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Fluid Dynamics

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I needed a large, stiff one. After all these years I still suffered nerves before a speech.

“Could I have a glass of gin?” I asked, spurning my host’s offer of tea or coffee in the green room before we went on stage. I’d already wrong-footed him so he was off already off his guard, so he was probably glad to go and stick his head around the door of the catering area to see what he could arrange. When people invite Dr Alexis Giorghiou to be the keynote speaker at their professional conferences they seldom expect a woman. You’d think they’d do some research, but then engineering is still a male-dominated world so I suppose they just assumed, as usual. I had to work extra hard and box clever to reach so high in my career, and I could tell you some stories. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Those stories can wait for another time.

“How was your journey?” asked the host, who introduced himself as Vince Bradshaw, chairman of the local association. He was a short, thickset man in advanced middle-age, an off-the-peg grey suit covering a beer-gut, a professional tie in grey with a small red and yellow motif, and thin grey hair slicked back from his forehead. I had a feeling that I’d be expected to go for drinks or a meal with him after the session and I wasn’t feeling optimistic about the evening, though I wasn’t ready to give up hope yet. It gets lonely at the top of a profession, especially as a powerful woman, and I needed a good fucking.

“Could have been better,” I said. There had been intermittent drizzle making the roads greasy and a string of roadworks limiting the opportunities to let the Aston Martin rip. But I was bowled over when I finally arrived at the venue. It was one of those old Victorian gothic town halls, muscular cathedrals to the titans of the industrial revolution: a great phallus of a clock tower surrounded by gables and buttresses, arches and corbelled windows and turrets, like a fairy-tale castle. That was the best thing I’d seen so far today.

Until, that is, my gin arrived. It came on a silver tray. Overkill really; a glass, a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, not quite full, a plate of lemon slices with a pair of silver tongs, another glass with ice, an opened bottle of tonic water a couple of napkins, two round chocolates or mints wrapped in gold foil. Best of all, the tray was borne by a tall, athletic young man whose name tag identified him as Tyler. His facial skin was the colour of strong Yorkshire tea with just a little bit of milk, clean-shaven with his dark hair in a neat buzz fade. His eyes definitely did a double take when he saw me, but when I smiled and thanked him I made sure to meet his gaze, and there was definitely a knowing glint there. Things were definitely taking a turn for the better. I made a mental note to find Tyler again after my talk. I could already feel a stirring in my crotch. I poured myself two fingers of gin, and after inwardly drinking to adventures ahead, I savoured the burning fluid, working it around in my mouth before letting it slide down my throat.

I followed Vince into the main auditorium. I was wearing a sleeveless blue-and-white silk dress to calf-length, with a narrow patent black belt nipping in the waist just enough to offer a hint of soft curves beneath. Dark chestnut hair twisted into a chignon at the back of my neck. Black patent shoes with three-inch heels. I knew from long experience how to play an audience when they might not otherwise take me seriously. I aimed for desirable but inaccessible. Cool as ice. You can look but you can’t touch. Unless I decided it was somebody’s lucky night, but I wasn’t giving anything away. That way I’d have their full attention. They would eat out of my hand if I let them. And not just my hand either. It was like a superpower. I knew I could have any one of them afterwards if I wanted, and that thought scared the shit out of me. It can be very lonely, being powerful, and often empty, and now as so often a cloud of sadness seemed to fold itself around me. I yearned for something more, something that had evaded me all my life.

As I stepped up to the lectern to speak I cast my eyes over the audience. I was looking for an interesting face or two to focus on as I gave my talk. There were no women in the hall, apart from me. It was one of those old municipal halls lined with grime-tinted portraits of bygone worthies, all men of course, in heavy gilt frames. The real-life faces might have been aspiring to succeed them. There were none under 50, I think. All were white, all wore suits and ties. None of them felt enticing. Especially now that Tyler had lodged himself in my mind. It was Tyler who helped me through my lecture.

