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Sissy Chantel, New Reality Ch. 06

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Chapter Six: On My Way to My New Life at The Agency.

Well the day has come for my transition in my life to becoming another sissy maid and sissy slut (aka: comfort girl) to ‘The Agency’. Over the last two hard and humiliating weeks Master Camron and Sir Gage now as paid agents to my joining the team at ‘The Agency’ have helped me sell, give away or toss out all of my possessions short of any and all sissy, feminine wear, shoes, boots, accessories and make up. I have virtually nothing else to my name. The work and details of selling off my home is near done as I have signed off on them as acting on my behalf.

Today I sit here in my barren home, after giving myself an enema, shower and dolling myself up en femme as a sissy maid in my black satin maids dress, black sheer pantyhose, black suede 5 inch spike heel pumps, full makeup and my strawberry blonde shoulder length straight wig. Waiting for Master Camron and Sir Gage to arrive to pick me and my sissy/femme belongings up. But I also will sign off on the sale of my car to a guy who will be by to pay Master Camron for it and to drive off with it. I will get none of the money from its sale and will see it taken from me.

As a live in 24/7 sissy maid and comfort girl to ‘The Agency’ I have no need for a personal car. ‘The Agency’ provides a few company cars that maids use when out doing their contracted out sissy maid cleaning duties and other as required duties including outside comfort girl services. These cars are Barbie pink with white highlighting and lettering.

As Master Camron and Sir Gage arrive for my last morning in what was my home, I attended to them as a good and broken sissy maid. I am on my best behavior as we chat and wait for the guy who is buying my car to arrive to pick it up. He has yet to see me as a sissy maid so it will be a bit of a curiosity to him once he comes.

The gentleman buying my car arrives and Master Camron along with Sir Gage have me walk out with them to greet the buyer. When he sees sissy me his eyes go wide open.

Master Camron says, “Bill, yes you see what you see, this is sissy Chantel, she is the sissy who owns this car. Chantel mind your manners ok?”

I curtsey and say, “Good morning sir, thank you for buying my car. As a full time sissy maid I have no need for a car any more.”

Bill says, “Wow, what a sight, she’s pretty cute looking. She must be quite the faggot?”

Master Camron says, “Yep she a true sissy and loves being a maid and a slut. Would you like her to say suck your cock inside your car now?

Bill says, “What, really? Hmm could be fun.”

Master Camron says, “Sure Chantel loves cock, she will suck yours as a point of thanking you for buying her car.”

Bill hums a bit and then says, “Ok, sure, why not?”

He gets inside the car on the driver’s side. I’m ordered to get in on the passenger side. Once inside Bill has the seat back and his cock is now out of his pants. I look at Master as he nods at me to begin sucking cock. I then look at Bill and ask for his permission to suck his now engorged 6 odd inch, uncut white cock. He tells me to get at it.

I lean over and my head in his lap as I slip his shaft into my wet mouth. I run my tongue all around his shaft as he begins to moan. I build up more and more saliva as I suck on his glorious piece of stiff cock. My head begins my sissy head bob as he pets my head and keeps moaning and groaning. I feel that growing sissy slut pride as I know I am giving some of the best type of sexual pleasure a man wants.

As I keep sucking and bobbing on Bill’s cock he leans back, keeps petting my head as he looks down at me and my sissy slut actions and then he looks up and out of the car’s windshield and windows. Master Camron and Sir Gage stand outside and smile as they affirm his joy with a head nod each. Bill smiles and nods back as he then looks back down at me who’s slurping on his cock.

His moans grow more intense and I moan away as I work on him over and over in bringing him to the lust of a full blown ejaculatory orgasm. I feel so proud of myself as I suck this essentially stranger off inside what was once my car and now is his and I feel him getting closer and closer to cumming.

“Ahh…Ohh…Ahh. All..Almost.. there.. Chantel… Oh Gawd.. you suck …very…very well bitch… Ohh..Ye..Yes.Yes…Ohhh.. Yeahh!” as Bill shoots out a thick, gooey morning treat of his sperm filled cum right into my sissy mouth. I swallow it up like a breakfast treat as I then pull off his shaft and sit back up. I show him I swallowed and he has a big smile on his face at that. He tucks his dick back in his underwear and pants then does them up. He thanks me I thank him and I step out of his car with me all dolled up in my black sissy maids dress. I curtsey before I close the passenger side door. He says good bye to Camron and Gage and then drives off.

