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Getting Together Again… Finally

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Fucking Machines

It had been three long years since last seeing her. Now back in town I found a few of her old friends but most of them didn’t know what happened to her. Finally I did find one that told me she’d rented a home and had a current live-in, that didn’t like her talking to old friends, but didn’t know the address.

She and I had been lovers for two years before I left for a new job. I’d asked her to go with me and even to marry me but her family convinced her not to go.

I’d usually hire into someplace for a time to design and develop a new idea or product all the way to market then look for another task at a new company. Finally I’d been offered a job at a company that would have me busy continually doing what I wanted with more new products but it was over a hundred miles away. I’d explained to her how long I’d wanted a job like it where I could develop continuously but she too had a job that was similar in some ways and one job is where we first met.

She was a Kelly Girl that hired into a place and fixed or corrected things at a business. She was good at it and had earned her CPA right out of University but never wanted a day-to-day job that grew mundane. The Kelly people knew she wanted jobs longer than a day or two and preferred those for weeks or a few months where she could do a job right and then move on. Kelly had learned and did all they could to develop her in that direction. She could do anything in an office from fixing filing systems to bookkeeping, accounting or fully reorganizing an office or staff but after a job she always wanted the freedom to take off for days or weeks on her own.

Since I’d left town and gone to the new job I’d wanted to come back, see her and make love to her the way we always had. My other reason for returning was to assume and build a new division of that same company years after I’d originally left and agreed to work. I’d suggested to upper management it be located in my old hometown, they’d agreed and promoted me.

Finally I found her name. I hadn’t looked before but her number was in the telephone book and when I called found she really was living with a guy in a small rented home. They’d been together for two years and he’d never even wanted to talk marriage with her. He would leave her alone all day, some nights and many weekends while he played.

She told me she’d missed me although we hadn’t even talked during this last three years but before I hung up the phone she invited me over to meet her live-in and have dinner then suggested I bring a girl.

I knew her address now and drove over and passed her place hoping to catch a glimpse of her and then parked on a corner for a while hoping she might come out. I didn’t know what she was doing, if she was still job switching or if she was still a Kelly Girl. I was almost certain though that she was still working and not a stay-at-home girl.

Finally one night as I drove slowly through her neighborhood I saw her riding away from me on a bicycle. It really was her. She was wearing some kind of really tight black pants and sports bra and was concentrating on her pedaling as I passed. She hadn’t seen me but I remembered those great full breasts, thighs and perfect buttocks. She was never a small girl and had added perhaps thirty pounds or more but they went in all the right places and I had an instant physical response below the steering wheel. She really looked good.

It had been a long time and I went looking for a date to bring for the dinner but I had trouble remembering any other girl to even ask. Finally I made a call back and she suggested someone we each knew that was still available.

I called the girl even though I remembered that she and I had never gotten along well but she accepted and Thursday night that week I picked her up and we drove over to the old girlfriend’s place.

We arrived about ninety minutes before dinner was to be served and after introductions I found that my ex’s current boyfriend knew the girl I’d brought and they liked each other. We talked awhile as people do and then went out into the backyard for a patio meal. My old girl came out then and after three years we were seated around a picnic table and she sat opposite me next to the boyfriend.

She was wearing a large full flowered skirt and lacey white blouse with puffy sleeves. I stared in appreciation and she smiled then had to turn away with a slight blushing.

We talked awhile but then the call of nature urged me to ask the guy for a visit to the restroom. Boyfriend started to tell me where it was when my old girlfriend said she’d show me because she had to check something in the oven.

I followed her up the back steps and again remembered another reason I’d liked her so much.

She walked me to a hallway and pointed to the bathroom but then panicked and told me to wait as she Bycasino ran in and closed the door after her. Five minutes later she came back out with an armful of lingerie she’d left in the bathroom to dry. I remembered then that she’d always hung stuff in there and she hadn’t changed.

She came toward me in the hall and said she hated to hang the stuff outside but as she started around me I reached out and leaned an arm against the wall blocking her way. “What are you doing?” she asked in puzzlement.

“I was just remembering.” I said.

“Remembering what?” she asked and turned with her back against the wall.

“I passed you on the street last night and you were on a bike wearing tight black pants. I’d never seen you wearing pants before. You never wore them when we were together.” I said.

“I’ve always been too fat and didn’t like the way they showed my fat ass. A few months ago I found that I like a bicycle and although it hasn’t made me lose any of this weight I think it has kept me from gaining over the past few months.” she said.

“You looked good in them.” I added.

“You liked the way I looked in them even with my fat ass?” she asked teasingly.

I leaned forward, kissed her full on the lips and wrapped my arms around then grabbed her full ass and closed my hands around the cheeks as I pulled her close. She didn’t resist the kiss and then an instant later I tasted her tongue again.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” she said half-heartedly but I could tell she liked it.

I kissed her again then slipped my hand down and came up under her skirt to find that she was wearing nothing beneath it. My fingers found her wetness then began probing against her firm nubbin. She moaned into my mouth. “Did you leave those off for me?” I whispered.