I gave them the technical expertise they had come to hear, and as so often before I laced it with some gentle flirting to make it digestible. The gin had made me bold and at one point, as I strayed across the platform and turned to ask Tüyap escort bayan for the next PowerPoint slide, I artlessly allowed the microphone cable to catch the hem of my dress, allowing just the briefest glimpse of sheer stocking top pulled taught by a white lacy suspender strap. Another intake of breath across the audience. But my heart wasn’t in it. I was thinking only of Tyler the, his lean and muscular young body, his lush, cunt-mashing lips, his area of confidence bordering on cockiness, the promise of what lurked beneath his trousers. I could already feel a glow, almost an unbearable itch, growing around my crotch, just thinking about him as I talked. I really, really hoped I’d find him again afterwards. He was all I wanted right then.

And then, as I scanned the room once more as I talked, I became aware of Tyler in the room. He was standing by a side door, the one that led through to the room where the after-session buffet was laid out. He was leaning casually against the door frame with his arms folded. He was looking directly at me. I don’t think he was taking in anything about fluid dynamics. Not in the engineering sense anyway. Some fluid dynamics had been happening under his trousers though, and it looked very impressive from where I stood. I was sure he could teach me a thing or two there.

Without missing a word of my talk I raised my own eyes to challenge his. He didn’t flinch. His eyes bored into mine. I let the tip of my tongue drift idly across my upper lip. He smiled, slowly and lasciviously. I sensed my cunt beginning to clench and throb as warm waves rippled out through my body. Under my bra my nipples were swelling, straining to escape from the fabric.

He made an O with his lips, and ran the tip of his tongue around them. For the first time I felt my speech falter. I had to pause to take a sip of water. You bastard, I thought. You big, bad, beautiful black bastard. I’ll have you for that.

I made it through the lecture and closed to warm applause. I wondered if they’d noticed anything. I didn’t really care all that much though. I felt flushed and a bit faint as I sat down. I wasn’t expecting this. I wasn’t wholly in control of myself and I hoped Vince wasn’t going to draw out the questions for too long. I tried not to look at Tyler but when I gave in to the temptation I noticed he was gone. I hoped he wasn’t too far away.

He wasn’t around in the buffet either. I wasn’t feeling very hungry, not for rubber chicken legs and vol-au-vents anyway, but I put a few things on my plate and stood around with a glass of cheap white wine in my other hand. Nobody seemed much interested in coming to talk to me. Maybe they were embarrassed. Maybe I was putting out an intimidating aura. I didn’t really want to talk to them either. I drained my glass, put my untouched plate down on a table, and slipped out of the room in search of a different kind of refreshment.

“Can I have another gin, please?” I found Tyler in the room he’d first emerged from with his silver tray.

“Of course you can, Doctor Alexis Georghiou,” he said, “is there anything else madam would like while I’m about it?” He was grinning. His eyes were fixed on mine but this time I couldn’t help looking away. I felt my face flushing. My cunt was clenching again and sending more ripples through my body. I was losing control here and I wasn’t too sure how to handle it. He poured a finger of the Bombay Sapphire and handed it to me. That would at least help me not to worry about losing myself. That might, I thought, be a good thing here.

“Well,” I said, “this is a wonderful building. I bet it’s full of secrets. Would you like to tell me some?”

“We do a guided tour every Thursday afternoon,” he said.

“That’s a shame. I have to be back in London tomorrow so I won’t be able to stay around for it.”

“I could show you a little bit of it if you like?”

“Yes,” I said, “I’d like that very much.” I liked what I saw growing in the front of his trousers too. My cheeks were burning now, and I sensed that Tyler was well aware of it. It was all I could do to stop myself reaching out and stroking his crotch.

“Very well, madam. A special tour just for you then. I know some very secret places.”

He opened a cupboard. From it he took a big bunch of keys and something that looked like a black leather toilet bag. Intriguing. He was up to something.

He led me up a broad marble staircase. It led to a corridor lined with doors of polished mahoganny, each bearing a legend in gilt letters. Committee rooms, Mayor’s office, Leader’s office, Town Clerk. Tyler stopped to unlock a smaller, anonymous door, then he ushered me through in front of him to a plain stone staircase that curved upwards. As he climbed behind me I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck, sending tingling shivers right down my spine. For no good reason Escort Tüyap I stopped, so that his body bumped into the back of mine, and I could actually feel his hardness pressed into my buttocks, and upwards into the small of my back. It felt like he was packing something very special in there. I wondered where he was taking me. I hoped it wouldn’t be long before we got there. Otherwise I couldn’t be held responsible for what I might do.

