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Asking For It Ch. 03

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I sit down on a kitchen chair and look at my list of times and then at the clock on the microwave. It’s 10:45 now. I didn’t realize I had been sitting here for 15 minutes, blank, wet, and still aching. In 15 minutes, I’m supposed to start my chore of masturbating, per your dictate. You’ll be calling to make sure. I wonder for a moment if I can pull off faking it. Then I realize that I’m not that good… and I did ASK for this. I heave a sigh and stand up again, slowly making my way the short distance to our bedroom. It occurs to me I’d better change the sheets before I fall asleep tonight. I’m sure you won’t be thrilled going to bed in a sopping puddle that I’m certain will be there after I’m done, despite the hours between my final session and your return home.

I wonder what I’m supposed to do with the last two. There’s only a fifteen minute gap.. how long am I supposed to go? Then I realized that it doesn’t matter. My pussy is raw and in need. I flatten out the bedding, not having bothered to dress in the short time you’ve been gone, stretch out next to my dildo, my phone and the paper. I can feel the blood start to rush to my tits, making them swell with anticipated desire. Of their own accord, my too sore nipples start to perk and tighten. I sigh a small moan.

I look at my cell phone – 10:55. Where on earth is the time going? My heart starts to beat in my chest and I can feel my blood slow down and start to burn under my skin, bringing all my nerve endings alive. Five minutes to go and my pussy is already starting to drip. I dare not touch myself until 11. Not even my hard nipples. I struggle to control my breath and keep some measure of calm.

The entire bed seems to vibrate as my phone rings in it’s silent mode. My heart feels like it’s about to jump out of my chest as the sound and feel of it makes me tremble. I answer in the middle of the second “ring”, making sure it’s you.

“Hi… ” I say quietly.

“Start.” Your voice commands.

I squish the phone between my shoulder and chin and grab the dildo and very gingerly shove it into my waiting and open pussy. I moan into the phone, the position awkward and uncomfortable, but I know I soon won’t care.

“Fuck your pussy like it’s my cock and finger your clit like it’s my tongue. I want to hear your cunt, I want to hear how wet you are!” This isn’t a request. I put the phone down as close to my fuckhole as I can get it, slowly sliding in and out, my finger rubbing my immediately hard clit, my body tense and waiting. I hear muffles sound coming from the phone and stop long enough to grab it and bring it back to my head…

“Yes Sir?” I moan as I say it, my body weak with need for you.

“Put me on speaker. I want to hear MY cunt and your begging… and I want to make sure you can hear me command what to do with MY pussy. You do know it’s mine, don’t you?”

I groan again and shiver, hearing you talk like this. You’ve never used words like this before nor had such a demanding and hard tone. I’m ready to cum immediately, but I clench my teeth and make myself hold back. I know I’m not close enough to please you.

“Yes Sir”. I push the proper buttons on the phone and put it back near my twat and continue with my self-torture. You start to speak into the phone, the internal microphone making your voice distant and booming, only lending to it the ultimate sense of ownership of my actions and body.

“Feel my tongue sliding around on your clitoris, baby. You feel it? You feel my wet, hard mouth sucking and nibbling on your pussy? You want to cum, don’t you, sweet?”

“Oh god.. ” the words are almost inaudible, but you do hear them, along with the gushiness that my cunt is becoming. My nipples hurt. I need you to suck them and make the ache disappear.

“Pinch your nipples… I want you to see stars .. I’m biting them, licking the tips with my tongue now and my cock is sliding in you… faster… every stroke sliding against your nub, stroking it to fullness…!”

I’m panting now. I can feel the very rim of the cave that is my orgasm. Panting, twisting and moaning as I fuck my own body into oblivion.

“Uhh.. Ooh! Aaargh…!” The sounds are now just gutteral animal noises.

“I swear, if you fucking cum, you WILL regret it!!” You shout at me through the phone.

“Noo! Please.. Master..?!” I beg imploringly, my body beginning to shudder, so close… it’s happened so fast that I’m truly not going to be able to stop myself if I keep going. I’m going to cum… my cries of impatience and frustration while the phone is silent are loud even to my distracted senses.

“Please!!!!???” I beg again, my voice as tortured as my throbbing, dripping cunt. My clit is so fucking hard and so sensitive after early that it’s taking next to nothing to get me to this point.


“NO! God, please no.. don’t make me stop!!” I’m crying in earnest now, tears running down my face, my legs shaking with the effort to hold back. I let go of the dildo and take my hands away from my tits and cunt, shuddering almost epileptically needing to let go of this tension so desperately. I think I might faint. But urfa escort I’m not the fainting type..

