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Captured by the Elves Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Sorry that I took such a long time with this one, guys. Everyone is over the age of eighteen, the elves even more so. If you know what category you’re in, and are familiar with the first part of this, then you know what to expect. Thanks again for your interest. Please don’t forget to comment and vote. Also, don’t forget to check The Manliest of Honors. It’s a related story to this one involving the character’s cousin.


My life revolved around Braith and her whims. If she ate then I ate, and if she wanted to sleep then I would. There was no escape. She held me while sleeping, and her hearing was so sensitive that if I had a breath that sounded different she woke up. Not that it mattered. The settlement was protected by sentries. Elves were renowned for their speed and skill with a bow. I had seen what they did to my comrades. Arrows alone would fell most attackers not counting what their physicality would do to people at close range. I wouldn’t be rescued either. Their territory was deep in the forest. Simply getting a large enough force there would be an epic feat. These elves had no fear.

Braith woke up and grabbed me.

“Wake up, sweetie,” she said. “This is when our day begins.”

I knew not to question her. The memory of her beating me to the ground near the tubs was still fresh; as was the condition of my body after enduring her brutal affection. My rear opening would have already been sore after what Landa had done, but Braith pushed it harder on our first night. Squirm as I might, I did not fight her. I quivered at her touch—uncertain if the next would be a violent throttling.

“Don’t be so afraid of me,” she said. “You’ve been so good the past few days. Don’t ruin it.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Braith.”

She smiled at me. Her freckled face and cute nature made me even more nervous. She combed at her short dark hair with her fingers. It was a mess. I knew that mine was too. This was us.

We broke our fast on chewy flat bread dripping with honey. Braith also kept a basket of a strange, purple fruit nearby always. Each oblong shaped fruit was mildly sweet, but had a great deal of fleshy pulp to consume. It was a presence at every meal. Along with the food, she made me drink several herbal teas and tonics. My mistress told me that they were for my health, being that my body was still weak and malnourished. Despite my body’s slow journey to recovery, my mind was hazy. I remembered less about my old life, and focused more on my new one.

“Landa will want to see you today,” she said, after licking honey from her lips.

Teagan and Landa were frequently away on scouting parties. They could have delegated the responsibility to others, but they preferred to be there just in case they came upon something worthwhile. They also prided themselves on protecting the settlement at all costs. I would regrettably learn more about that later.

“We just don’t know what’s out there,” said Braith. “You humans send so many fools out. Do you do anything else but kill each other?”

As painful as it was there was a point to what she said. Elves, dwarves, and orcs all lived on our world according to the chronicles. Yet it was mostly humans who had driven the last few centuries of warfare, and that was mostly upon themselves. The elves in that forest laughed at humans.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “Eventually you won’t be part of that problem.”

“What do you mean?”

“Stop worrying, and drink your tonic,” she said. “You are going to be so wonderful when we’re done with you.”

I tried to ask more, but she silenced me with her hand on my face.

“Drink, and then it’s time for our bath.”

Braith oversaw their bathhouse. The elves treated bathing as a sacred and communal activity. As my life worked around Braith’s I was there with her in the bathhouse every day. The tall elf girls all came to bathe. Some of them asked Braith if I could serve them, and she always said ‘yes’. Most of the time it wasn’t as involved as it had been with Landa. Some of them just desired to have a human male wash them as a novelty.

So many were just like the ones who captured me: tall, beautiful elf women with something dangerous between their legs. A few of them had the sexes of normal women. I didn’t know what to make of this, and they seemed to be put off by my presence.

I was up to my arms and beyond in hot, soapy water. I cleaned all that demanded it, and many of them moved one of my hands to their excited she elf cocks. Some I could satisfy with my hand, but others would not let me leave until I had worked my mouth on them. Every helping of their seed that I swallowed sent a tingling wave down into my belly.

It was between those sessions that I tried to ask Braith about the other elves that I had seen.

“Not all of us can be this way,” she said. “We adopt most of our new arrivals, but sometimes we can produce from within.”

I never got to be too close to those purely female elves though. I was effectively kaynarca escort the property of Braith, and she announced that with glee to anyone who inquired. I thought I belonged to Landa, but she wasn’t to be seen.

