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The Queen and I

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The Queen of Shadows is lethal in every way possible. Not only is she stunningly beautiful — in every aspect mind you — she has a heart of ice. Many of the lower lives who I work with at the castle often talk about her behind her back, and many believe that she doesn’t even have a heart — I of course know how wrong they are.

Queen Vraena has the type of body that can give a man his finest dreams — at least the parts that men get to see. Her hips are prominent and thick, her cream-colored skin soft — she has the roundest and firmest breasts that’s been seen in these parts for ages. The Queen always wears black, and her clothes always shows off that perfect bust of hers, leaving the castle guards speechless. Her long hair is wavy and dark, and most of the time she lets the curls cascade over her shoulders, some of the locks falling to nestle themselves in her cleavage. Her eyes are what scared most people though. Red. They’re a deep crimson color that can only be described as the color of blood, and most often times there’s a fire burning in them that can make anyone’s knees weak with fear.

But as I’ve said — there were parts of this woman that many don’t see.

I’d been brought to the castle when I was but a young girl of fourteen. I was immediately set to work in the kitchens alongside other girls my age. There’d been a whisper traveling around that at eighteen we would receive a proper welcoming. My birthday was the latest of the rest of the girls, December twenty-first. I was left to watch as night after night, an older woman — the Queen’s adviser — would come and fetch the girls who’d just turned eighteen. Sometimes they wouldn’t return to the kitchen for days; it got quite lonely. And when they did return, there was always something different. Their eyes had lost the light, and the frown lines seemed deep in their youthful faces. Their innocence had been taken away.

Needless to say, I’d been more than frightened upon the first few weeks of December. I’d been jumpy and restless, I’d dropped a fair share of plates and gotten yelled at more times than I could count.

December twenty-first came — and it passed. I’d never been more confused in my entire life. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve been thankful or not. If not I felt somewhat offended; was I not good enough for Her Majesty? Christmas time at the castle came and went, and then New Year’s. A lot of the kitchen girls stopped talking to me because I had yet to see the Queen. But on January tenth, I was awoken from a light slumber to meet the steely eyes of the adviser.

“Come.” she said in her gruff voice.

I sat up slowly, looking around the darkened chamber where the kitchen maids were grouped — it was dead silent, but I knew they weren’t sleeping. They were watching me finally get taken to the Queen’s room; I dare say they were probably gleeful in that.

I wasn’t allowed to grab a wrapper or anything, leaving the room in nought but my thin night gown, and I followed the adviser through the cold corridors of the castle. She said nothing the whole way, and even when she stopped at a room, she pretended I wasn’t even with her.

The double doors we were stopped at were large and painted a deep red; most obviously the Queen’s room. My stomach twisted in anxiety, and I shifted awkwardly, biting at my bottom lip. The adivser side-glanced me for the first time since we’d left my chamber, before she allowed three heavy knocks on one of the doors. And without a word, she slipped away, leaving me, shuddering in both fright and chill, outside Queen Vraena’s room.

A second later, that same door opened just a little, without so much as a creak. There was an unearthly warmth coming from the room, and I was immediately drawn to it, but also frozen by fear. A soft voice rode out through the crack in the door, and it chilled me even more.

“Don’t be shy.”

Her voice, no matter how soft the words were spoken, traveled like a tiny roll of thunder, causing the hair on my arms and the back of my neck to stand up. Holding my breath, I pushed open the door and slipped into the room. It was perhaps the largest room I’d ever been in, with a high ceiling that seemed to go on forever. There was a grand fireplace against the far wall, and the flames crackled jovially in it, completely contrasting the mood of danger that hung in this chamber. The door shut on its own, and I jumped slightly spinning to it, before my eyes took in the rest of the room. There was a large canopy bed against the other wall, black satin sheets and crimson velveteen pillows. Close to the bed was a brass bathtub, and I was in awe at the faucet — I’d not seen one so rich in my eighteen years.

“I apologize for the inconvenience, lass — the castle gets hectic around the holidays.”

The Queen of Shadows was standing by the large window that I’d almost not taken notice of — her back was to me. I swallowed the lump in my throat, and curtsied — she may not have been facing me, but the Queen saw everything.

“It’s no inconvenience, xslot m’lady.” I said quickly.