I brought my wet fingers up and slipped them between our kiss and we eagerly licked them clean. “I’d forgotten.” she said.

“Actually we really should be doing this.” I said “And I’m going to show you something I’ve learned since we were together last.” I said.

“What?” she asked simply.

I dropped to my knees then and slipped my head under her skirt then extended my tongue and tasted her directly as I began a show of my long appreciation. I devoured her pussy.

She moaned and must have bitten her lip because she didn’t make the loud noises I remembered each time we’d had sex years ago, but her body was eager and responded as I heard another moan from deep within her.

I could hear her boyfriend and my date laughing and having fun outside when finally I pulled away and stood again.

We kissed and she licked my face clean before she said “You never did that before.”

“Did you like it? I learned about it after you broke off from me.” I confessed.

“OMG! It was more than anything I’ve known since last with you.” she added and I felt her hand searching then finding my hardness. “I think this has grown since then too.” she smiled as she spoke.

“You know we both want it. When can we be together?” I asked. “I want to spend the day fucking you crazy then we can see what happens after.”

She was smiling weakly but then said “He always leaves for work before six and usually doesn’t return before seven at night.”

“I’ll try to be here before eight.” I said “Should I park out front?”

“Yes and do you have something that might make you look like a handyman?” she asked with a pleasured giggle.

“I’ll take care of it but you have to be naked when I come in the back door.” I told her.

She nodded and then pointed to the bathroom. “I’ll put these in on the bed and then I better see about dinner.” she said and pushed me toward the bathroom.

When I came back and passed her at the kitchen sink I whispered “I’m going to see you in those tight black pants again.”

Dinner went well and I used my foot after kicking off the loafers then I teased her at every chance before the evening ended and we finally thanked them. I took my date home but we didn’t kiss after helping her from the car. I thanked the date and walked her to the apartment door.

I parked in front of my Ex’s house at about seven-fifteen the next morning while wearing Levi’s and a tee. I slipped an old tool belt around my waist and strolled up the driveway, through the gate and up to her back door. I’d noticed the second car in the driveway was gone and reached for the door.

I opened the door and my old girlfriend was naked and kneeling with a housecoat coat piled on the floor around her. She was embarrassed and her full body flushed but she truly looked good. Her breasts were larger and even more inviting it seemed. She was looking up at me and said “Is this okay?”

It was perfect and when I whispered “yes.” she pointed to a chair she’d pulled up next to the door and said “Sit Bycasino giriş here.” before she reached for my Levi’s. It took her long minutes to get the buttons opened and the pants to my knees. I wore briefs and she grabbed them then tried to pull them down in front for access before she said “I forgot how big you were and now you’re even bigger. I can’t get it out without taking them down.” then she’d had to move her hands and pull the briefs completely down before it was free.

She touched then tasted it as her eyes locked on mine and I finally felt her warm tongue and heard her say “I’d forgotten so much about what it’s like.” and then she kissed it everywhere before taking it into her mouth. “All the times I did this I don’t understand how I could have forgotten how good it is.” and then she went to work.

“You don’t have to do this.” I said quietly.

“You know how much I’ve always loved it and how hot I get when you let me. I’ve always loved it as much as you did. Now let me do my thing.” she begged

It was all perfect and blissful and she was more eager than any girl since we’d last been together. “Is it okay? Do you still like what I do for you?” she asked and all I could do was close my hands on her head and mingle my fingers in her curls before I showed her how much I enjoyed it.

I hadn’t been worked so hard and so well since the last time we’d been together and if anything she’d gotten even better than just perfect. I sensed every climax she had and felt better knowing that she really did need and enjoy it.

When finally we were finished and she’d cleaned me she looked up into my eyes again and said “I like kneeling in front of you just like I always have. I’ve had so many dreams of you and me being together again like this since you left. He ate my pussy twice and so I knew it could be done but you’d never done it before and I didn’t know how perfect it could be until the short few minutes we had last night.”

“I intend to prepare you again the same way but this time I won’t be rushed.” I told her and pulled her to her feet.

Again I slipped fingers through her wetness and brought them up between our lips and again we cleaned them before I picked her up and carried her into the front room. I put her down on the large soft living room rug and sat down next to her before pushing her onto her back and spreading her knees wide. I studied her legs and noticed again how perfectly they were conditioned from all her bicycle time. They were strong and firm as I crawled between her feet and lowered my face. Her taste was still fresh in my mind and yet this was even more special and I could take my time enjoying and pleasuring in it.

This time I swept my tongue slowly between each inner fold and teased her opening before returning and testing the sensitivity and need her body felt from clitoral stimulation. Satisfied in her pleasure of it I dedicated my efforts by improving her experience and wrapping my arms over and around her thighs to clamp them in position as her body responded and tried to close her thighs. She tried to speak but all I heard was a constant staccato of syllables from what she’d been trying to speak. Her body erupted and she tried to raise her hips to my mouth but my arms prevented it. In moments she was frustrated and then still moments later she yielded completely and I released her legs then cupped my hands over the full sweet cheeks of her ass and lifted her more tightly against my mouth.