Braith and I were alone in the bathhouse that morning. I loaded up more of the dried peat moss into the ovens to heat the water. My captor added a curious mixture of herbs to each bath. She had a mixture to remedy nearly every ailment.

“I’m going to teach you all of this,” she said. “You’ll be perfect at everything that I want you to be.”


“Mistress Braith,” she corrected.

“Mistress Braith, please tell me what’s happening.”

“We’re going to have a bath. It’s all very simple, my little love. In my house: you shall be clean.”

“Me though…I’m not a complete idiot. What are you going to do to me?”

She took me in her arms, and kissed me then.

“Less talk,” she said. “More of you being naked.”

I pulled off the flimsy tunic that she allowed me to wear. She’d been training me for several days by then. I stood there completely bare for her perusal. My body was still very thin, but I was getting stronger. Her eyes and fingers explored and probed me.

Braith’s brow furrowed and her lips pursed in thought.

“No changes. That’s strange,” she said. “Your skin is still mostly smooth, but I can feel the hair coming back.”

She felt around my nipples. “Do you feel sensitive around here at all? They don’t look bigger.”


I was beginning to get the general idea by then.

“That’s why you’re showing me an occupation? I’m going to like be you?”

Braith struggled to contain the laughter as it erupted from within her.

“Oh, do undress me now, silly man.”

She spoke as I pulled her tunic up over her head exposing her firm breasts and her body, that while appearing deceptively plumper than the others was packed with muscle beneath the softness.

“You can’t be me. I’m Braith: herbalist, healer, and Mistress of the Bath. I am also the trainer of many new arrivals and their examiner. You can’t be me, but with some practice and obedience, I expect that you will become my beautiful, little apprentice.”

“But…my body…”

“Isn’t cooperating, which is most unusual.”

She pushed me to my knees, so I could pull down the thin leggings that she wore. When they were in a pile on the damp floor, I took notice of her cock that was already stirring at my proximity to it.

“Breathe on it,” she said from above.

I did so, and in short order watched as her organ grew before me. Braith pinched my ears and inspected them. “Not even here, though to be honest your ears are odd. I’ve heard the normal elves sometimes produce half elven children with your humans who bear some oddities. Do you have any elves in your family line? That could explain the resistance.”

“Not that I know of,” I said. “We’re all human where I’m from.”

“Well those days are long gone.”

Braith dipped her hand into the water. “It’s not quite hot enough for my liking. We have some time for fun.”

I didn’t need to be told what to do by then. That had been on the first day, and resistance was a mistake. Braith’s cock was larger than my own, and up close could be intimidating. I gently slid my mouth over it, and she was very happy to have it back inside me.

“You’re getting very good at this,” she said. “I want to brag about how good you are, but then the others would want you for themselves.” She put her hand to the side of my face, holding me.

“It will remain a secret of my house.”

I learned that there was some friction about the status of prisoners like me. Some of the elves looked on me hatred. The ones that I pleased in the tubs were more accepting, but then again, I was satisfying their private whims in the bathtub. A useful pet is useful.

I kept at Braith’s cock for a time, until it was absolutely throbbing. My tongue felt along the thick veins. The first time I’d taken her in my mouth I nearly gagged. That was a mistake that I didn’t repeat. Since then, it got easier every time, and I began to get better at it. I sucked at it long and hard. Pulling at it with my mouth. My mistress sometimes liked things to be rough.

“Getting to like your position now, huh? I knew you would. Landa always has good tastes. If only she brought back more of you.”

She tapped the back of my head. I’d been trained by that point to let her out of my mouth.

It was time.

I was going to carefully lean over the tub that had become an old friend by now, but Braith threw me to the bathhouse floor. She gripped me like a wild animal about to kill her prey. Braith could’ve done so, but I’d become something more to her.

“You know you want me,” she said. “Tell me that you do.”

Her fingers were already working into me. I wasn’t sure if she secretly had slipped the creamy salve on them or if it was just spit. I tried not küçükyalı escort to think about how each time she did this it was easier for her to slip inside me. My body was continuing to betray me.