I was petrified beyond doubt, but as long as she kept her cool and casual mood, there was no need to get defensive. She turned slowly, and a smile tugged at her full lips, as her red gaze moved slowly over me. I felt heat creep up my neck and too my cheeks as I caught her eyes linger over my chest. My nipples had hardened from the chill, and were pressing against the thin muslin of my gown — for I wore nothing underneath.

“You are a pretty one.”

The words were directed at me, but she seemed to be musing to herself as she stepped away from the window. I was frozen in the middle of the room as she neared me, and I tried not to look at her, though it was such a tempting sight. She wore a pair of tight black pants, and her boots had thin heels — though she seemed so graceful you’d think she wore none. Her chest was almost completely exposed by the sleeveless corset she wore — it was black with red ribbons. The pink tops of her areolas were visible — any smaller and her nipples would’ve popped right out. Her long hair was pulled back for once, into a loose ponytail held with a single ribbon, and as my gaze flickered to hers briefly, I found amusement in it’s red depths.

“And you think the same of me.” it was a statement, not a question.

However, I quickly nodded. “Of course, m’lady.”

She stopped in front of me, and was so much taller than I that I found myself completely level with her chest. I watched it move with every breath she took, and told myself that I was looking at her necklace, not her breasts. One of her delicate hands was suddenly on my chin, and I flinched despite her gentleness. She lifted my face upwards, and forced me to meet her gaze once more.

“Green eyes.” she said, “I’ve always liked them.”

I blushed fiercely again, but before I could stutter out a response, she grabbed at the strings of my gown, which were tied at my neck, and she tugged. The tie came loose, and the whole gown slid from my body, pooling around my ankles. A strangled gasp left me, and I desperately tried to cover my body. Her hands were suddenly around my wrists, and with light force, she pulled my arms out to my sides, as her eyes moved over me. My cheeks burned, and I kept my gaze lowered, as tears of humiliation started to form. She let go of my wrists, but I knew better than to move from the way she’d positioned me.

“I don’t see why you’d want to cover such a lovely little body, lass.” she said to me, and one of her hands was under my right breast, cupping it lightly.

My blush only deepened at the feeling of her warm hand, and I tried to ignore the thrills that coursed through my body. She may have been right, for my body was something I’d highly took pride in since maturity hit me at thirteen — my breasts, though not excessively large, were rounded and perky, with perfect pink nipples. My stomach was smooth and flat, and the nestle of blond curls in the triangle between my thighs was well-groomed.

Her hand moved from my right breast to my left, and her smile grew as my nipple pressed against her palm. As she retracted her arm, she slowly started to walk around me. Biting the inside of my cheek to keep from crying in embarrassment, my arms shook slightly as I kept them out at my sides. The Queen crouched beside me, and place both of her hands around one of my ankles. Her hands moved up, over my calf, my knee, and eventually she was holding my thigh between her hands. I took a deep breath, and she ghosted one of her hands over one of my buttocks as she stood again.

“Perfect.” she said with a hint of laughter.

Fear still clutched at every nerve in me, though she’d been nothing but nice to me upon my arrival to her room. I vaguely wondered if she treated all of the girls this way — and if so, why would they come back so dead looking?

“Have any of the others told you what happens here, lass?” she questioned, red gaze meeting my hazel.

“No, m’lady.” I whispered.

“Please, call me Vraena tonight.” she said, “And what shall I call you?”

“Lanai.” I answered softly.

“Lanai,” she repeated, and for a strange reason, I loved the way it rolled off of her tongue. “Lanai — do you know why you’re here?”

“No m’lad — Vraena.”

Smirk playing on her dark-painted lips, she backed away from me towards the bed. “Come here, Lanai.”

I had no other choice but to follow her, and as I neared her, she perched on the edge of her mattress, reaching behind her to mess with the back of her corset. She nodded to the floor, where I noticed there was suddenly a deep red cushion, and I dropped to my knees on it, subconsciously trying to sit in a way so that my bare body could be hidden somewhat.

Her top came off, and she dropped it to the floor beside me, and I felt my eyes widen unintentionally at the beauty of her chest. Up until this point in my life, I had never thought about another xslot Giriş woman in such a way, but as I stared at the wonderfully large breasts of hers, the soft nipples budded and pointing at me, I felt a lump of a different kind form in my throat — lust. With every breath she took those breasts moved up, it was almost hypnotizing in a way, and when I finally made myself tear my gaze away, she was grinning at me. Perfect white teeth, and cute dimples — I blushed again.

