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Faster Pussycat_Kill, Kill Pt. 02

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Part Two: Sometimes You Can Get Too Much Of A Good Thing

It was my third week at Faster Pussycat and it was fast approaching midnight. I was totally exhausted. I’d been on my knees, cuffed and manacled to a humbler and spreader bar since just before nine pm, and a seemingly endless line of young women had come into the storeroom where Kelly had installed me from almost the opening bell. My jaws ached. My body was wracked with cramps from the confinement, and I was seemingly drowning in pussy juice as one woman after another entered the room for servicing. To be honest, it was hellish. I never thought I could tire of eating pussy, but this was just too much. As I knelt on my pad, my head sagging forward in exhaustion I reflected on my situation.

The first week of service had been a bit slow, but pretty fun. In addition to Kelly, only seven other women had come into the room over the course of the evening. Other than the confinement and kneeling, it was fine, and the culinary rewards seemed well worth the muscle cramping.

The second week was quite a bit more intense. Probably twenty women had entered the storeroom, and most wanted a second, third or even a fourth orgasm. It was pretty exhausting, but still, being turned into a pussy slave at a lesbian night club was pretty exciting for a submissive male like myself. Kelly had even demanded four orgasms that night, so I left at 1:45 am feeling well-used, and very tired.

Tonight seemed just endless though. In less than three hours I had been required to orally service over twenty-five women and felt near the point of collapse. I was drunk on endorphins and female pheromones, I smelled like a whorehouse and was becoming numbly unresponsive to the point where my “customers” were getting annoyed.

As I knelt, head slumped forward in exhaustion, I heard the door open again. Oh God, I thought. Give me strength. Raucous laughter and banter among the women clustered in the hallway came in through the door as it opened, and then was abruptly muffled when it closed.

“Damn! I do believe this boy looks whipped.” Then there was a clatter as a bucket hit the floor just to my right. I looked up to see a stocky leather dyke, dressed in lace up black combat boots, jeans and a white tee shirt with a leather vest. She had that hat on that they all wear. Through eyes dulled with exhaustion, I recognized Kris. Oh shit. This is one bad-ass bitch, and I’m practically wiped. She had not paid a visit to the storeroom before, but I had seen her in the club and her rep was formidable. She circled me predatorially as she removed her belt from her jeans.

“You look worn out slave-boy. Are you going to be able to get me off or what?”

“I’ll do my best Kris.”

“So you know who I am?”

“Yes Kris, your reputation precedes you.”

She smirked. “I thought I’d check out what all the buzz is about Mr. miracle pussy eater. So far I’m not impressed, although I do like the way Kelly has you all trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey in your service position. I do like seeing slaves of all persuasions on their knees in tight bondage. Not much you can do to resist the way you are all cuffed together.

“No Maam.”

“Well, I don’t give a shit how tired you are. I paid my money and I expect top notch service, boy. If you disappoint, I’ll take my belt to your ass and put a boot to those balls-in-stocks of yours.” By now her jeans and underwear were down around her ankles.

“You aren’t supposed to damage the service staff.”

Kris grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head back. She leaned forward, her face about six inches from mine. “Fuck that! I do what I want. If Kelly objects, I’ll put my boot up her skinny little cunt. You’d best be good boy, or there will be consequences. Jesus! You fucking reek of pussy juice!”

With that she bent her knees slightly, thrust xslot her hips forward and pulled my face into her crotch. “I like it rough boy. Tongue me hard. Get me the fuck off!”

I just went right at it, prying her cunt open with my tongue and lapping from the bottom of her gash to the top. At some point I paused to suckle at her labiae and she whooped, “Oooh, good one boy! Nice move.” Now I was just reverting to tonguing her out with power strokes, with the occasional detour to suck and lick her clit. Her clitoris was impressively large and I found myself wondering whether she used a suction pump on it. It also seemed chapped, which I knew meant she was getting lots of head. I wished I could get a couple of fingers into her, but my wrists were firmly cuffed behind my back, as usual.

Somehow I kept going and apparently I was getting to her because she began to groan with pleasure and started grinding her pussy into my mouth, brusing my lips with her public bone. Then she gasped, “Oh fuck yeah!” and drained what seemed like a quarter cup of cum into my mouth. I backed off the pressure quite a bit, but kept lapping at her inner sanctum and clitoris. “Suck it boy. Such my clit like it’s a cock.” Then she pushed me away.