“I want,” I said. “I want you inside of me.”

“Oh, how wonderful those words are from your lips.”

Her tongue probed my ear. I opened myself with no resistance, and in no time, I felt her cock pushing into me. I held my breath at first. My teeth biting down. It didn’t hurt as much as it used to, and there was something else. That oddly satisfying feeling that I first felt with Landa. In no time my own cock was reacting. Growing harder and on fire. Braith’s hand found it, and pumped furiously. She brought me to the very edge, and then stopped.

“Be good, and Mistress Braith will finish what she started.”

My whole body was reacting. Every thrust she made into me took me someplace that I didn’t recognize. I wasn’t the same person that the elves had captured. Landa had proven that my body liked it, and Braith only confirmed that I craved it more.

Hot water spilled from the top of the tub. The floor that had been cold against my knees was now hot.

Braith tensed—squeezing me tight. I felt the hot jets of her seed flowing into me. The strange tingling that I’d come to know so well was deep within me again. It was only at that point that Braith continued her manipulation of my cock.

“Beg Mistress Braith to cum.”

“Please, can I cum, Mistress Braith?”

I felt every moment and every feeling of my life spill out into Braith’s hand. She didn’t stop until she had milked me dry, and by then I was a rag doll beneath her. I couldn’t move nor speak. If I could’ve then I may have thanked her in that moment.

We soaked in the bath. My body was spent. I hated myself for still giving in. Braith held me in her arms as we took in the warmth of the tub. So much more warmth came from her body against mine. Her large breasts mashed against my back, and I felt her cock against my lower back. There was still quite a bit of life in it.

“How are you all like this?” I blurted out.

Braith reached her band between my legs and grabbed my balls. I waited for an assault, but she just held them snuggly in her strong hand. She noticed that I flinched.

“I could get mad at you for that judgement, my love, but I appreciate your curiosity.”

I relaxed, and listened as she spoke.

“I’m going to teach you things, and I do allow questions from time to time. We, the women of this village are servants of the goddess Angehahla. Once, she was respected by all the elven peoples. Angehahala was always represented as a woman with the organs of a man: mother and father. Some believers chose to dedicate themselves body and soul to her perfection. Those priests and priestesses became the first of our kind. They lived among our kin for generations.”

“Then what?”

Braith turned me around in the tub to face her, and peered into my eyes, the way that a lover does. She moved her hand from my balls to my cock, and held it close to hers. I felt her stiffening against me, and despite my fear I was growing hard as well.

She said: “Some say it was you humans who ruined it all. You encroached on elf lands, fought with them, and made them afraid. The elves had kings back then, and those kings desperately sought out their other gods for help. Those deities demanded conformity of all, and the devotees of Angehahla were easy targets. It wasn’t a war, that term would not be honest. In short: the survivors were given the choice to leave or die. Those originals left the land of our kin never to return. They could have renounced their goddess, but did not.

“In her most glorious mercy she gave her new people the means to perpetuate themselves: their seed. It permeates the bodies of males, the ones who mainly condemned us, and it creates another. It usually works with elves, but they have developed some resistance to it. You humans are highly receptive though. The outcome is the same for either race. If one of us seeds a female, that person will take on some of our physical traits, but she will remain female most of the time. The seed will produce within her, and her children have an equal chance of being one way or the other. So, there it is for you. That is where you are.”

“But…I don’t want— “

“—I don’t recall saying anything about what you wanted. Now,” she said, rubbing our stiffened cocks together. “I have needs, and you will serve.”

“But- “

Braith’s hand was on my throat in an instant. “I care about you, fool. We can be happy here. Landa’s interest is elsewhere for the moment, and that has drawn Teagan’s gaze from you for a time. If we’re lucky, you’ll stay here with me. You will change, and I will love you even more. If you keep trying to fight, which you shouldn’t be able to do, you will be sent out into the forest naked, and Tegan and the others will hunt you for sport. Don’t kill yourself.”

I believed sancaktepe escort what she said. This she elf with her short black hair and freckles struck me as genuine. Even if she was shorter than her sisters, her “thickness” was mostly muscle. She could beat me into submission if she so desired, but she was using words instead.

