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Henry’s Travels Ch. 01

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On the night of his eighteenth birthday Henry waited until after the cake had been eaten, his few meager gifts had been unwrapped and his parent’s gone off to bed, and then he slipped out of his bedroom, down the stairs and quietly out the back door.

He had a few possessions in his old Boy Scout backpack, a couple of changes of clothing in a duffel bag, and a little more than fifty dollars in the pocket of his jeans. He would have left with nothing at all if it had been necessary. He had waited so long for the day he could be free.

As he opened the backyard gate it screeched, loud and rusty. He froze for a minute, then tiptoed through it. Without looking back he headed down the alley to the street.

The night was silent as he walked the six blocks to the freeway. He turned up the collar of his denim jacket as an autumn wind made the leaves dance around his feet. They were his only companions on the empty street. He thought about Paul and how much he wanted to see him again, but that thought worried him too. Maybe Paul didn’t really want to see him again. After all, they had only been together a few times, they were never more than friends who shared a few intimate experiences. But Henry knew that he had to get away, and he had no other ideas where he could go.

He crossed the bridge over the freeway, jumped the chain link fence and climbed down the slope to the edge of the southbound lanes.

He had just begun to walk along the shoulder when he heard a car approaching. He turned and stuck out his thumb but it sped by without taking any notice of him. Traffic was light and he began to worry that it might be harder to get a ride than he had hoped. After several more cars had passed him by, a van did slow and he could see the driver’s face checking him out in the ghostly green of the dashboard lights. Henry smiled, trying to look friendly and harmless, but the van sped up and left him alone in the dark.

The highway was deserted after the van went by. Henry felt depressed. He had expected there to be more traffic, that he would not much trouble getting a ride. Eventually, a few cars did pass, but none of them showed any sign of slowing for him. He began to fear that he would have to walk all night.

His despair did not last for long. Headlights lit the road, and before he could turn and put out his thumb, he heard the loud screech of air brakes. A semi truck rolled past him and came to a stop a short distance down the road. Henry trotted up to the truck, and slipped off his backpack. He climbed up on to the running board and opened the door. A wave of warm air washed over him, smelling faintly of diesel and tobacco. He climbed inside.

“Just stow your gear in back” the driver said. He was a burly man, with broad shoulders and a heavy stubble of beard. Henry judged him to be in his late thirties or early forties.

Henry reached across the passenger seat and shoved his bag and pack behind it. As he did, he noticed that the rear of the cab was a small but comfortable sleeping compartment. He sat down and unbuttoned his jacket.

“I’m Bob.” the driver said. “Where you headed, son?”

“Hi. I’m Henry. I’m going to Florida, to visit a friend.”

“Florida, huh? Well I can get you some of the way at least. Man, I could use a little of that warm sun myself.”

They made small talk for a while, but Henry Escort Bayan Gaziantep soon found that he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. He drifted in and out of sleep, until he was jarred awake by the shifting of the big truck’s gears.

Bob laughed. “Sorry about that, kid. Listen, why don’t you crawl in the back and get some shut eye.”

“Yeah, sure.” Henry replied, “That’s a good idea.” He climbed into the back. The bunk was wider than he had thought, about the size of a single bed. He sat on the edge and unlaced his shoes.

“It gets damn warm back there.” Bob said over his shoulder. “You probably want to strip to your skivvies.”

Henry began to undress, and wondered if the driver had ulterior intentions, and how he would respond if he did. Although the idea made him nervous, and he realized that he was in a vulnerable situation, he found his cock growing stiff at the thought. He slipped under the bunk’s thin covers. His hand strayed beneath the waistband of his jockey shorts and squeezed his cock. He gave it a few slow strokes before he fell asleep.

Some time later, he did not know how long, Henry was awakened by the downshifting motion of the truck. He drifted off again, only to feel Bob’s hand on his shoulder a few minutes later.

“Where are we?” Henry asked, in a sleepy voice.