“You’re different from the other ones, lass.” She said, “You seem to like to what you see.”

She cupped her own breasts in both of her hands, and squeezed slightly. I watched her milky flesh contract around her fingers, and I felt myself nod. She let out a laugh, and let go — her breasts bounced slightly from the force, and I felt something stir between my legs.

“I can already tell that I like you Lanai,” she said — her eyes narrowed briefly. “Let’s hope it remains that way.”

It was then I realized that the Queen of Shadows had a secret of some sorts. And as she reached down to undo her pants, that secret was revealed. My jaw dropped, and my mouth formed an “o” as she pulled out a cock — I’d only ever seen one in my life, and that was when I was fourteen. A boy in one of my classes back in town had asked me if I wanted to see it, so I agreed.

But Vraena’s was different. It was big, at least ten inches from what my virginal mind could guess, and it was wide. There was virtually no hair at the base where a perfect sac connected it to the rest of her body, and despite the strangeness of the situation, I felt another stirring between my legs.

As my gaze moved back to hers, I saw hard question in hers. It was apparent now why the Queen of Shadows was such a dark person — she’d had to live with this her whole life, and I could only imagine the kind of reaction she got when she showed it off. She was obviously waiting on my reaction, and I knew then and there, that all the other girls had given her bad reactions.

“M’lady,” I said in a breathless whisper, forgetting to use her name. There was a different kind of heat coloring my cheeks this time, and as if she could read my mind, her gaze softened as she smiled.

“You like what you see, lass?” she questioned.

I nodded, still eye to eye with her dick. “You’re beautiful.”

She grabbed a handful of my blond hair, and pulled my head back slightly, leaning down. Before I knew it, her lips were on mine. As soft as those full lips were, there was a roughness to the kiss that excited me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth without hesitation, and I blushed as I inexpertly tried to kiss her back. When it came to things like this, I was, in every form, a virgin. She ignored my adolescent attempts, and her warm tongue explored my mouth as if it were a new territory; she licked at my teeth, at the roof of my mouth, and her tongue even pressed teasingly against my own. A noise rose from the back of my throat, and she pulled away.

I was breathing hard, and she still held me by the hair, and she smiled at my clear lust for her. I’d never felt lust for anyone in my entire life, and it was obvious that she knew that. She let go of my hand, and sat back a little, wriggling her hips on the bed some. Her cock wavered slightly, but was standing rigid and stiff — and whether or not I was imagining things, it seemed to have grown a few inches.

“Touch it, Lanai.” she ordered softly.

I swallowed hard, and reached up with one hand, wrapping my fingers lightly around the base of her shaft. I looked up at her unsurely, and she nodded. Her crimson eyes had darkened with her own lust, and by now there was a heated throbbing between my legs. I slowly started to move my hand, sliding it up her cock, and back down. My fingers moved over veins, and I could feel her pulse, and this was all a new excitement for me. I realized that this would not be a bad night, I had nothing to fear — for what I felt for the Queen of Shadows was exactly what she felt for me. As though we were perfect for each other.

A low moan left her throat, and I felt another thrill surge through my body. A drop of pearly precum appeared on the head of her cock, and as I continued to stroke her, more oozed from the tiny slit. I rubbed at her shaft for at least a few more minutes, looking up to her every now and then to see her reaction. Her eyes were half-closed as she watched me, and her breathing had sped up — she was enjoying it, and my ego was quickly rising.

“Now taste it, Lanai.” she commanded me with a pant.

I kept my hand wrapped around the base of her cock, and I glanced at her again almost unsurely. Another nod was my motivation, and I leaned towards the glistening head of her dick — from all the attention I’d paid to her shaft, the helmet had swelled and turned a deep shade of red. I slowly stuck my tongue out and brushed it over the tip of her length. An almost salty taste filled my senses — it was unlike anything I’d ever had xslot Güncel Giriş before, and though a part of me was cringing, another part was still excited.

“Mmm.” she said, one of her hands petting at my hair. “That’s it.”