I realize after a second that my phone is dark and silent. You’ve already disconnected. My body convulses and I don’t move, allowing the weight of the dildo to cause it to fall from my super-slickeness. My breasts are so swollen and pink from the internal tautness and increased blood flow, mimicking every aspect of my pussy. I can’t stop shaking.

Slowly, I get the phone and look at it. I know I won’t be moving from this spot for the night. So much for making the bed. It’s 11:15. A fifteen minute call. It then dawns on me… he’s going to be calling in between job cycles which, depending on what’s due, run anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes… and the last two.. his “lunch” break! A full 30 minutes!!! I lean back again and moan loudly.. this time, not in pleasure but dread.

I’m not going to get through 30 minutes of this! No way! I’m already exhausted, despite my need to be fucked. Good lord my pussy aches. All I want is to cum and go to sleep. I feel my eyelids getting heavy and I lay back and close them… just for a minute.

8:15 AM

I feel a sudden chill on my sleep warmed body. I try to roll over and curl up in a fetal position and retrieve the blankets that have suddenly disappeared, causing the indoor breeze to brush over me. I shiver, and start to reach and realize, for the second time, I’m bound. This time, it’s different and as I come more fully awake and start trying to get my fuzzy brain to figure out what the hell is going on, a scream suddenly rips from my throat.

Something very hard just smacked my ass with a harsh “THWACK!” It burns and I cry out again, my brain in overdrive trying to put the pieces together as my other cheek is, must be, blistered with some sort of paddle, from the feel of it.

I’m laying with my ass high in the air, my calves bound by what must be miles of rope to my thighs so they are bent as if I were kneeling. Around the spanks and stings and cries of pain, I take stock of my situation. There’s some sort of rod or bar (when on earth would he have had a chance to get a spreader bar?) just above my knees keeping my thighs wide apart, my ankles are tied so that my toes are touching. I’m mostly “sitting” on my knees, my face buried into the bed, turned sideways. My arms are slightly behind me, at my sides, tied to my body so as to make both them and my torso stiff and rigid. The ropes stop just under my tits, acting as an underwire and pushing them up, if I were sitting. There are several pillows between my stomach and thighs to keep my ass up in the air, my cunt wide and exposed, open for whatever you see fit – and dripping.

I don’t know how many times you’ve spanked me. My ass is on fire, burning up with pain, sobs tearing from my chest as comprehending dawns. I fell asleep! He tried to call me and I was asleep! Oh fuck.. I’m in for it now – SMACK SMACK SMACK!!! Thinking and crying, my cunt quivers, still waiting – still aching, all the more so with the new sensations added.

You stop and lean down and whisper in my ear, “Good morning, Sunshine. Did you sleep well?” While you speak menacingly, your hand travels over my butt, almost tickling over the pain, making me squirm and sigh through the tears. I start to apologize and you just mouth to me “shhhh…”. I know that it’s no use to talk at this point. I have to just take whatever comes and accept it. I try to relax and do exactly that.

Suddenly, my body spasms in reaction to your fingers sliding their way down to my gaping pussy. You circle my clit over and over and over, making my cunt open and beg on it’s own to be filled. The ache is renewed. You move your hand way from my swollen pleasure button and start to circle my hole, making open more, teasing it.

“Ahh… someone wants to get fucked.”

All I can manage is a groan and slight shaking of my tender ass.

THWACK! I cry out. You’ve moved lower, and started smacking closer to my cunt, making it sting and quiver. THWACK THWACK THWACK!

“First, you cum without being told.. and then you dare fall asleep without fulfilling your duties? Tsk tsk.. bad girl. Very very bad girl.”

You’ve paused to finger my pussy again, and this time you sip one into my waiting twat, sliding it in slowly, stopping every now and then to twist and wiggle the tip inside of me, making me pant and groan and shake.

“You’ve want to cum pretty badly don’t you, pet?”

I nod my tear stained face, my eyes glazed over, my lips dry again, not able to speak due to the sensations you’re causing. Suddenly, I see you grinning, almost from ear to ear.

“Alright, pet. I’ll let you cum.”

Uh oh. Somehow, this suddenly doesn’t sound like such a good idea. You wiggle your finger again and my pussy clutches at it, while you move your thumb to my clitoris and massage both my g-spot and my clit almost to the point of overload. Suddenly, you pull out and away and flip me over. My legs are up high and I can see the bar you’ve gotten. It’s an odd shape – instead of being strait across, escort urfa it’s got a sort of U dip in the middle and the ends are longer than where the leg straps are. Although I notice this and it registers on some level, the thing commanding my attention is what’s between my legs, not on them. My cunt is on perpetual fire.

