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Countess Vanessa Fox

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Shannon Éclair stepped out onto Garfield Blvd grateful that her work day was finally over. She had been working for Michael’s Advertising for almost 3 years now and her supervisor had recommended her for a budget managing position because not only was she good with numbers but she had a knack for keeping things in budget. She had been excited to prove just what she could do, and she enjoyed the challenge of coming up with an advertising campaign all on her own.

Now however she was leaving that meeting/interview with a sour taste in her mouth, she had worked her ass off on that presentation and was able to get everything they wanted and even stayed under budget by $500. But did the board care? NO they were more concerned that she was just 26 years old. One of the old farts even mentioned that she looked like she should still be in high school. She was even more irate that the Executive Director Xavier Depointe had the nerve to look down on her when he himself was only 34.

He had said nothing during her time on the conference room, and she had noticed the way he looked at her, with detestation, what had she ever done to him? Oh well, at least he didn’t actually verbalize his dislike of her in front of the others. She had to work tonight at Le Donjon so she take her frustration out on some men later, and that thought made her smile.

7pm Shannon walked into Le Donjon; clocking in at the front desk, Holly the receptionist informed her that she had 2 half hour appointments and 2 hour appointments, and the first was in the process of checking in. She thanked Holly and told her to escort him back to her lair when he was ready.

She had an easy night, her clients were mostly lightweights, especially her last appointment. He came in 15 minutes, he couldn’t even last the whole hour. “What is wrong with the men now days?” she asked in dismay. She was fixing to wrap up and leave when someone knocked on her door.

“Come in,” Shannon called.

“Hey Fox, I need a huge favor, please tell me you are free and don’t mind another client.” Holly begged as she walked through the door.

“I’m free, my last client jizzed 15 minutes into his one hour session.” Shannon informed her.

With an amused look Holly asked, “Wow they don’t make men like they use to do they?” They both laughed. “Well I have a problem I hope you can help me with, We over booked Ginger, not sure how, but she is already an hour behind and we have a yummy looking gentleman who is demanding to get in now, or he will pull his platinum membership. Look I know you are tired, but I want you to consider this, with what he is paying you will get a good commotion check, this man is gorgeous, and kind of being an asshole so I would love for you to teach him a lesson. ”

“Okay, give me 5 minutes, and bring him back. I need to put my outfit back on” Shannon said. Holly knew Shannon couldn’t turn down extra money.

“Awesome! I knew I could depend on the fox.” Holly squealed and rushed from the room. With an eye roll Shannon walked over to her closet to put on her blue corset bodysuit, glued her mask back in place, and headed to sit on her throne to greet her next guest.

She had just gotten comfortable when there was a knock on the door and Holly entered with her next client. Shannon’s breath caught in her throat and her body momentarily tensed up when she saw his face. His tall 6’3 frame filled the door way as he stepped into her lair. She looked him over slowly, his sandy brown hair had a modern yet sexy spike to it, and his body was tan and very well toned. His arms looked like they could either hurt someone or make a girl feel very safe and secure. She pulled her gaze back up to his face and Pendik Ukraynalı Escort noticed that his soft brown eyes had locked on to her in a cold stare, and for a moment she was afraid he might recognize her.

“Mr. Depointe, this is Countess Vanessa Fox, she will be your dominatrix tonight. Countess this is Xavier Depointe and his safe word is apple.” Holly announced before exiting.

Xavier studied his new mistress up and down for a moment then started, “You’re not Ginger,” with some what of a snarl.

“How very astute of you slave, now strip for me.” Shannon had dropped her good girl persona and stepped right into the roll of The Fox, Le Donjon’s most fierce Madame.

Xavier didn’t move, he just stared at her and crossed his arms in defiance. Shannon cocked an eyebrow, smiled, and thought, I’m going to enjoy this so much that I need to send Holly a Thank you gift.

Without warning Shannon flicked her whip and it slashed into Xavier’s arm leaving a very red and angry whelp. “Don’t you dare come into my kingdom and deify me. The next time I tell you to do something, you will fucking do it, or the next spot my whip will kiss, will be on that pretty face of yours, NOW STRIP.” Shannon yelled out her demand with such authority he flinched.