I get congratulated for being a good morning sissy slut. With that I’m put inside Master Camron’s car and he along with Gage get in and we now Ümraniye Fetiş Escort drive to Master Camron’s home. From there they will finish the sale of me to ‘The Agency’ and I will begin my new full time sissy maid, sissy slut lifestyle.

Twenty five minutes later we all are inside Master Camron’s home. Minutes after we all arrive Master Randolph and Master Mark from ‘The Agency’ arrive. Once inside I curtsey as I greet them. I am soon dispatched to Master Camron’s kitchen to prepare a serving tray of coffee and pastry to serve the men.

As I carry out my duty they begin finalizing my sale. Once I have my serving tray ready I enter the living room where the real men are and begin to serve the men.

“How do all you gentlemen prefer your coffee?” I ask.

Master Camron says, “Double sugar, double cream.”

Sir Gage says, “The same for me Chantel.”

Master Rudolph says, “Black with two sugar.”

Master Mark says, “Just double cream Chantel.”

I curtsey and begin fixing the coffee’s, once done, I serve each gentleman and curtsey after each. I am now dispatched to do some cleaning for Master Camron in his main bathroom. I’m told I have no business nor input into the final details of the completion of my sale to ‘The Agency’. So off I go to do the as ordered cleaning while the real men finish my sale.

About 20 minutes later they are done, I’m ordered back to the living room. I greet my new owners with another curtsey and a thank you to Master Camron and Sir Gage for helping me turn my biggest fantasy to my new reality.

We all begin to have me load up the large plastic bins filled with my feminine, sissy maid clothes, under garments, shoes/boots, and cosmetics. Once all loaded up I get into the back seat of Master Randolph’s car and he along with Master Mark get inside the front. Off we go about 1 hour away to my destination and my introduction to my new life at ‘The Agency’.

Arriving at the location of ‘The Agency’ I’m quite nervous, I mean this is it, my new sissy lifestyle is before me. Sissy maid and sissy slut will be the constants in my life all with total domination and control over myself and my life.

I’m ordered out of the vehicle and out in back I am to pull out and stack the plastic bins full of my feminine and sissy clothes, accessories, shoes, boots and cosmetics. It’s all put on a dolly and we all walk to the and through the business side entrance.

Once inside I’m a nervous mess as I follow orders into the office section as I enter a lady in her oh 30’s comes to the front desk. Myself, Randolph and Mark stand as we wait.

She asks, “This is our new girl? It’s sissy Chantel, right?”

I curtsey to her and reply, “Yes, ma’am I am sissy Chantel.”

Randolph says, “Chantel is here and ready with all her sissy belongings and here is her ‘dossier’.” as he hands it to the lady.

She says as she picks up the folder of my papers, “Ok, very nice, you are a very pretty sissy maid Chantel. I think you will work out well here at ‘The Agency’ actually no I think that you will fit in perfectly.”

I curtsey and say, “Thank you ma’am, yes ma’am I will be the best sissy maid that I can be.”

She replies, “You may reply to me as Madame Lisa, ok?”

I curtsey and reply, “Yes, Madame Lisa, thank you Madame Lisa.”

Randolph and Mark both now excuse themselves and leave. Madame Lisa has me roll the dolly of plastic bins in to the back room of the office and once in back she has me come to a desk and allows me to sit at a chair where she will sit on another chair across from me. I do as ordered. She goes through my supplied documents to see all in order. My contract signed to be a hired ‘domestic servant/maid’. My personal services contract that is a private one where I agree to being used as a comfort girl (slut) and live at ‘The Agency’ as a sissy maid. My signed copy of all the rules that I shall live by and follow here at the agency. The bill of sale of my car and the cheque attached from the man who bought it earlier. The cheque is signed to ‘The Agency’. The paper work in progress for the selling of my home with me assigning staff from ‘The Agency’ to act on my behalf to the sale of my home and a document allowing ‘The Agency’ to have and keep any monies from said sale after all costs are paid for.

Madame Lisa says as she looks at me, “Everything looks to in good order Sissy Chantel.”

I reply, “Yes and thank you Madame Lisa. I hope there will be no complications in me joining ‘The Agency’ as your newest sissy maid and comfort girl.”

She replies, “I don’t see any and we appreciate you donating monies from first your car and once done the sale of your home. It will be many thousands of dollars that you agree to giving. The ownership of ‘The Agency’ like that from our hired maids. It will all go as strong positive in your records. Your top Masters will like that you very much Chantel.”