“At a rest area. I had to pull over to catch 40 winks. Slide on over a bit, would ya?”

Henry moved over on the bunk until his face was only inches from the cabin’s rear wall. He felt Bob’s weight on the bunk, and then the warmth of the man’s body as he slipped under the covers. He felt nervous, and tense, knowing that Bob’s body was only inches from his. He could hear his breathing, he could smell his cologne. Thinking about his proximity made Henry’s cock swell, trapped painfully in his shorts. As quietly as he could, he slid his hand down and freed himself. As he did so, Bob shifted his weight and his chest pressed against Henry’s back. Instinctively, Henry pressed back against him. He felt something hard touch his hip and realized it was Bob’s erect cock.

Bob pressed forward, and his cock slid against Henry’s ass. At the same time he wrapped his arm around the younger man’s waist and down to his crotch. His big hand cupped Henry’s balls and gently squeezed them. Henry moaned and began to turn on to his back. Bob met him halfway, leaning over him and sliding his left arm under Henry’s shoulders. His lips brushed across Henry’s cheek and found his mouth. They parted their lips simultaneously and kissed, their tongues rolling against each other. Henry felt the stubble of Bob’s beard rub roughly against his face. The older man’s weight pressing against him filled him with a feeling of security, and any fears he felt to be lying with this stranger disappeared. He kissed Bob back, eagerly. His cock was painfully hard and when Bob wrapped his hand around it, Henry could not hold back a moan of pleasure.

As they kissed, the two men explored each other’s bodies with their hands. Bob’s chest and shoulders were covered with a mat of curly hair, and Henry enjoyed running his fingers over it. Eventually, his hand found it’s way to Bob’s cock. It was bigger than any he had touched before, and the desire to see it, and take it in his mouth, was overwhelming. He struggled to slide down Bob’s torso, but in the tight confines of the small bunk, he made little progress until Bob, sensing what he wanted, shifted his body towards the head of the bed. His motion caused the head of his cock to trace a line up Henry’s belly to the middle of his chest. Henry lowered his head and touched his lips to it. It was sticky with pre-cum. Henry swirled his tongue around it, and felt a string of the gooey liquid dribble on to his chin.

Bob moved further up on the bunk, leaning his shoulders against the side of the cab. Henry knelt beside him and lowered his head, taking several inches of the trucker’s cock into his mouth. He felt the underside of the head pulsing against his tongue. This was not like any cock he’d encountered before. It was a man’s cock, hefty and thick in a way he’d only fantasized a cock could be. The taste of it filled his mouth, and the man’s musky scent almost overpowered him.

He lowered his head until he felt he might gag, then slowly pulled back, sucking hard, until the cock popped free with a loud wet sound. Bob moaned, and Henry felt a smile spread on his face. For the first time, he felt free to enjoy his desires to the fullest. He gripped Bob’s cock in his fist and began sucking it with enthusiasm. Bob responded with obvious pleasure,tangling his fingers in Henry’s hair and encouraging him with gentle pressure. At the same time, he slid his other hand inside the back of Henry’s shorts. He cupped one of the young man’s cheeks in his palm, and grazed his asshole with the tip of his middle finger. Henry was startled by the initial touch, but as Bob gently played with his ass, he began to enjoy it. He arched his back and felt the finger press inside him. He let out a low moan around the swollen cock filling his mouth.

“Oh you like that, huh?” , Bob asked. Henry hummed in agreement, unwilling to interrupt his sucking.

Bob slid his finger in and out of Henry’s hole. “You ever been fucked, kid?”

Henry lifted his head and looked up at Bob. “No” he replied.

“But, I bet you’ve thought about it, haven’t ya?”

Henry blushed. “Yes” he replied nervously, “I thought about it a lot.”

Bob raised himself to a sitting position, and pulled Henry up to him, kissing him passionately and wrapping his arms around him. Henry leaned into him, enjoying the feeling of being held, and of Bob’s big hands caressing his ass.

Bob broke off the kiss and gently pushed Henry back to arm’s length. “Are you sure you want it?”