Xavier started removing all his clothes and discarded them in a pile off to the side, he still had a look of defiance in his eyes, but he obeyed. “That is a good little puppy. Now come and kneel at the foot of my throne, I would like to have a foot stool.” Shannon said mockingly.

She smiled as she watched him crawl up the steps and kneel in front of her, every muscle in his shoulders and back flexed with each movement and a little flurry of excitement rushed through her. “Oh such a good boy,” She purred at him as she placed her stilettos over his back and stretched her body out. “My, my you are a pretty thing aren’t you? Now tell your Countess why you have come to me for punishment today?”

Xavier remained quite and stared straight ahead, when Shannon got impatient she dug the 6in heel of her shoe in between two of his ribs, “Answer me when I talk to you boy.” Shannon demanded raising her voice.

Xavier sucked in a shallow breath no doubt due to the sharp pain his side was experiencing and replied, “I had impure thoughts about one of my employees today.”

Intrigued about which on of her coworkers Xavier had been day dreaming about Shannon commanded, “Tell me all about it so I may know how to properly punish you.”

Xavier took a deep breath and started, “I smelt her before I saw her, and it was nice like a spicy flower. She was there applying for a position in my department and she was good, damn good. Her presentation was perfect, down to every detail and every cent. She could even have saved us some money.”

“Could have? If she was so good why do you not hire her? Was there someone better?” Shannon asked in a pissy voice. She realized that she was probably getting emotionally involved and crossing some ethical boundaries at this point but too late now, she wanted to know.

“No. No one even came close to her geniuses, but she was young and sexy and the men on the board don’t like that. They fear putting a woman, especially one so appealing, into that position. They want me to hire some dumb fuck who is riding on his daddies coat tales.” He said almost sounding pissed off.

“Tell me Mr. Depointe, what do you want to do with her?” Shannon asked in a growl.

“I wanted to kick all of those fuckers out of the meeting, Bend Ms Éclair over the table and show her from behind the new meaning of what it means to be her boss.” He admitted, his words dripping with Pendik Üniversiteli Escort lust and want. Shannon had suspected he was talking about her, but hearing him say her name still surprised her. She was also getting a little wet at the thought of him fucking her at work.

Shannon got off her throne and sat down on Xavier straddling his back. She leaned down and rubbing the top of her breasts into his shoulders as she whispered in his ear, “You will never be able to dominate that girl, and tonight I will punish for even thinking it was possible.” Then she licked the rim of his ear and quickly got off; walking to the other side of the room, she picked up a rope and an extension bar and moved to the middle of the room.

“Crawl to me slave.” She demanded firmly. Xavier crawled to her and laid down on his back. Shannon attached the bar to his feet and tied the rope around his wrist and attached it to a pully and hoisted him up into the air until he could only stand on the balls of his feet.

Shannon walked around to his back and started massaging the pressure points in this lower back and shoulders trying to get him to relax a little. “I do feel sorry for you Mr. Depointe, I know you wanted to taste that girl’s pussy and experience the joys of her warm velvety folds squeeze itself around your cock.” She paused as she heard him release a breathy moan. “But you can’t, so now you must be punished for thinking about it.” Then without warning she took her leather crop and smacked it across his ass checks. Shannon watched him tense up and waited for him to relax before she whacked him again.

She walked around him a few times slapping him on his thighs, back, arms, shoulders, and ass. When his skin was a pretty pink color she laid down the crop and began to talk to him again.

She put her fingers on this chest and gently drew circles with her nails and listened to his breathing catch each time she scrapped a nipple. “What is it you like about this girl of yours Mr. Depointe? Does she have a big butt or perhaps you like big breasts?’

Xavier looked down at his countess, “No ma’am, her body is average, I liked her hair.” He said with a dreamy look in his eyes.

“What was it about her hair?” Shannon gasped in surprise.

Xavier looked back to her his eyes widening slightly and answered, “It looked like yours, a soft sunset red. I have a thing for red heads so I would do anything to wrap my hands in her hair and pull back as I fucked her from behind.” Shannon noticed Xavier never lost eye contact with his Countess as he spoke those last few words. That made her even more nervous than before, did he recognize her? Wouldn’t he say something if he did? She wasn’t sure, and the look on his face didn’t revile that he knew her true identity, but she also didn’t want to take any chances so she moved on to her next task.

