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Wife’s Friends Anal Ch. 04

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My wife says to me right after we woke up that she wants to go to the beach and that Breanne was going to come along also. I love the beach so I agree with her plans, besides there should be a lot of eye candy there to check out. We gather some things and head to Bree’s to pick her up. On the way my wife says, Bree wants to ask you something. I ask what it is but she says she can’t say, but that Bree will have to ask you herself. We get to her house and she is waiting outside for us. She jumps in the car and off we go. I ask her want she wants to ask me and she says she’ll talk about it later, lets just enjoy the beach for now.

We settle in at the beach and its beautiful. White powder sand plenty of sand, not to terribly crowded but still plenty of people frolicking around. My wife looks hot in her little bikini and Bree is pretty sweet looking too. I look around and there are great looking female bodies every where. This is awesome! We all make some small talk and soak in the rays and the sights. After a couple of hours of that I mention that I was getting hungry. There was small diners all up and down the beach so I said lets get some food.

We head to lunch and order some burgers and fries. Bree says go ahead and find a table and that she will bring the food. We pick a table in the back of the diner. My wife says with all of that eye candy out there for you to look at I bet you are horny and would like to get naked right here and just pound your cock till you cum. I say, wow you really know how my mind works. Sure all of them hot girls on the beach have turned Maltepe Esmer Escort me on and sitting here with no clothes on would be great.

Well go ahead and drop your shorts I’ll keep an eye out for you in case someone comes. I slide my shorts down my legs and pull my legs out of them. My wife says hand them over, she will hang onto them. Go ahead and unbutton your Hawaiian shirt so I can see your chest. I do as she tells me and I’m pretty much nude except for the shirt hanging from my shoulders. I tell my wife I’m rock hard and leaking. She says good because Bree is walking up to our table right now with our food orders.

Bree walks up and says here you go as she gets next to us. She says oh my gosh your cock is out and you are naked! I tell her you are only half right. My cock is out but I’m not naked. My wife tells her to sit next to her at our table. Then looks at me and says go ahead and slip that shirt off. I’m thinking with my dick now, so I calmly slip my shirt off. She reaches her hand out and says give it to her. Now I’m totally nude as my wife looks at Bree and says to her, now you’re right he is naked. Bree says I can’t believe it, we are in a public place and you are totally nude.

We sort out the food and begin to eat. Bree says, okay here is what I have to ask you. I had already kind of forgotten that she was wanting to ask me something. She says she was talking to a few of her friends about how you like getting fucked up the ass with unbelievably huge strapons. They couldn’t believe how big it was when I described Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort it. They wanted to know if you would let them fuck you up the ass? I look at them two sitting across from me and my wife says, come on you know you want it honey.

I’m kind of dumb founded and don’t know what to say. So I ask, well are they good looking? She replies yes they are all smoking hot. In fact one kind of looks like Halle Barry. My cock answers for me before I can open my mouth because it is leaking precum and is rock hard. I tell her I’m obviously up for it as I point to my dick. They both laugh and Bree says great, I’ll let you know when they can meet.

My wife looks at me and says don’t waste that hard on go ahead and jack off . This is pretty surreal. I’m naked in a restaurant with my wife and her friend, masturbating in front of them. I mention that I’m going to cum shortly and my wife says, wait cum on your fries so you can eat it in front of us. I grab my fries and shoot three or four heavy spurts all over them then milk the rest of my sperm out and let it drip onto the food.

I put the container onto the table and it looks all tasty with its fresh condiment served on top of them. My wife grabs one and takes a bite then shove the rest of it in her mouth, chews then swallows. She says that it’s good that way. Bree asks if she can have some. My wife says sure go ahead. Bree grabs a few with a big glob of cum on them and shoves them in her mouth and chows down on them. She says she concurs that she likes fries this way. We all finish Maltepe Evi Olan Escort our meals with all of us sharing my fries. When we finished eating my wife gave me my clothes and I slipped them on. We then went back out to the beach.

Back on the beach I have to keep my thoughts on work just so my hardon doesn’t burst out of my shorts. I flip over onto my belly as Bree starts talking about her three friends. She says the one that looks like Halle Barry is nice, married and says her husband likes anal sex but only on the giving side of things and she gets it up the butt. Now she would like to know how it feels to be the one driving a cock up an asshole to see how if she likes to be on the giving end. She says the second one is cute. Her name is Brandi but she is kind of a plain jane that just goes along for the ride. Her last friend she says she can’t wait to see how she reacts. Her name is Amy, she is kind of a dominate bitch and has even talked about how she has spanked some of her boyfriends and fucked them up the ass. She is pretty wild.

We end our afternoon just talking, about when they are all coming over. I have to keep being careful to hide my cock because all of the talk was driving me crazy. We grab our stuff and head home. We stop at the store to grab some beer and Bree runs into someone and brings her back to my wife and I. She says guys this is Brandi. Brandi asks us, is this the guys we are going to fuck up the ass? I roll my eyes, look at my wife and my dear wife says, yes he loves big giant strapons up his ass stretching his butt hole so wide that when you take it out, his butt hole gapes and stays wide open. Brandi says well I can’t wait to do that for you and your asshole, I’m look forward to it.

I look again at my wife and say lets get home so you and Bree can plan this out. Just give me the details once you work it all out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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