“Not bad for a male. Not bad at all. I can see why all these ladies are lining up to use your submissive ass, tongue boy.” Meanwhile I was gasping for breath, trying to gather a little energy.

Kris’s belt came down hard on my right buttock, and then again on my left. “Just had to get in a couple of licks, you know. It’s my SOP and all.”

“Now I bet you’re wondering why I brought in the bucket. Kelly says I get two cums, but I’ve decided that since you are a boy, and not some sweet young 20-something of a lipstick lezzie, instead of a second orgasm, I thought I’d use your mouth as my urinal. The bucket’s in case you have to puke. It’d be best if you didn’t though. I might get the idea that you didn’t appreciate the gift of my pee.” I was too tired to protest. She tilted my head back. “Open your mouth boy. I’m gonna piss right down your throat.”

Kris moved forward and I closed my chapped lips around her opening. A thick powerful stream of pungent urine sprayed into my mouth. It was coming so fast I had to quickly swallow the first flush to keep from being overwhelmed and drowned. “Mmergh,” Kris vocalized as she kept the pressure of her stream high.

God there’s a lot. She must have been holding in her beer all night.

It seemed as if she’d never run dry. I swallowed again and again, desperate to keep up with her unbelievable flow rate. Finally it slowed to a trickle, with a few parting spurts, and I tongued her clean and kissed her pussy three times to show her I wasn’t intimidated.

Kris stepped back and pulled up her pants. “Well boy, I suggest you avoid ever taking a tour of my dungeon. I might just lock you up and never let you out. I’d feed you pussy and piss day and night and make you my little slave bitch.”

“Thank you Kris,” I said numbly. I knew a compliment from a dyke when I heard one.

She blew me a kiss and exited the room. There was a brief flurry of inquiries as the girls in the hall asked about how was it and I heard her say, “He passed,” to raucous laughter.

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful, but eight or nine more women entered and had me service them. When Kelly shut the line down, there was some serious bitching in the hallway, but I could hear her telling the girls that I was in high demand and they’d just have to sign up earlier. Then things started to quieten down and I managed to tip over and fall dead asleep on the floor.

Some time around 1:30 am Kelly entered the room and gave me a nudge with her sneakers. Wake up tongue boy. I want you to do me twice before we go home for the night. I struggled to my knees with her help of xslot Giriş course but then I begged, “Please Kelly. I’m totally worn out.”

“She grabbed my chin. And I’m tired too. It was a busy night all around and I need some stress relief right now. She dropped her pants and shoved my face into her crotch. “You know how I like it done, so get busy. If I want something a little different, I’ll tell you.”

I dutifully began to kiss and tongue her, using the techniques she had taught me that she preferred. It wasn’t long before she was moaning, the sure sign that she was building up to an orgasm. When it came, she vocalized her pleasure as she squirted her delicious juices into my mouth. I numbly swallowed and gave a few perfunctory kisses.

“Poor dear. I do believe you are exhausted. Look, let me release you from bondage and let’s go to my place and talk.”

I nodded my head in assent.

Kelly had a third floor walk up apartment in Daly City, so it was necessary to drive to get there. Although as usual, on street parking was tough, we somehow found spaces reasonably close by. I left the humbler in my trunk and stumbled up the stairs after her.

Kelly poured out a couple of glasses of wine for us. “Kelly, I said, sitting at her kitchen table sipping the wine, “I can’t handle the pace we had tonight.” I’ve got to have a chance to rest at intervals, or maybe we have to stop by 11:30.”

She looked at me appraisingly, then said, “You know, I’m more used to talking to you now when you’re naked and cuffed. Why don’t you strip for me and I’ll put the cuffs and manacles back on. I suppose the humbler’s in your car?”

“Yes Kelly. I didn’t see any reason to bring it in.”

“No matter. Get out of those clothes boy.” After I was undressed, she said I should have another sip of wine. I took it and then she cuffed my wrists behind my back, and locked the manacles around my ankles and secured the spreader bar she produced in place. “Go into the bedroom and get down on your knees pussy boy.” I shuffled into the room and knelt on a small throw rug next to the bed.

Kelly came into the bedroom and peeled off her clothes. She sat on the bed and cupped my chin. “OK, I know tonight was rough, and it’s probably not going to get better. Here’s the deal. Starting at ten, I’ll give you a five minute break on the hour, but that’s it.”

“Kelly, I can’t handle the pace. Tonight was sheer hell after the first two hours. I’m wiped out. Please slow them down some.”