She grabbed a feather to trace it over his stomach, his sides, his arms, and his neck. She loved watching his muscles tense as she tickled his skin. She looked at the clock, they had been playing for 40 minutes, which left her 20 to wrap it up and get him to cum. She was a little sad about this, she wanted to play with him more. She looked back up at him and saw that his eyes were closed; apparently he was enjoying the feather a little to much.

“Mr. Depointe,” She purred. “Tell me what you would like to do to this employee of yours. How would you please her?’

Xavier opened his eyes and stared at her for a moment, “First I would like to kiss her. Punish her sweet lips with my mouth and tongue.” As a reward, Shannon grabbed his balls and started fondling them. She gently rolled them around in her hand Pendik Vip Escort and then would slightly stretch them, pulling them away from his body. “MMMM” was his response to her hands playing with his balls, “I would like to lay her down on my desk and kiss her neck and slowly unbutton her blouse, I’m not even sure what color her bra would be, but I would rip it off her.” Shannon squeezed her hand into a tight fist around his balls at that last statement. He took in a sharp breath and held it until Shannon released him.

“Is that anyway for you to treat a nice young girl like that?” Shannon said in a teasing tone.

Xavier glared at her, but didn’t dare say anything about her sudden rash treatment of his balls. Mostly out of fear she would do it again. “Continue slave, what would you do to her next?” Shannon encouraged him.

“I would lick and suck her nipples. I want to taste the salt on her skin, as I run my fingers up her thigh, under her skirt, and slide them into her hot pussy.” Xavier groaned. Shannon could see he was really turned on just by the thought of fucking her. If she was completely honest, she was turned on herself. She needed to be careful how she handled these last few minutes, So she grabbed a flesh-light and lubed it up.

“Xavier, you have 5 minutes before our session ends, I will hold this flesh-light for you but I want you to show me how you will pound this girl that you ar/e so infatuated with.” Shannon breathed into his ear.

Xavier groaned as he felt his Countess slide the fake pussy over his cock. It was already warm and lubed teasing his penis with a slight tingle. He opened his eyes and looked right in to the depths of her soul and started thrusting his hips in and out of her hand. There was something dangerous in his eyes as she watched him; it sent both chills and electric shocks through her body.

She squeezed tighter on the flesh-light and reminded him, “Two minutes Mr. Depointe, that is how long you have to prove to me that you truly want to fuck this girl senseless.” She watched his eyes narrow, but he still didn’t stop looking at her. His hips however did pick up speed and his breathing started laboring. He was pounding into her hand so hard that she had to brace herself with each thrust. She was surprised by the force driving his hips since he was hanging from the ceiling and could only use the balls of his feet. She found herself curious, what would it be like to be taken by him from behind? What kind of thrusts would he have when he didn’t have these restraints, and she was surprised by how much she really wanted to experience it for herself.

“One minute.” Shannon reminded him. Her hand was starting to cramp from the strength she was using to squeeze his cock, and she was ready to pull back, when she saw his eyes close and heard him grunt. His cock started pulsing in her hand and his release filled the flesh-light until it was dripping out.

When he was finished, she grabbed his chin and kissed his lips, “That’s a good boy.” She praised him as she lowered him to the ground. She slowly unlocked the extension bar and massaged his feet, ankles, and calves making sure that his blood flow would return to normal. She then untied his hands and massaged his hands, arms, and shoulders. “You are my last client so you rest here for a moment then wash up and go home when you are ready.” She informed him in a soft voice before she went back to her throne.

He stared at her from the floor as he caught his breath. Then he got up and dressed and headed towards the door. “Goodnight Mr. Depointe, I hope you enjoyed yourself and will come back to see us soon.” Shannon said to him. He stopped in the doorway and turned back to look at her for a moment.

“I did enjoy myself and I will be back to see you soon.” He smiled at her and before he walked out the door he added, “Good night Ms. Éclair.”

A rush of cold shock filled Shannon’s body at the sound of her real name and all she could do was mumble, “Oh fuck.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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