The staircase ended in a plain stone corridor, this one lined with plain, anonymous doors. Storage rooms, I thought. They didn’t look very lived in. Tyler unlocked one of them and ushered me through to another curved staircase, this one a very narrow flight of plain wooden steps corkscrewing steeply upwards, with another door at the top.

“Open it,” he said. “it’s not locked”.

So I pulled it open. On the other side was a perfectly circular stone room, small but exquisite, with a single unglazed lancet window opposite the door. So this was one of the turrets that decorated the facade. A Victorian folly of a room, perhaps, but it was in use. People had been here recently. It smelled musty, not the mustiness of neglect but of sex. There was a mattress on the floor, to one side, covered with a tartan woollen blanket. The crafty bastard knew exactly what the game was. I walked over to the window and leaned out, watching the people in the dark street far below going about their evening business. I was conscious that I was exposed from the rear, that Tyler was free to lift the hem of my dress and take me from behind. I didn’t care. But he was too good to rush things. It was his turn to be cool and in full control, and that was exactly what I wanted, to fill that gaping, yearning hole of desire.

“Do you like my room, then?” he said. “I found it soon after I came to work here. It’s not on the tour and I don’t think anybody else knows about it. Except for my special guests of course.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I turned from the window and stepped towards him, pushing him against the wall as my hungry lips pressed against Tyler’s, my tongue grappling with his as our mouths melted together in hot ripeness. I pressed my crotch hard against the rock-like erection in his trousers. I felt his big hands exploring my back, evaluating the fastening of my bra through the silk of my dress, finding the zip, sliding it downwards towards my waist. My hands slid down to his trousers. Jesus, whatever was in there was threatening to escape through the top. Meanwhile Tyler had opened the top of my dress, letting it hang loosely, and uncoupled my bra so that he could peel the cups away from my ripe breasts, teasing and tormenting the hard pink nipples that jutted out between his fingers so that they sent electric judders right down to my sopping cunt. I scrabbled for the fastening of his trousers, somehow getting it open despite my haste. I jerked the zip down and let his erection tumble free of its restraints.

I’ve seen some cocks in my time, some of them very impressive, but Tyler’s was a monster. Given the sheer weight of it, what was left of my professional awareness estimated that his body included a very impressive piece of fluid engineering to keep it so stiff and erect, before my professional identity yielded totally to my ravenously carnal one. I’d never seen a cock as big as this one before, and I wanted it urgently, every way possible. I slid slowly to my knees until my face made contact with the great circumcised head. It was dark, the colour of bitter chocolate at the tip, graduating to a milkier shade below the ridge. I let my tongue glide wetly across the tip, picking up a drop of salty pre-cum. I circled the glans, flickering my tongue against the ridge and warming to its tiny jerks that said it appreciated my attentions. Parting my lips slightly I kissed the now slippery head, forcing my tongue down into the slit and moving it back and forth to soak up the civet and ginger and sweat smell of raw male sex. I opened my lips wider and let them slide down over the ridge, letting his glans almost fill my mouth as I let my tongue play and tease around it. I could hear Tyler softly moaning above me. I gripped the base of his column with one hand. With the other I cupped his heavy gonads in their taut sac, stroking and jiggling them as my lips slid slowly, lower and lower down the massive shaft.

I sensed Tyler’s hands at work at the back of my head. He was taking out the pins that held my chignon in place, and then with a final flick of his hands my hair fell in a cascade, over my torso and down to my kneeling thighs. Still my lips worked their way down his erection, coming up for air now and then only to probe lower and lower. I still had a full fist round the base when I willed the head past the gag reflex and took him right down to the back of my throat, easing myself upwards again and releasing Tüyap Escort his cock for an instant as I smiled at him. And then my lips plunged back, bobbing slowly up and down as I sucked hungrily on his cock, getting faster and faster as his fingers dug into my hair. Down below I could feel his scrotum tightening, starting to throb, and the louder he moaned the faster my lips worked and the harder I sucked. And then his body went rigid. He let out an animal howl as he exploded in a torrent of hot salty semen that slammed against the back of my mouth. I swallowed it greedily. His body shuddered once more as another blast of semen hit my throat. And again he came, and I wondered how much he had in him, but I wasn’t letting go now as yet another spasm rocked through him and my mouth could hold no more. As I released him I looked up at him, fully aware that his cum was running down my chin and dripping into my hair, and smiled at him a big, goofy, helpless smile.