Henry nodded eagerly. Bob patted him on the side of the face and rose up from the bunk. He bent down and opened a drawer beneath it, then stood back up, holding a jar of Vaseline.

He knelt on the edge of the bunk and put his hand on Henry’s shoulder, silently urging him to lie face down.

“Put this under your stomach” he said, reaching for a pillow and handing it to Henry.

Henry rose up on his knees and placed the pillow beneath himself. Bob moved to a position between his legs.

Henry’s heart was pounding with both fear and desire. Bob rubbed his shoulders. “Just relax” he urged, “You’re going to love it.” He ran his hand down Henry’s back and kneeded the cheeks of his ass. Henry raised his hips in response, and Bob gave him a playful spank as he slid the young man’s shorts down his thighs and yanked them off.

“Yeah, I think you want it.”, he chuckled.

The cool lube made Henry jump when he felt the first gob of it touch his hole. He waited anxiously, clamping his teeth and awaiting the pain of entry, but as Bob worked the gel into him , it felt enjoyable. Still, he knew the man’s thick cock would not go in as easily as his finger.

Bob placed his hands on Henry’s hips and pulled his ass higher. Henry held his breath in anticipation as he felt the head of Bob’s cock touch his hole.

“Nice and easy.” Bob reassured him. “Push back as I’m going in and it’ll only hurt for a minute.”

Henry felt the cock begin to stretch him, and he pressed back against it. There was a sharp bite of pain and for one quick moment he wanted to ask the man to pull out. But with steady pressure, Bob slid in deeper and the pain began to subside.

Suddenly, Henry felt his sphincter release, and the full length of the cock enter him. Any feelings of pain were replaced by a sense of fullness which he found unsettling, but not unpleasant. Bob slowly pulled back an inch or so, and then pressed forward again. Henry felt the cock head rub his prostrate and knew at that moment that he was going to enjoy being fucked.

Bob continued with slow, short motions and Henry realized that the friction against his prostrate made his cock harder than it had ever been. He pushed the pillow tight against his body and began to pump his cock into it in rhythm with the one pumping into him.

Sensing the young man’s pleasure, Bob began fucking him faster, with long smooth strokes. “How do like that, boy?” he gasped.

“Oh god, it’s so good”

“That’s right, you love it up your ass, don’t you, boy?”

“Yes,” Henry moaned. He was loving it, far more than he would have imagined. The heat and pressure he felt within his body was pleasurable beyond anything he had ever felt.

Bob leaned forward across Henry’s back and wrapped his arm under his chest, pulling them together tightly. He was fucking as fast as he could, his breath coming in short ragged gasps as his cock pistoned in and out of Henry’s bucking ass. Henry moved with him, feeling the pressure building in his cock as each down stroke pressed it into the pillow.

Suddenly, Bob stopped, his full length buried inside Henry, and with a shuddery groan, he unloaded his cum deep inside the hot hole. He jerked his hips a couple times, then pushed in deep one last time and held there, his cock twitching as it spent it’s last drops.

Henry felt his ass filled with the wet warmth, and then his own orgasm came. He shot his load into the pillow and felt it’s sticky heat on his belly.

The two men laid there for a few minutes, sweating against each other, slowly regaining their breath. Finally, Bob withdrew, and slid off Henry’s back. He sat up on the edge of the bunk and put his hand on Henry’s shoulder. Henry rolled on to his side and looked up at him. The morning light had grown stronger, and he could see weariness in the older man’s face.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

Bob chuckled. “I’m great. How are you, that’s the main thing.”

“I feel great.” Henry replied.

Bob reached for an alarm clock on the shelf above the bunk, and fumbled with it’s controls.

“Well, scoot over and let me get an hour’s shut eye, and then we need to get rolling.”

Henry moved over on the bunk and Bob laid beside him and draped his arm over him. Henry cradled his head against the man’s chest, and in a few minutes, he was sound asleep.

To be continued…

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