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Angel’s Story Ch. 05

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To my readers: It would help me to know if you want this story to continue.

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Angel woke to bright sunshine streaming into the window; she stretched and made her way into the bathroom. When she walked back into the room, Mistress Marna was standing by the sliding glass door. She quickly lowered her gaze to the floor, walked over and knelt down at her feet.

Mistress Marna smiled at Angel’s bent head knowing she had made her decision. “Are you absolutely sure of your decision then Angel?” she spoke quietly, but with command.

Angel swallowed and was nervous, “Yes Mistress Marna. I wish to be your slave.”

“Very well; follow me,” said Mistress Marna and walked out of the room.

Angel rose and quickly followed her new Mistress out into the hall and back down the staircase. It was the same route she had traveled the previous day when Drew had helped her to the bath. Mistress Marna led her to the same cell she had waked to.

“This is your cell for the duration of your training. Enter and kneel on the floor by your bed, knees spread apart and hands resting palm down on your thighs,” Marna commanded.

Angel immediately went in and did as she was commanded. The floor was cool and her knees were unaccustomed to kneeling on a hard surface. Mistress Marna came over to inspect her position.

“Spread your thighs further apart; your cunt should always be available for inspection and use. Sit up straight and thrust your breasts forward; always keep your eyes downcast,” she commanded.

“I will provide you with a complete list of expected behavior; I expect you to memorize it in one day. Any violation will result in immediate punishment; it will be harsh. Afterwards, you shall thank your Master or Mistress for the punishment you received because it will help to make you a better slave.” Mistress Marna observed that Angel started breathing a bit faster; she was excited.

“You are to never question a Master’s or Mistress’ command; we know what is best for you and you never speak unless commanded to do so. Do you understand these few instructions I have given you?” said Marna.

“Yes Mistress Marna,” replied Angel. She felt nervous and excited at the same time.

Mistress Marna squatted down on the floor and reached down to bring Angel’s chin up and looked directly into her eyes, “You will not orgasm unless it’s by my command. If you masturbate or touch yourself in any sexual way without my permission you will be punished. Your body is mine to do with as I wish; your only thought is to obey my commands immediately and without question. You will be provided razors and you will remove all hair from your body except the top of your head.” Marna let go of her chin and Angel once again lowered her head.

“Yes Mistress Marna,” Angel replied. ‘Oh my God!’ she thought. ‘What have I done?’ but it was too late to go back now.

“You are to remain in that position until I release you,” said Mistress Marna as she exited the room.

Angel was alone with her thoughts, but she remained perfectly still as Mistress Marna had requested. Someone came into her cell and placed a stand next to the sink and then left again. She didn’t know how long she was going to be kept in this position; the waiting was playing on her nerves.

Mistress Marna had gone to the monitor room where she could observe both slaves having given them the same set of commands. She put in corresponding discs to record their rooms and left to make contact. Gary was to be picked-up that afternoon by his new Master and the plane would be flown away; arranged by the Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle was quite pleased that Mistress Marna was willing to buy Angel’s contract. They would personally see to Master Ted and his devious dealings. A bargain was struck and she now had the new contract ready for Angel’s signature.

Marna returned back to the monitor room and viewed the discs; the slaves had stayed in the positions and were still waiting for her. She had both contracts with her and their rules to memorize.

She stepped over to the intercom, “Lance, come in here.”

“Yes Mistress Marna,” he said.

Lance entered and knelt at her feet.

“You may stand. This is day one for the new slaves Lance,” she said and smiled.

Lance smiled remembering his first day.

“Go into the shower stall and take a very, very long shower in the first shower bay. You are to stay until they both have left and then join me here unless something happens. Shortly I will send Angel in to take her shower and then Tom. I will observe from here and send in Drew at the appropriate time if necessary,” said Mistress Marna.

Lance understood. It would be their first test, “Yes Mistress Marna.”

Marna stepped into the doorway of Angel’s cell. Angel was unsure if she should go over and kneel or remain where she was; she decided to remain.

Marna smiled, “Why didn’t you come and kneel at my feet bağdatcaddesi escort when I entered?” she inquired.

Angel’s face showed her confusion, “I wasn’t sure Mistress Marna so I remained here waiting for your command to be released.”

“You did well. That was correct because I had not released you. I do so now. Stand.” command Mistress Marna.