I feasted and enjoyed every moment as I attempted to communicate through action how much I’d missed and wanted her. There were moments when it actually felt like the lips of her pussy were kissing mine. They couldn’t have been but I enjoyed the thoughts and for long minutes she was mine again.

When Finally I released her and ran my fingers over her body then followed them with kisses she finally seemed to regain consciousness and wrapped her arms around me as I proceeded from her breasts to her neck.

“Perhaps you should warn me when you’re going to do that and maybe I can try to keep up.” she said with a weak smile.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“I loved the first few minutes but then I was completely lost in it. My body is still here but my brain is still thawing.” she giggled “I won’t ask who taught you but she is an angel and did very well.”

“I’m happy for the chance to show how much you still mean to me.” I added.

“I don’t want to think about anything beyond what we’re doing. My body has needed you for so long and now my parents have sold the old place, retired and moved to where it’s warmer all year long.” she confided as she brought up a hand and ran it through my hair. “Did you like it?” she asked.

“You are as sweet and exciting this way as you are with your legs wrapped around me or your cute ass Bycasino güncel giriş slapping my abs. I was certain you’d taste good but you’ve trapped me in a way that makes me never want to escape.” I told her with a happy smile.

“Come here, let me clean your face and taste again what you’ve created.” she told me in response.

I was smiling into her eyes and teasing a nipple absently but with pleasure when she asked “Do you still like them? I told you I was fat. My bra size has gone up and the size of cup has grown one full size.” she said quietly.

“I love them and they’re even more perfect than they were. I can play with them all day if you’ll let me.”

She kissed me and said “Thank you. In fact though there is somewhere else I’d like to play.” and then she pushed me onto my back and climbed above me then in a moment, with a slow tease, she was surrounding me.

“I’d forgotten how good you feel in me and don’t you dare try to tell me you aren’t larger here too.” she asked and slowly sunk me deeper.

“I want to make you happy any way I can.” I said into her ear after hooking her neck in my hand and pulling her down to my mouth.

It started as a slow and sensuous fuck but as we worked it became more demanding and intense as we grew more involved. Soon it had increased to where we were each sweating hard and completely into the pleasure of it again and seeing only each other.

Her tight smoothness traveled around my cock and the tight nudge when I was full depth with a hip twist that dragged my cock up one side or the other depending on which direction she twisted was impossible to ignore and if I hadn’t been fighting to control it I’d have given it all to her in minutes. Instead we were still going at it thirty minutes later and she’d almost exhausted herself from repeated climaxes. It was okay because when she asked or when I lost control my balls would stop aching for a few minutes and I’d have the relief I’d needed for those missing years.

Any guy can tell you though that the more exciting a woman is the shorter time it’ll take for him to recover and be ready for another go. I felt like I wouldn’t need more than thirty seconds and subconsciously laughed at myself.

It was like my first time when I finally let it happen or she’d forced it because I couldn’t decide which had caused it but I did give it all to her and collapsed spent and drenched in sweat from both of us. Being on the bottom with her had always had that effect on me and it was all good.

“I like it when you get anxious and demanding over me. I’ve missed you so long and I only dared to hope for anything like this. You are hotter than ever Babe.” I told her in complete honesty.

“You’re pretty hot too especially for a woman sexually starved for you and I too have only been hoping. I almost wrote to ask you again to come back but I thought you were out in life getting everything you’d wanted.” she told me and we kissed.

“Oops I think you just fell out and I had something I wanted to do when you did.” she said impishly. She slid backward and settled her lips around it again and moaned as she cleaned it. “It’s hard again but I’ll let you rest for a little while before I rape you again. Want some breakfast?” she continued.

I’d been hungry when I came in and it wasn’t for food and yet somehow I was food hungry now. Maybe it was the exercise.

I helped her fix breakfast and then ate like a starving man with my arm over her shoulder as she ate and watched too.

It was like old times and I felt good again.

After breakfast I helped her with the dishes but before they were done I leaned her still naked over the sink and took her from behind. Again I remembered that slap of her cute, eager ass against my abs and that always made everything even more special.

We were both exhausted late that afternoon when I finally left for the place I’d rented. I still had two weeks of my own time before I had to start looking for a place to lease or build and arrange for my people at the main facility to transfer here, if they would, and hire new ones. In meantime I planned to be with her as much as I could.

The next morning I went over instead of calling and when I got there she told me he hadn’t come home that night.

Two weeks passed and she found that he was working but not coming home then he called and told her. He’d hooked up with the gal I’d brought over to their place that night. It turned out she was an old girlfriend and they’d gone back together. He moved out the next day and when I’d finished interviewing people and searching for company space she and I decided to move in together again.

She didn’t like the way her old boyfriend had done his own cheating but she was happy that he was finally gone and we could be together.

Personally I couldn’t have been happier to be back again in loving arms.

That’s how it happened and now we’re married and she loves meeting me naked at the door every night. She still fills in as a Kelly girl because she likes it even though we don’t need the money.

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