I smile and reply, “Thank you Madame Lisa, I want to be a positive new Ümraniye Gecelik Escort employee, maid and comfort girl here. Sissies like me all dream of this type of lifestyle and to be here as scary it is and nervous I am, well I just want to be a good, no great sissy maid and sissy comfort girl.”

Lisa smiles at me and says, “I’m sure that You will, I can sense you are one of the lucky ones. First you make a very pretty sissy girl, you have a nice tall, slim body and in your makeup, your face feminizes nicely. You will be a desirable sissy maid and comfort girl here.”

I blush and reply, “Oh thank you Madam Lisa, yes I have always enjoyed my girlish looks when dressed en femme and as a sissy maid.”

Lisa now has her computer up facing me as she asks me to log into my personal bank and online. I will next add bank account info for ‘The Agency’ and she will have me transfer all monies I have except $200.00 (max.) to the account for ‘The Agency’ . Being financially deprived will make me a much more compliant slave. She also notices my investments and has me sign off on paper where I will have my investments cashed out and transferred to ‘The Agency’. The feeling of complete loss of control over my life and future begins to weigh on me. ‘This shit is for real.’ I think to myself. Lisa can sense this feeling.

She touches my hand with her hand and says, “I know it all seems to be surreal Chantel. I know your stomach is probably topsy turvy, but a sissy lifestyle must be real. We do not play games here, we bring sissy fantasies and make them real. We run a business that makes good money off you sissy girls and you all get to live out any and every sissy fantasy and role you all ever dreamed of a likely masturbated often too. Trust me Hun, you will get use to it.” she smiles and adds, “The Agency has been providing these services for over 20 years Chantel. We have had about 25 sissy maids and comfort girls be employed to us over these years. You will fit in just fine.”

I reply, “Wow over 20 years and about 25 sissy girls? I guess the system you all use is well oiled now?”

She smiles and replies, “Yes sugar it’s a well oiled system. You will be worked into it well. It for you will be 24/7 sissy slavery. Your days will be maid services in numerous roles and your nights will be as a comfort girl which is just a polite way of calling you a sissy slut. Many men will use you sexually from now on.”

I finish the work on my financials and transfer of monies I have to ‘The Agency’. She tells me staff will complete the process but as of now I can consider myself financially deprived. She goes on to explain that I will be paid minimum wage for my hours working as a sissy maid. The money will be automatically deposited into my account. But since ‘The Agency’ staff oversee my banking now they money will be withdrawn as needed by them and to cover my cost of living in the sissy dorm rooms from now on.

The plan is that myself and currently like the other 11 sissy girls here are kept with no more than $200.00 in our bank accounts at any one time. This keeps us better enslaved but allows us to have money to buy clothing that we may use and have to replace often, such as bras, panties, pantyhose, tights, stockings & garter belts, lingerie, makeup an such. More pricey clothing such as replaced maids dresses, slutty cloths , high heels, wigs and such will have to have us ask for approval of any purchases as such.

Lisa makes it clear that my life is under full control of ‘The Agency’, she goes on to explain certain rules. Top management males will be referred to as Master, females as Mistress, Office staff, security etc. will be referred to if male as Sir and if female as Madame.

Master Randolph and Master Mark are the President and Vice President of the firm and will have top control over myself an the other girls and will control delegation to other management staff. They both are married and their wives whom I shall soon meet are respectively Mistress Jessica and Mistress Marissa. Over time I shall meet and greet other staff.

This is all overwhelming to myself, they have such a well oiled sissy slave business. I am amazed that they currently have 11 other sissy maids and sissy sluts like me. I will be sissy number 12. But as I listen to Madame Lisa outline all to me I come more and more to accept my new lifestyle.

My stomach turns, but I also feel sissy excitement. It’s such a weird feeling. Soon though Madame Lisa finishes up all my documentation and basic orientation. It was a good hour of time with here. She was kind to me and made me feel accepted as the new sissy girl. She picks up her phone and calls out for security staff to come and pick me up and take me on my way.

As we wait she says, “Chantel, your fears will lessen in time. We are pretty good with our outside recruiters in finding the right sissies for us. I see Camron and Gage recruited you?”

I answer, “Yes Madame Lisa, they were very good at my recruitment, they know me better Ümraniye Genç Escort than me. I mean I knew I was a sissy and I like role playing. They helped me realize I need to live this now, as terrifying as it is. But I know I am on the right track in my pathetic sissy life of servitude.”

She says. “Hun, all you sissy girls are quite similar and you like them will fall into your rightful sissy place.”