Angel remembered the day before when Mistress Marna had told Lance and Drew to stand and the posture that they had taken. She stood with legs spread apart, hands behind her back and her head and eyes down.

Mistress Marna was pleased. ‘Bright girl; learns fast’ she thought.

“That is almost correct,” said Mistress Marna. “Clasp your right hand around your left wrist.” Angel complied.

“Well done Angel,” said Mistress Marna. The praise made Angel blush, but she also felt warm inside that her new Mistress was pleased.

“I have brought your contract ready for your signature,” and Marna held out the pen and contract to Angel.

Angel smiled and took both and signed her life over to Mistress Marna for the next ten years. She somehow felt relieved and happy; like something was now complete. She handed them back to Mistress Marna, but kept smiling.

“Here is your set of rules and behavior,” said Mistress Marna. I expect you to read and reread them for 15 minutes; I’ll set the timer,” and she nodded to the stand that had been delivered. On it was a timer, toothbrush, toothpaste and razors.

“You are then to use the toilet and then brush your teeth. The door across the hall contains a large shower stall; go shower and shave. Return here and braid your hair in a single braid down your back; this will be standard. After you have completed your tasks, you will assume your position by your bed and begin to memorize the rules.” Mistress Marna crossed over and set the timer and then left to proceed down the hall to Tom’s cell.

Angel knelt to do as her Mistress ordered.

* * * * *

Mistress Marna stepped into Tom’s cell. He smiled, but remained as he had been ordered.

Mistress Marna was pleased. She went through the same set of instructions as she had with Angel. Now, though, there was one difference.

“Tom, do you wish to be my slave? Your body will be mine to do with as I wish; your only thought will be to obey my commands immediately and without question,” asked Mistress Marna.

Tom smiled, “Yes Mistress Marna.”

“Sit on the edge of your bed and listen,” she commanded. He lowered himself to the bed, but kept his gaze on the floor.

“A standard slave contract is for one year. At the end of that year, I will pay you $100,000 dollars.” She observed and waited to view his reaction.

Tom’s mouth dropped open in shock which quickly changed to a smile. He wanted to hug her, but knew he could not move.

“At the end of your year you will be given the option to stay or leave. If you leave, you will never be able to return. If you stay, then it is as my slave and you forfeit the money as it will go for your maintenance and care. You now have my permission to look at me and speak this time.” She waited to see what he would do.

Tom looked up into her eyes. He noticed how beautiful her green eyes were and how beautiful her body was; his cock started to get hard.

“Mistress Marna. I want to be your slave. You have given me more pleasure than I have found elsewhere. I will train hard so that I will please you. I don’t think I will want to leave you,” he smiled at her. “What of Gary? Will he be staying too?” Tom inquired.

“No he will not,” replied Mistress Marna, “he has requested a Master instead and will be leaving this afternoon.” Tom nodded his head in understanding.

“I have brought the contract for your signature,” and she held out the contract and pen.

Tom smiled broadly and took both, signed them and then returned them to her. He lowered his head and returned his gaze to the floor.

“You are to take a razor and proceed to the shower stall at the end of the hall; last door on the left. Once you have cleaned and shaved both face and pubic hair, you will return here to brush your teeth and go to the bathroom. Afterwards, you will resume your position by the bed and begin to memorize these rules. You are released to go.” Mistress Marna left and proceeded back to the monitor room. She had timed it so Tom would enter after Angel was already in the shower.

Once in the monitor room, Mistress Marna commanded Drew to join her in case Lance might need assistance; then they just observed and waited to see how the new slaves reacted to their first test.

Angel was now ready for her shower. She picked up a razor and proceeded across the hall; she heard water running. When she stepped around the corner, she saw one long shower stall which contained three bays; Lance was taking a shower in the first. Mindful of her instructions, she walked past Lance and proceeded to the end shower, turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. beykoz escort She picked up a bar of soap and slowly lathered her body and turned her back on Lance.

Angel carefully shaved her cunt; making sure it was completely smooth. Then she shaved her legs, under her arms and rinsed off completely. She proceeded to close her eyes and run her hair under the water; she heard the shower next to her turn on. Startled she turned and looked into Tom’s eyes; they both stared at each other. Tom turned his back to her and stood under the water.