My insides are tense and screaming. If I don’t get release soon, I feel like I’m literally going to lose it, mentally.

I feel my self being shifted and remaneuvered. I find out what the U is for as you lift my head and place the bar behind my neck so that I’m almost bent in thirds – my knees to my thighs and again at the waist. I can barely breathe, my roped knees touching my shoulders. No wonder my arms are bound the way they are! You’ve done some careful planning! My pussy is high in the air, widely exposed, my thighs wet. I can smell myself, I’m so close to my own cunt. You pull on something and I feel my legs spreading further out.

“Ow!” I cry as my muscles are stretched to the max.

“QUIET!” You yell angrily. I bite my lip, tasting but not drawing blood. I’m watching you, more than a little frightened at this point. Still, my cunt aches for you. The more you do, the hotter I get. My nipples are throbbing right along with my pussy, even though you haven’t touched them yet. My ass is now just a warm glow from the spankings.

You stand back and fold your arms over your chest to examine your work. There’s a little grimace on your face and I’m not sure why. I glance at your shorts and notice that you have a raging hard on. Big mistake. My pussy shivers and twitches spastically, anticipating the feel of you pounding into me. You’re moving around me again and I realize that you’re attaching clips and hooks to the ropes and bar to keep me on my back. If I’d thought of it, I could have rocked myself onto my side and made some meager attempt at escaping my fate – still unknown to me.

“There!” you say with finality and grin. “Now, my darling, the real fun begins.”

I shudder.

You climb onto the bed with me and sit facing my pussy and start to slowly run your hands down the insides of my thighs. I sigh in pleasure, closing my eyes and enjoying your hands on me, warm and rough, at last. You move them down towards my lips and I can feel your fingers part me, the only slightly stubbled skin being stretched out ward. I can feel your eyes on my twat, examining and inspecting. Suddenly you let go and my lips snap back, cover my pussy and I moan in disappointment.

My eyes snap open hearing a tearing sound. Tape. Once again, your hands are on my lips, pulling them as wide open as they’ll go and I feel you pressing something onto one.. and then as you push the lip towards my thigh, I realize you’re taping my pussy open, my clitoris totally exposed, hands free.

Cunt juice streams down my crack, my clit visibly throbbing. Both lips are now taped to their respective thighs.

“Don’t worry, love. It’s surgical tape. I might enjoy torturing you like this, but I also love you. I have no desire to actually hurt you. I’m just giving you what you asked for.” And I hear you chuckle softly, knowing that I had no idea you’d ever go to these lengths. I also realized that the weeks spent without comment to my notes must have been you preparing. There’s no other way you could have gotten all this together like this if you hadn’t. I nod silently in response. What else can I do other than watch and wait.. and hope that you give me relief?

You look at your newest addition to my plight and reach out with a finger and draw small circles on my super tender, super charged, super sensitive bud. My entire body stiffens and I cry out with both the pleasure and pain it brings. I need you so badly that nothing is pure pleasure at this point. Every touch has an element of pain as my nerves are too taught. You keep stroking me, not touching anything else and I can feel the burning in my cunt, the need for being filled with a cock to complete me.

Now I’m expecting it.. you stop. I moan. I’m doing a lot of that lately.

You leave me in my motionless trussed up state and come back only seconds later with a small bag. You start pulling things out of it, but your back is to me so I can see. My body is vibrating, still sitting on the edge of orgasm. The same orgasm that’s been building for two days now. Building with me sitting on the precipice, not allowed to go over.

Finally, you come back to me with a couple of items that you start to show me. A Y shaped short chain with clips on all 3 ends, a new vibrating dildo, with several settings from the looks of it. It’s curved with the intention of getting to the G-Spot and has nubby studs all over it. We don’t speak. I’m not sure I have the ability to form words at this point anyway.

Again, you get between my legs and you start to lick and suck on my cunt, hard.

“OOH! MMMMM!!! FU… FU…. UNGH!!!!” My body is shaking hard, and you stop and smack my ass with the paddle, which must have been just near you as I don’t recall you setting it down.

I cry out and groan urfa escort bayan on the same breath. You smack me again and again and again and then start to suck my clit at the same time, flicking it with the tip of your tongue. My ass wiggles against my bonds and I try hard to hump your face.