I thank her and soon we see two men arrive. Sir Ralph and Sir Martin will escort me from here. Madame Lisa instructs them to take me up to Master Randolph and Master Mark’s office for further orientation. I will afterwards then be brought back here to take the bins of clothes and shoes to my dorm room. I curtsey before both Ralph and Martin and the get a kick out of the newest sissy girl to join the sissy team.

I’m taken upstairs to the top floor Executive Office and brought inside to meet again Master Randolph and Master Mark. I dutifully curtsey and await their instructions.

Master Randolph says, “Come over to me Chantel, and bend over my desk here.”

I say, “Yes Master.” as I walk to his desk and bend over.

He says, “Lift up your dress, petticoat and pull down your pantyhose and panty.”

“Yes Master.” as I do all he orders. My buttocks are bare and likely ready to be fucked by my new owners. I stay bent over his desk and do not move while I await what’s to soon follow.

Master Randolph has Master Mark set up a video camera so this moment will be captured for posterity and future enjoyment. Master Randolph gets from inside a drawer and pulls out a tube of KY Jelly. He walks behind me and I can here its cap pop open and I hear a squirt of lube come out. It’s on his fingers and he next begins to finger lube my butt hole. I stand still and bent over as ordered. I remain quiet as the sensation of another man’s finger rim and penetrate my butt hole. Doing so gets an occasional ugh and grunt from me. But I take the lube well.

Master Randolph says, “Mmm there,there sissy, we are going to have a bit of fun. I’ve been waiting for the time to fuck you at my will. So lets have some fun.”

I reply not moving but holding my head straight forward, “Yes Master, please enjoy your fucking of my sissy butt hole.”

I hear his pants being undone and pulled down with his briefs. Having sucked his nice white cock a few weeks ago as I began my transition here. I wait with nervous excitement as to how Master will fuck me.

Soon I sense the head of his cock toy with the rim of my butt hole. He just twirls and slaps my hole’s rim for a few moments. He then begins to pull my butt cheeks open and he begins to work his 7 inch nicely thick cock inside me. He moans as he works it up and inside me. I grunt a pant a bit. He gets it inside and slowly works it as I am bent over his office desk. I grunt as I feel a bit of pain but Master Randolph works gently at first.

Once we get more and more in to a rhythm he begins to push harder and faster. His cock does some serious anal probing and it is affecting my prostate as I get worked up. I hear him moan and groan and as he give the odd deep thrust he grunts. It’s such an incredible feeling to be butt fucked. It resonates more with me now as it’s one of my owners. I know I want to please him. So I accept his thrusting with sighs, grunts, and moans. The sight of sissy maid me bent over an office desk in my black maids dress, pantyhose and heels must be interesting as Master fucks me.

Master Randolph really gets into pounding me now. I’m falling back and forth between pleasure and pain, but I want him to find his joy. Any man who fucks wants to reach orgasm, he wants to so badly dump his seed inside another persons body. I know he soon will dump such a hot load of cum up my rectum. Master is grunting harder and pounding harder. I can sense he soon will unload inside me.

I begin to beg him to cum, “Please, please Master… Oh gawd yes, yes please cum inside me… Ahh, Ohh I need you to give me this… I want you so bad to show me that you are a real man, ahh ugh.”

Master Randolph pushes down on the small of my back and plunges hard as he says, “Fuck yeah you little bitch… you.. you have sweet and tight…lil…little ass. Oh Gawd I’m.. all…most. ahh ohh, yeah almost the…there. Ohh! Yeah! Umm yeah I’m ugh cumming now.” as he shoots out that awesome fluid of male ejaculate, its thick, hotness fills my insides as I am so into it and he begins his anti-climax as he slows and pulls out. “Fucking great little fuck Chantel. You are off to a good start with us here.”

As Master Randolph pulls away, does up his briefs and pants, I see my next pleasure comes towards me like a machine. Master Mark already has his cock out and has been fondling it as he holds his pants and briefs up a bit. Once behind me his pants and briefs drop to the floor. He wastes no time shoving his 7 odd inches of man meat inside me. I’m wet from my first fuck so it’s easier for him.

Master Mark is very horny as he is quite aggressive as he plunges his cock inside my ass. He begins some serious moans and groans. I am ughing and groaning as he works my sissy butt hole hard. I sense Master Mark is on a fucking [pun intended] mission. I work my body’s rhythm to his as he plunges and probing my butt hole with his man meat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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