Anger surged through Angel. Her scream startled both Lance and Tom, but Lance wasn’t fast enough. She raked her nails down Tom’s back drawing blood and shoving him forward into the wall by the force of her attack. Lance finally reached her and twisted her arms behind her back careful to avoid her claws.

Mistress Marna walked in and over to Tom. He was shaking a bit and his back was still bleeding. “Drew, help Tom to his cell and call Andrew to bring the First Aid kit. Lance, lock her in her cell; pity … she was doing so well too.”

“Yes Mistress Marna,” they both replied.

Lance walked a dejected Angel to her cell and then shut and locked the door. Angel stood shaking, but not because she was cold; she was afraid. She had just damaged one of Mistress Marna’s slaves, had disobeyed her instructions and knew she was going to be punished; she started to cry.

Mistress Marna had hoped Angel would have been able to control herself. She had started her training well, but had failed the first test. She would be punished, but not until Marna calmed down. She took a deep breath and proceeded to Tom’s cell.

Drew had Tom lie on his stomach and was cleaning the scratches with sterile saline. Mistress Marna walked in carrying a jar. “Leave us,” she commanded. Drew and Andrew left and shut the door.

She sat on the edge of the bed, “I’ve brought something that will take the pain away and help heal your back. Hold still and I will apply it and then bandage your back,” she said soothingly.

Tom felt her apply the cool ointment across one of the scratches and the pain stopped. When Mistress Marna finished; she bandaged each mark; “Lie on your back Tom and see how that feels.”

Tom eased over and was surprised that there wasn’t any pain. Mistress Marna then caressed his cheek and his cock responded; how he didn’t know. He closed his eyes and in his mind he saw Mistress Marna’s face, but his body was quite aware of her naked hip next to his and the caress of her fingers on his face.

He felt her get up and then, to his surprise, she straddled his body and leaned forward to kiss him. He started to breathe faster in his excitement, but kept his hands and arms firmly at his side.

“Look at me,” command Mistress Marna.

Tom opened his eyes. She was so beautiful straddling his hips. He wanted her so much and was straining for self-control. He was amazed at how hard his cock was considering there wasn’t any screaming; that was usually his stimulus.

“You did well Tom. You followed my instructions and your behavior was what it was suppose to have been. I’m sorry you were hurt,” she said as her finger trailed his chest. He smiled at her praise.

“I need to calm down Tom,” she sighed and bent over to kiss him again.

“I’m going to ride your cock now Tom. You have my permission to cum after I have had an orgasm,” and she rose up and guided Tom’s hard cock into her hot wet pussy. Tom closed his eyes and gave a long low moan of pure pleasure.

“My Tom,” sighed Angel, “open your eyes, hold me, kiss me and thrust your cock into me,” said Marna as she ground her pussy around the base of Tom’s cock.

Tom’s eyes sprung open and his arms pulled her down to him. His mouth covered her’s and his tongue probed deep trying to taste all of her. His fingers caressed her firm breasts, tweaking her nipples lightly; mindful not to inflect any pain on her.

Just the fact that she was with him caused him extreme pleasure unlike anything he had ever felt. She rode his cock; he met her with hard thrusts of his own. She was moaning and breathing faster; he could feel his balls tightening up and concentrated on holding back until she came.

The more he held back, the harder he’d thrust into her hot wet slit. He heard her moan and shudder as her orgasm started. When her vaginal muscles contracted around his cock, he started to release his load of sperm into her. She collapsed on top of his chest breathing hard; his hands caressing her back and holding her. His ordeal and then the sex was enough to drain what energy reserves he had left; he drifted off to sleep.

Mistress Marna smiled down at Tom and lightly kissed his lips; he was asleep. She carefully lifted herself and went over to the sink. She cleaned herself and then cleaned his cock of their mixture of cum. She picked up the jar and returned to the monitor room. Once screen showed Tom sleeping and the other showed Angel pacing back and forth in her cell.

She caddebostan escort stepped over to the intercom, “Lance come in here.”

Lance appeared immediately; he was only down the hall in the playroom. He knelt down at her feet awaiting her commands. He heard her sigh loudly, “St. Andrews Cross,” Mistress Marna spoke with cold anger. He knew she only used that in extreme punishment.

“I took the liberty of setting it in place Mistress in case that was your decision,” he answered.