My left hand found her shoulder, and my right brought my thumb to the nipple of her left breast to circle it. Outside the hot water, the air on my hands felt cold. Her nipples felt that air too.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I’ve been ungrateful.”

Her grip loosened from my neck. Her hands then moved to my back, and pulled me into her.

“I was a little mean at first,” she said. “I didn’t think that I had a chance to keep you, so I was content to be cruel, but I want someone to stay here with me. It can be a good and long life. Your old life would’ve been a shooting star: unique and pretty, but over in the blink of an eye. Accept the gift that we offer and you will be a star in the sky for an age.”

I kissed her then, and basked in that wonderful warm press of flesh between two bodies. Braith had abused me. She had threatened and intimidated me, but underneath it all I believe that she was a lonely creature, and that her sisters used her to their ends.

Braith kissed me back. It felt like her whole being was put into it. Both of my hands moved to her breasts to indulge in their healthy bounty. I tried not to think about my own body changing to be like hers. My fingers tugged at her nipples, and she yelped like a virgin might. There could be no mistaking this woman for that though. She was my superior in more ways than one. I had to learn from her. I remembered how it was in the army: you had to adapt to the rules of the regiment. Adaption was survival, and the good soldier survived.

I felt Braith’s hard cock against my thigh. Even in the water she left a wet trail of pre-cum against my hot skin. I moved my right hands down to take hold of her raging organ. She gasped as I gripped her.

It was funny. As a young man, I had spent more than enough time handling myself, and there was no amount of whipping or recitals of religious doctrine that could prevent that natural manipulation of my own body. Doing it for another person, especially a woman with a cock, was so strange. At the same time, it felt so familiar.

Braith shifted nervously. Like she wanted to ask me something for a time. I had my suspicions. I got up from the tub, and she rose with me. Our dripping naked bodies left the tub. The soapy water spreading all over the floor. We were having an entire conversation with our eyes. Steam rose off her hot skin, and I knew what she wanted.

I went to my knees on the wet floor of the bathhouse. Her rigid cock with its wet tip loomed before me like some offering of flesh from the realms of madness. I took the tip inside my lips, and felt its throbbing and hot mushroom head.

Braith’s hand caressed my hair. She was being gentler with me than she had ever been. Her cock ran across the roof my mouth as it went farther in. I pulled back, as I was afraid of gagging on her. I almost let her fleshy rod escape the confines of my mouth, before I gripped it hard with my lips. Then I angled my tongue, and licked hard against the slit. Braith beat a fist against my shoulder while moaning.

She said, “I could have you do this for the rest of our lives.”

My hands moved to cup and mash against the plumpness of her bottom. Her breathing quickened. My tongue painted her shaft within my mouth, and I was driven by powers I couldn’t identify to devour her sexually. She cried my name then. I didn’t remember telling her my name, and certainly didn’t recall her using it to address me before.

She was close in no time. Her seed would be coming. I knew what that meant for me. She had been surprised at my resistance to the change, but she was also certain that it would happen. This act of pleasing her would only see to seal my fate.

“Don’t be afraid,” she said. “Accept me, and I will always take care of you.”

I continued with my worship of her flesh, and only moments later she cried out. Her cock pulsed within my mouth, and her molten seed flowed forth with jets of its luxuriousness. Braith’s knees buckled at the power of her release, and I was holding her up by her plump ass at that point. She was safe with me though, and she knew it. Braith let me hold her like that for a while. It was evidence to her that she had me.

Her cock began to soften in my mouth, and I greedily swallowed every drop of her magical seed. The strange and magical tingling of it was there as I took it in. I tried not to imagine the effects on my body. Despite some inner voice of rage or protest, I longed to be true to her by that point. She meant more to me in that moment than anyone else had ever been in my life. I pulled and sucked for everything that she had to offer. She was a doll in my arms in that moment.

When I could get no more, Braith eased herself down to the bath house floor to meet me eyes on eyes. She had to do it slowly, because sometimes her knees hurt. I massaged them often. Braith’s face contained such a pang of sadness and joy. I could scarcely look at her and perceive the correct emotion.

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