She slapped my face hard. Then she slapped me again. “Listen to me boy. I made nearly $400 tonight just from selling your services, and my tips were up a bunch too. I’m making a shitload of money off having you as the club tongue slave and there’s no way I’m giving that up.”

“I’ll quit. This is brutal. No one can handle that pace.”

She grabbed my hair and half drug me onto the bed. “On your knees. Head down, ass in the air. You need a lesson in submission.” She went to her closet and returned with a two tailed leather tawse. “This motherfucker hurts like hell.” With that she began to stripe my upturned bottom. Soon I was crying out in pain and fear as she relentlessly worked over my buttocks with terrible blows from the tawse.

As she blistered my bottom, she began to lecture me. “Listen boy. You are my tongue whore and I’m your pimp. That means I own your sorry ass. You’ll do as you are told without any back talk. You can have your five minute breaks, but that’s it. Otherwise the deal remains as before. You’ll be on time and you’ll provide top notch service until closing time.”

By now my buttocks must have been well striped and the searing pain just kept building as she continued to flog me. I was now crying shamelessly as Kelly continued to rain blows down on my defenseless derriere.

Suddenly the blows stopped and she xslot Güncel Giriş cupped my buttocks and ran her hand appreciatively over her handiwork. I just knelt there and sobbed. “You see boy, I can be one mean bitch when angry, or I can be nice, and stroke your burned up ass gently, or…” The hand withdrew and a vicious cut with the tawse landed on my bottom without warning. I yelped in shock and pain. She got off the bed and suddenly something quite hard struck my balls a crushing blow. I gasped then howled. “Get your ass back up!” Kelly ordered. “If I want to beat those worthless balls of yours, I will!” Trembling, I bent back forward and she dealt another crushing blow to my exposed testicles. I tried to escape but her hand closed around my bruised nuts and held me in place, then she squeezed…hard. “Oh! No! Please!” I begged.

“You need to learn that you are mine, and I’ll do as I please! Get on the floor on your knees boy.”

She stood over me, a regal figure looking down on my debased and chastised form. “Look me in the eyes boy.” She had a leather collar in her hand. I’m going to collar and leash you as my slave. You will submit to me and obey my every directive without hesitation. Do you understand?”

“Yes Kelly.”

She slapped my face. “From now on you will call me Mistress or Goddess. Never use my familiar name. You are a slave and exist for my amusement and pleasure. You will also labor for me when you are here…cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, drawing my bath and giving me massages. If you are disobedient, you will be whipped. If you are insolent, you will be whipped. If you annoy me in any way at all, you will be whipped. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Do you agree to submit to me absolutely and serve as my slave?”

I gave a sob of defeat. “Yes Mistress. I am your slave.”

“Then I accept your service.” With that she fastened the collar around my neck and secured it with a lock. “Tomorrow we will go together to Mr. S and have you fitted with a steel chastity device. I shall hold the key. You will not be permitted to even masturbate without my permission. I figure if I keep you in a state of frustrated sexual arousal, you’ll have more energy to devote to your tongue duties.”

She turned and bent forward, pushing her bottom into my face. “You first duty as my newly anointed slave will be to worship my asshole for ten minutes. I want you to demonstrate to me your complete devotion and submission. Tongue my hole boy!”

As I provided this most intimate act of submission, I reflected on the past three weeks and how my life had utterly changed. I was a reasonably successful middle class bachelor when I had walked into the Pussycat, and now, only a month later, I had been reduced to a submissive wimp of a slave boy, who had been transformed into a tongue whore and more by a beautiful young lesbian. I was now a collared, well-whipped slave who was in his rightful place, restrained on my knees worshipping my owner’s asshole. As I kissed and tongued her nether opening, I was overcome with feelings of devotion towards Mistress Kelly. She had pushed all of my submissive buttons, and hard. Yes, I would be content to be her slave. She owned me now and over time, the psychological bonds would only be strengthened. I had found my true calling.

Kelly moved away and turned. She brought her fingers under my chin and lifted my face towards hers. “Yes. I see that you have accepted your new role in life slave. I am going to really enjoy training you as my servant and plaything. You will learn the way of proper service and deference through the collar, the leash, and the tawse. I intend to break you completely, and strip you of the last vestiges of your manhood. You will worship me as a goddess as I force you to grovel at my feet in abject submission. Now slave, into my bed. I intend to take my pleasure with you until I am exhausted. I want the full measure of your tongue, and when I am sated, I will chain you to my bed frame, and you will sleep on the floor next to it, available for any duties I may require during the night.

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