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Dinner with Andrea Ch. 01

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When he considered it, he realized that she must have been searching…..searching for a strong man who would bend her will to his own, a man who would take her body and use it in ways erotic and devious. A man who would use pain for her pleasure and use her for his pleasure.

They had met at a coffee shop. He saw her and looked past the vanilla pseudo-intellectual facade to see the deep longing of submission that she carried within. Over their coffee, they had shared a nice conversation about life and the perils it brings to relationships. Her words carried an undertone of unfulfilled desires. He noted with some satisfaction that his subtle hints about bondage seemed to be received and understood without question or reservation. They made plans to meet for dinner in three days. Three days to plan and prepare for his new submissive….he had already begun to think of her as HIS. Her indoctrination would begin soon.

She arrived at his house in a nice neighborhood, unsurprised to find that the basement windows had secure treatments, allowing no clue as to what might be contained within. For three days she had dreamed of this night. Her mind raced and her body trembled against her will. Still she mastered her feet to put them up the steps to his door, the red pumps giving only a slight quiver as if she were chilled – but not this night.

He allowed her to enter, graciously removing her short black leather jacket. His hands on her shoulders caused a rippling thrill and her heart raced as the jacket slipped off her shoulders, his fingers deliberately caressing the backs of her arms as she stepped away from the jacket. As he looked into her eyes, he saw the need and desire burning within Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort her. Taking her hand firmly, he led her up to the table for the special meal he had prepared for her.

The table was candlelit, and would have been romantic in any other setting. But her eyes were riveted to the chair. Strong and solid, she could not miss the hooks on the legs and arms, and the padding at the head. She stopped, but he did not let her go. His firm hand guided her to the chair, even as his eyes held hers and gave no answer to the questioning look she gave as she sat. A deep sigh as she settled into the seat confirmed His knowledge of her needs.

The rope felt right in his hands…..and it felt right that her legs should be bound tightly to the chair, the loops pressing her sculpted calves against the solid wood until she gasped slightly. She felt the wraps around her forearms, pulling them down until the only position left to her was to put her head back against the pillowed head of the chair. She tensed and flexed her wrists, knowing that the bonds would not give way. He knew that soon her arms and legs would begin to ache. He counted on that, and smiled in that knowledge.

Now he removed her shoes. Her naked feet dangled slightly, elevated from the 3″ heels she had worn. The cool air between her toes would soon be replaced, as he stood and grasped a candle from the table. Her eyes widened, racing with the thought of what was to come. She tried to move her feet, but her heels were lodged against the side of the chair legs and her wiggling only drove bright points of pain into her ankles from the sharp edges of the chair legs. He wanted her to see……that Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort was why he had not blindfolded her. She watched in fascination and fear as the candle tipped…and bit back a scream when her foot was coated with the hot white wax. It ran between her toes and dripped down, burning the arch of her right foot. Her left leg pulled tight reflexively, and the chair leg was a knife against her calf. Tears came to her eyes…..and in those tears, He saw her need and smiled.

“It would be a pity to have only one, wouldn’t it?”

Her mouth begged for respite….He strode to the table, took a roll and pressed in into her mouth. She nearly choked on the yeasty gag.

“That is merely the first thing your mouth will hold tonight, my dear. Are you comfortable now?”

Her head shaking, he nodded and went back to the table for the red candle.


This time, he took her foot in his hand, and held each toe apart. Her ankle screamed in protest, her aching calf cramping and knotting, the roll fell from her mouth and a gasping cry escaped. He slapped the arch of her foot and she cried. The blow from his hand to her cheek left a stinging impression on the flesh, a red print where he remembered her dimples to be……she drew several ragged breaths, sobbing. He stood over her, holding her chin in his hand.

“Eat only when I feed you.”

Now an apple came from the fruit basket. His hand pressed against her jaw, opening her mouth impossibly wider than she had imagined. The apple was solid and tart. Her teeth were pinned into the fruit, her jaw pried open and unable to bite. The juice trickled down her chin, mixing with Ümraniye İranlı Escort her saliva as she helplessly drooled on her sheer white blouse. She could feel the moist area growing over her left breast, spreading toward the nipple that pressed hard against the light fabric. His hand under her skirt grasped the light panty she had worn. His fingers curled around the crotch, knuckles pressing painfully against her clit.

“You are unprepared. I am disappointed and will have to change that for you.”

She tensed, knowing what was to come. But she was unprepared for the force of his ripping and shredding of her clothes. The skin of her back and ass stung from the cloth being dragged over it and out from underneath. Now she was exposed…..and her body would betray her, a small puddle forming between her legs telling Him of her true state rather than listening to her meek words.

Now it was time, and he went back to her left foot. Each toe spread, the candle flame reflected in the wide-eyed fear on her face. “One”, he intoned as the flame danced under the fleshy pad. Tears mingled with apple juice and drool as he continued. “Two. Three. Four. Five.” Each time, the flame dancing along her flesh, the heat exquisite on the tingling ends of her toes. Her chest heaved with the labor of her fear.

He placed the small taper back on the table. Crossing to the cupboard he took a large jar candle off of the warmer he had prepared. “Now we will try some new stockings for you.” The realization of what he intended overcame the ache in her jaw and her scream was literally bit off as the apple fell down her stained blouse, leaving her gasping and choking. Her sobs touched no compassionate place in Him. Holding her foot firmly at the ankle, he brought the jar of molten wax up, immersing her entire foot. As the burning and stinging overcame her, she drifted away from herself and felt only the waves of pleasure rolling in her belly, on and on and wishing that it would never stop.

To be continued…

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