I cautiously wrapped my lips around the swollen head, and swirled my tongue over it. Despite my inexperienced ways, she moaned again. When I’d lived in town and still attended classes, I’d often hear girls giggling and telling each other about what they did to the boys — sucking was one of the many things I’d heard, and apparently it was something that was well liked by the receiver. Without a second thought, I began to lightly suck on the tip of her dick, and Vraena took in a sharp breath.

Her fingers had tangled in my blond locks again, and she was lightly pushing at my head, urging me on. Still sucking lightly, I pushed my head forward, sliding her thick cock further into my mouth. I stopped when it felt like it was too much, and I opened my eyes, feeling them widen slightly. It would seem that I only had half of Vraena’s dick in my mouth, and yet it felt like too much. My gaze shifted upwards, and she smiled encouragingly at me. Breathing deeply through my nose, I tried to swallow her full length.

She groaned some more as I moved, my throat muscles widening slightly to accept her size, and as the head of her cock tickled at the back of my throat, I don’t know who was more surprised, her or I. However, my body naturally wanted to reject such a thing being shoved into it, and I almost gagged, quickly pulling my head from her organ. She was smiling down at me as I panted, still holding the base of her dick with one hand, and she combed her fingers through my hair.

“Relax,” she said soothingly, “It’ll make things easier.”

I’d thought I was relaxed, but I didn’t say this, nodding quickly, and I leaned forward again. Once more I wrapped my lips around her cock, which now gleamed with both her precum and my spit, and I slowly pushed my head forward again, starting to swallow her dick.

All of a sudden, it was as if I was I’d done this many times before — I felt like I knew what I was doing. Instead of the slow pace I’d started with, I quickened my movements, starting to bob my head forward and back as I sucked with gentle force. My throat had relaxed as much as it could, though I still didn’t try to swallow her full length each time anymore, instead going as far down as I felt like, before lifting my head, and repeating the process.

She moaned my name, fingers twisting into my hair, and a sense of pride washed over me; had she moaned the other girls’ names like this? Without a warning, she thrust her hips upward off the bed, shoving her cock further into my mouth. I gagged audibly, but didn’t retreat, continuing to bob my head on her, as she pushed off of the mattress, holding my head in place as she fucked my mouth. My hands both now rested on either side of her hips on the mattress, giving me something solid to hold onto as I worked, and my eyes were closed. Pleasure was boiling over in the pit of my stomach, not because it felt good to suck the Queen of Shadows off, but because it felt good to know that it was I who pleasured the Queen of Shadows so.

Suddenly she stopped her almost frantic bucking, and relaxed back into her seating position, and she pulled my head from her cock. A thin line of saliva hung from my lip to the helmet of her dick, and she moaned under her breath slightly, leaning forward to kiss me again. I knew she could taste herself on me, but this only seemed to excite her, and she devoured my lips with hers, biting hungrily at them. When she pulled away, she grabbed her cock in her own hand, and started to stroke it quickly. She spread her legs a little more, and gave her hips a wriggle.

“Play with my balls.” her tone had taken on a higher-pitch at the end as if she were asking me, but I knew it was a demand.

Obediently I reached forward with one hand and cupped her sac in it. She moaned, head falling back and rolled her hips forward. I started to massage her scrotum with one hand, watching as curly locks from her ponytail fell from the ribbon to frame her oval-shaped face. She truly was the most beautiful woman that anyone could hope to lay eyes on.

Without thinking, I leaned forward once again and pressed a soft kiss to her sac. An excited noise left her throat and her hips jerked forward slightly again. I ran my tongue over her balls, giving them butterfly kisses as I continued to knead my knuckles into them, and she said my name with a groan once more. I wrapped my lips around one of them, my hand playing with the other, and I sucked gently some more.

“Ugh — Lanai.” she said, tone laced with sudden urgency.

She pulled me back with her other hand, keeping one of them attached to her cock, and moved forward slightly, swiftly stroking herself in front of my face. She told me to open my mouth, and I complied with her wishes, letting my mouth fall open. A gasp left her, and her grip visibly tightened around her shaft, as a stream of her cum sprayed from the head of her cock, landing squarely in my mouth. It almost choked me, but I didn’t try to pull away — even if I did, she held me there tightly as she stroked her dick for all it was worth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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