“Well, madam Doctor la-di-da Alexis Georghiou,” he said, with a grin that seemed to stretch across the room. “So the high and mighty lady professor is just a common slut after all. You don’t deserve that name. I’m just going to call you Slut from now on.”

I scooped up semen from my chin with a finger, licking it clean. “Oh yes,” I gasped, “I’m your slut, your bitch. Yours to do with me whatever you like”.

I let him peel my dress off, fondling my aching nipples as he did so. I let him tear my sodden knickers down over my thighs.

“Get over to the window, Slut,” he said. I stood up and meekly obeyed him. I leaned out, resting my chin on folded arms, and waited as I watched the people and the traffic down below.

Fingers parted my exposed buttocks. Something cold and wet was being rubbed up and down my crack. Something… was that what was in the black bag? He’d come prepared. He was running this show by himself. There was never anything I could have done to stop him.

A hand came round over my belly and crawled down towards my cunt. A finger found my clitoris and began to worry and tease at it so that electric shocks spasmed and rippled through me. More fingers found my sodden hole and began to probe, alternating between rubbing back and forth and pushing inside. Behind me, something was pushing gently at my anus, encouraging the sphincter to relax before pressing deep into my rectum. And then I felt the head of that huge cock, sliding against my wet cunt, feeling for the entrance, gliding inside the warm depths. Deeper, then withdraw a little. Deeper still. Where would it stop? How much could I take? Tyler’s cock was nudging against my womb before sliding back, and I’m sure he had plenty in reserve.

He pulled back slowly, then rammed himself back inside me so hard that I cried out to the night air. And again he retreated and slammed back to make me squeal to the world. Did I care? “Fuck me, fuck me stupid,” I gasped.

“Shut up, Slut,” said Tyler. “I decide what to do. You just take it, ok”.

I nodded obediently. He was pummelling my cunt faster and faster now, taking my breath away, and the thumb up my arse was driving me crazy and all I could do was to gasp and cry while the waves of ecstasy broke around my body and my vagina began to clench and unclench rhythmically until I could hold back the swell no more.

“OOOOOOOHH!” I shouted from the window. “AAARGH” I screamed, as the first wave of orgasm broke over me and sent shocks throughout my body. “MMMMMM” I gasped, as the second, more intense wave crashed over me. And still Tyler was pounding away as the aftershocks built and rippled and faded over and over again. I was about to faint.

“On your knees, Slut,” said Tyler. I was weak. I could barely move away from the window. I fell prone on the mattress. “Arse in the air, bitch”. I buried my face in the blanket and lifted my bottom towards the roof. I felt his hands parting my cheeks. I felt the head of his cock pushing against my little brown button, now thoroughly relaxed and lubricated. I opened the door to let him in. Fingers were massaging my cunt. Other fingers tormented my clitty. I felt his cock twitch and jerk inside me as he began to moan, and that made another wave of orgasm, bigger, broader, more draining wash over me as he shot another load of hot cum deep inside my rectum.

Then I passed out.

“What time is it?” I asked, when I came to.

“It’s two in the morning,” said Tyler. He was sitting beside me, watching me tenderly. He had a bottle of wine opened, and a couple of glasses ready. “Nobody knows we’re here. We can get back downstairs but the building is locked up now. We’ll have to stay here until the morning.”

I sighed. It didn’t bother me. I didn’t feel like going anywhere.

“Was I a good slut for you, darling?” I said. I clinked my glass against his and sipped at my wine.

“You’ll do,” he said, “if you really practice”.

I leaned towards him and pressed my tongue between his lips. Tenderly this time. Then I slipped under the blanket, holding his side up for him to join me. I snuggled into his chest, and I knew I’d never feel empty again as I relaxed into a deep sleep.

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