Mistress Marna smiled and reached down to touch his head. “Lance she’ll be doing a lot of screaming. I expect you to be prepared. Get Drew, drag her over and strap her up. I’ll meet you there.”

“Yes Mistress Marna.” He left to do her bidding.

* * * * *

Angel heard a key in the door and turned toward it holding her breath. Lance and Drew stepped in a grabbed her and walked her down the hall to another door. She saw a large ‘X’ shape beams in the center of the room fitted with straps.

“No!!!!” she screamed and tried to struggle out of their hands, but they were too strong for her. They secured her tightly with her backside fully exposed. Just then the door opened and Mistress Marna walked in. Angel started shaking in fear.

“You disappointed me Angel,” said Mistress Marna as she walked to the side of the cross. Angel made sure to keep her eyes downcast.

“You disregarded my instructions, attacked and damaged my property, you did not assume the obedience position when placed in your cell, and you spoke and struggled when you knew you had to be punished,” Mistress Marna spoke coldly with anger.

Angel was crying, “Please Mistress Marna, I’m so sorry!” she cried.

“Silence!” commanded Mistress Marna. “I did not tell you that you could speak! You will receive your punishment and you will learn from this! I told you that punishment would be harsh. Let’s see if you remember anything else I instructed.” commanded Mistress Marna.

“Drew. The cat,” command Mistress Marna.

“Yes Mistress Marna and he went swiftly and brought her the cat-of-nine-tails whip.

“You left ten scratches on his back. You will receive ten lashes for each mark. You will count them out as ‘One Mistress Marna; Tom please forgive me, Two Mistress Marna; Tom please forgive me, and so on. If you forget you will receive extra lashes until you remember. We will begin now,” and Mistress Marna laid the first blow across Angel’s left ass cheek.

Angel felt the whip bite into her ass; she screamed.

“I’m waiting or do you wish additional already for forgetting,” said Mistress Marna.

Angel tearfully replied, “One Mistress Marna; Tom please forgive me.” Angel screamed and cried as Mistress Marna lashed her backside. She got to “Fifty Mistress Marna; Tom please forgive me.”

Mistress Marna looked at the welts covering Angel. “Turn her around now for the last set,” she commanded. Lance and Drew quickly undid her restraints and bound her again with her back pressed against the cross. The punishment continued as Mistress Marna crisscrossed Angels front with welts as well.

Angel finally got to, “One hundred Mistress Marna; Tom please forgive me,” and hung her head and cried.

Mistress Marna was waiting, but Angel did not reply. She brought the cat down again and hit the top of her mound, “You have already forgotten your instructions?”

Angel’s mind raced, “Thank you Mistress Marna for punishing me to make me a better slave.”

Mistress Marna nodded at Lance and Drew. They rose from their kneeling position on each side of the cross and released Angel. Angel shakily approached Mistress Marna and knelt at her feet, head down and was still crying.

Mistress Marna looked down at Angel, “You are to cut your nails, file them down and keep them that way for the duration of your stay here. Take her back to the shower.” Mistress Marna left the room.

Lance and Drew waited for Angel to stand. They escorted her back to the shower and waited while she cleaned. She had just finishing rinsing her hair when Mistress Marna appeared. All three slaves came to her and knelt at her feet.

“Drew; take this and braid her hair back into a single braid,” and she handed him an elastic to tie the braid off with. “Angel; stand before me,” she commanded.

Angel rose, but kept her eyes downcast. “Lance; hold the jar,” instructed Mistress Marna.

Mistress Marna proceeded to rub an ointment all over Angel’s body. Angel was amazed at how fast the pain went away. She had looked at her body under the water and the red marks left by the whip, but noticed that none had broken her skin. She was sure that Mistress Marna could have easily flayed her skin open, but didn’t.

After rubbing the ointment all over Angel’s body, Mistress Marna raised her chin and looked into her eyes, “Better?”

“Yes Mistress Marna and thank you,” Angel replied.

Mistress Marna looked at her sternly, “You have disappointed me. You have failed your first test. I expect this punishment to teach you discipline. Do not fail me again.”

It was said with finality Angel knew. If she could not prove herself worthy to be Mistress Marna’s slave, she would be either given back to Master Ted or sold again to someone else and she didn’t want that to happen.

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