The heat from my ass is going straight to my pussy now. I don’t feel any pain.. I just feel the spreading warmth, the vibrations, and the fact that my fuckhole is sucking air trying to grasp as something, anything. My whole body tenses up in preparation for the final explosion.. you feel it and pull back quickly.

“NO! GODDAMNIT! NO! I WAS THERE!!!!” I scream my frustration… “FUCK ME, DAMNIT!!” Instead, you reach up between my legs and pinch my nipples and I move my head around trying to rise trying to get something trying to fucking cum! Everything is hard. Every muscle, every nerve, every single particle of my being.

Sliding off the bed, you move around towards to my head with the Y chain and attach to clips to the base of my nipples, making them stick up even more, as if that’s possible. They swell in pain and desire as you decide to lick the very tips, making the chain wiggle and pull. I feel my pussy clamp down again, release and clamp. As though it were trying to force itself to untense. I have no control over anything anymore.

You stretch the short chain across my bent body and suck my clit again and suddenly attach the clip there too. The chain is short enough that my nipples are being stretched downward and my clitoris is being pulled up, sticking out of my cunt by at least half an inch now.

I start to cry again. The pleasure/pain is too much. I haven’t been able to orgasm yet, my pussy has been tortured with so much waiting that I don’t think there’s anything left to do but cry. You don’t seem to take any notice of my renewed sobbing as you “work”. You pick up the dildo and slide it into my waiting pussy and I cry out now in total abandonment. My sounds aren’t words, just of pure, raw, animal need.

“Okay baby. Now you’re going to cum. Since you can’t do what I say, I’m going to give you – once again – what you seem to think is what you want.”

“UNGGGGHHH!!!!” In midair, my ass bounces, trying to get the dildo in deeper. You make sure its in all the way, and turn it on to maximum immediately.

“AAAH!! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! OHGO…FU… MMMNNNGGG!” Nothing coming out of me makes sense as the dildo vibrates my insides. You start to pump it in and out of me and suddenly, I feel you chewing on my pulled clitoris. At the same time, your other hand, not controlling the fake cock, reaches up and starts to flick and pinch my already clamped nipples.

All these sensations has me to and over the edge in seconds and not being able to move, all I can do is scream as the orgasm I’ve been holding off way too long hits me like a ton of blows all over my body…


My tits throb in time with my cunt, hurting and aching from the clamps, another dimension to intensify the climax. My juice squirts out around the dildo and into your mouth as you continue to suck and chew on my throbbing clit, my cunt grabbing and sucking the dildo trying to draw it all the way inside of me, I can’t breath and the sensation of asphyxiation between my short hard gasps and my lungs being practically squashed makes it even more powerful.

I keep cumming, screaming the entire way, pleasure and pain mixing and making the orgasm more intense than the holding off. But you don’t stop. You keep going with your mouth and dildo and fingers twisting, pulling and pinching my nipples, alternately. You don’t release the chains.

“OHOHGODOHGODFUCKKNOOOOOOOO!!!!” another smashing orgasm hits my pussy, making it spasm painfully. I’m panting, almost completely out of breath and still, you don’t stop.. I feel another one building. I’ve never been multi-orgasmic in my life. I’ve always been too sensitive – or maybe not sensitive enough – to achieve such ability. Now, you’re forcing me to do it. Not letting up on my body, making me cum over and over and over again.

I can’t move. I can’t breathe.. I’m in a state of almost shock, as the waves keep washing over me. All I can feel is my pussy pounding, throbbing, not being allowed to escape the new form of torture.

Finally, you stop and pull out the dildo and turn it off, slipping your tongue off of me, but not before lapping at my faucet of a pussy. But you’re not done yet. You haven’t gotten yours and your dick is so hard you’ve had a difficult time keeping me going as long as you have.

You get high on your knees and slip your steel hard cock into my super sensitive, tortured and still spasming cunt. All I can do is whisper.. “no… please… no more…”

“First you’re begging to cum and now you’re begging not to?” You chuck at me as you slowly slide in and out. Your heat, your feel, your smell and your slowness after all that abuse feels good… despite what you’ve just put me through, I can feel my cunt slowly responding anyway. You feel it too and chuckle again. You drive your dick all the way into me and I feel you twist…. You pick up the dildo and turn it on and place it against my clit, rubbing it up and down giving me a dual set of sensations in addition to filling my pussy all the way up. I feel you brushing my G-Spot with the head and I can feel myself tighten and fresh juice starts to flow.. I grunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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