know that they have robotic toilets in Japan that do all sorts of things that you are used to doing for yourself? Can you imagine you may be the catalyst for the introduction of a bath robot? How proud would you be? A saviour for mankind.’

‘I think we need to talk about this and come back to you in a week or two,’ I said.

‘Oh, it’s a shame that we cannot get anything moving quicker than that. Actually, if you are both non-smokers I have a one bedded apartment available from Monday; no sharing as I mentioned earlier. A lot more privacy, if that is important to you. But I cannot keep it. I am seeing two more couples this afternoon and so one of them is bound to want the non-sharing option.’

‘Just a moment then. Let me have a private word with Susan please.’

‘Sure,’ he said. ‘I will get another round of coffees.’

‘Look this may be an opportunity for us to move in together,’ I said. ‘he hasn’t said anything about wanting money so I don’t think it is any sort of scam.’

‘ALEX,’ she whispered loudly. ‘They will see me in the bath. aydınlı escort They will see us making love.’

‘Well you went topless on the beach last year in France and you can always wear bikini bottoms or even the complete bikini. When we make love we will be in bed under the blankets. We will be out of sight and you know we will get a bit of a thrill knowing that other people will know what we are actually doing.’

Susan’s jaw dropped a little at that statement. I realised I had the beginnings of an erection. She smiled. ‘That is so rude Alex. I can’t imagine why you think that would be fun, although, that time in the park when we were watched was good wasn’t it.’

We grinned at each other. We didn’t need to say any more, we were in.

When Mark came back with the coffees, he could tell by our faces that we were sold on the idea. I was pleased that he wouldn’t have been able to guess why.

‘Look here are some pictures of the flat. It is in Clapham so very central. I am afraid I cannot take you down there before you move in as we have the cleaners, decorators and electricians in there. You know how much work needs to be done. It will be ready by Monday and we can always make small adjustments later. Now you will both be able to get new jobs in the area but I must tell you that, as well as the apartment, if our scientists feel that you are well worth watching then we can ask them for more money so that we can pay you something, on top of the rent. It stands to reason that if you are popular and people are getting good ideas from you that it would pay us to pay you to stay at home! Simple really. We will certainly pay you your wages equivalent for the first month say. Is that fair? One last thing of course is that we will have to get you to sign legal releases to use your images on camera and I am afraid that whenever you invite people into your home, you must get them to sign the same releases. Can you imagine Susan, say if your Dad was sitting in the lounge looking for somewhere to leave his walking stick, one of our scientists might see a need to patent a stand-alone walking stick that wouldn’t fall over.’

‘But Dad doesn’t have a… ‘

‘No, no. I understand but that was just an example. If you invite the Pizza delivery boy across the threshold he will have to sign a release. Don’t worry we will leave a supply of them on a pad by the front door.’

‘Well,’ I said, looking at Susan, ‘perhaps we could try it for the month and see.’

‘I will see what I can do about the period. We normally ask for a minimum of one year but there are certain clauses in the agreement when it can be shortened, by you or by us. For example, if you get pregnant you would have to leave, not that the scientists would worry but they do find children distracting so we have to ban children I am afraid. It also means no visitors under the age of eighteen. Sorry. Also, if our scientists find that watching you is a waste of time then we will terminate the contract with just one month’s notice. If you wish to leave we normally expect three month’s notice, but frankly, we have plenty of people who want to move in so it has never been a problem allowing people to leave early. I must admit, not many couples have ever wanted to give up free accommodation and even a small salary just to move out. The only difficulty is that at the moment the only flats are here in London. Of course, there are many jobs it is possible to do from home so you could find work perhaps on the phone or maybe on skype for meetings.’

Well suffice to say we were sold. We arranged to move in on the Monday.

‘Just bring your clothes with you.’ He said. ‘You have a month at least to get sorted. Here is my cell-phone number. I will arrange to meet you probably once a week to sort out any little problems or questions that you have. Here is the address to go to. There is no phone so you will need your cell-phones. Everything else is provided. TV, laptop, bedding, all furnishings. Everything.’

We felt that we had been rushed a little, but we could well understand why we had to hurry or all these other couples would be trying to get our free accommodation.

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