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Borrowed Dreams

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Mira straightened the tight skirt across her beautifully rounded bottom. She flicked her hair, and walked into the electronics store. The young man was there. She bit her bottom lip, breathed out, and walked over. Was he smiling at her? Then she noticed that his gaze went passed her, to the younger, blonder, bustier woman that had entered the store behind her. The assistant, Rod, walked straight for the blonde, almost knocking Mira out of the way.

Hands on hips, Mira scowled at the young couple as they giggled and hugged. Rod looked furtively from side to side, then grasped the blonde by the hand and hurried her to the back of the store. Mira was intrigued now. She looked about the store; empty. She followed the couple at a slight distance, only to see them disappear through the stock room door. Mira sighed, pursed her lips, took one final look around the store and followed.

The stock room door opened, not into a stock room as she had expected, but into a narrow corridor with several archways leading deeper into the depths of the back-room. Mira heard a giggle from an exit just ahead, and quietly moved toward it. She peeped around the corner to see the younger couple stood in a locker room area. Rod pulled the girl toward him, pulling her in tightly for a long, deep kiss. Mira saw the girls tongue dart out, licking Rod’s lips and teeth before diving in to find HIS tongue.

Rod’s hands run up and down the sides of the girl’s body, a clear bulge developing in his pants. Mira began to breathe a little harder, she could feel a warm, damp sensation in her panties. Rod pushed the girl’s tee-shirt up her tight abdomen, revealing the lacey bra that enclosed her large, firm breasts. Mira could see the nipples bulging, pushing over the top of the lacey bra. “You’re so gorgeous, Kace!” Rod gasped, as he moved his head to nuzzle in her cleavage. He reached around, unclasping the bra, freeing those gorgeous boobs. His face dropped to them, his tongue darting out over each nipple in turn, as he pushed the breasts together and sucked both nipples in one mouthful. Kacey sighed, her head dropping back as Rod’s hands fumbled for the fastening on her tight blue jeans.

Mira was very aroused now, her panties samsun escort were wet, her juices starting to drip down her thighs. She unfastened the pencil skirt and let it drop to the floor at her feet. She ran her hand over the sheer fabric of her panties as she watched Rod sliding Kacey’s jeans to the floor, her stepping clumsily out of them without taking off her sneakers. His face pushed into the gusset of Kacey’s polka-dot cotton panties, and she actually squealed a little. Mira’s hand pushed passed the edge of her own panties, feeling the soft bristles of hair on her pubic region before parting her sopping pussy lips. She could feel her clit bulging forward, ready for some action.

By now, Rod had Kacey’s panties around her ankles, his hand pushing up between her thighs to spread her outer lips so that his tongue could rapidly lick Kacey’s also swollen clit. Rod move Kacey backward, her thighs touching the wooden bench, and she sat, panties dangling from one leg as Rod pushed his fingers and tongue inside her. Mira’s fingers were deep in her own pussy as she watched, the warm, soft feeling pushing her closer to an orgasm than she had been for weeks. “I need your cock.” Kacey whispered, and Mira nodded in agreement.

Rod stood up, moving closer to Kacey’s face and she pulled his zipper open, delving in until she pulled out his hard, red cock. She pushed back his foreskin, and darted the tip of her tongue against his swollen helmet. She looked up into his eyes, smiling as she licked the underside of his shaft before taking the whole head into her soft, red mouth. She stayed there, visibly sucking his penis, for several seconds then dipped her head to take most of the length into her mouth and throat. She gagged a little, pulling back, smiling “It’s bigger than I remembered.” she said mischievously, before going back to work with her mouth and tongue.

Mira had four fingers firmly embedded in her cunt, the palm of her hand rolling over her clit. She could feel her juices running down her hand and dripping to the cold concrete floor. Her other hand unbuttoned the soft summer blouse, unclipped the front fastening bra, and began to squeeze her small, escort samsun tight breasts one after the other. He breasts were small, almost flat, but the nipples stood out a full inch. She gasped.

Fortunately, Rod was too pre-occupied to notice, but Kacey stopped for a second puzzled. she let Rod’s cock out of her mouth with a loud plopping sound “You sure no-one else is coming today?”

“No-one.” Rod assured her, as he parted her knees to get his inflamed cock between them. He tried a couple of times to get it in Kacey’s dripping cunt, but failed. She giggled, took the shaft in her hand and guided it to its target. As Rod jerked his hips forward, Kacey grunted, her eyes widening. She looked over his shoulder, straight at Mira, and smiled. Mira stopped still for a second, but the heat of her own need prompted her to smile back, stepping into the archway where she could be seen. Kacey smiled again, looking at the lithe figure of the older woman, her blouse open, panties around her stocking-clad ankles. Mira’s fingers were still firmly embedded in her pussy, the juices running down her hands and thighs, her stocking tops soaked.

Rod’s breathing was coming heavier, his movements a little erratic. Kacey pushed him back, his erection springing out of her wet cunt, flicking juices everywhere. “Wha?” he gasped.

“We have a guest.” smiled Kacey, pointing. Rod turned around, eyes widening and cock twitching involuntarily. “Mrs. Wilson?” he exclaimed in surprise. His mouth hung slack, but his erection didn’t waver.

Mira flicked one leg out of her panties, and released her hand from her pussy with a sucking sound, so that she could walk. She tried very hard to move sexily, arriving at Rod, she clasped her hands behind his head and pulled him to her for a deep, long kiss. His hard cock pressed into her belly, smearing her with a mixture of pre-cum and Kacey’s thick white pussy juice. Mira released Rod’s mouth, and slipped to her knees, running her hands down his upper body. She grasped his hard shaft, and licked a bead of pre-cum from the opening in his penis head. Then she devoured his cock, feeling it hit the back of her throat before she pulled samsun escort bayan back, sucking the head.

Kacey moved behind Mira, pulling her away from Rod. “No.” she whispered. “I want to see him fuck your arse.”

“But I’ve never …” Mira started, but she was stopped by Kacey’s finger to her lips.

“Rod,” Kacey pointed to the bench and Rod obediently lay back, his stiffness pointing to the ceiling. Kacey then manoeuvred Mira so that she straddled Rod’s legs, her back to him, her pussy to Kacey. With the height of the bench, and Rod’s cock, his tip brushed against the sopping folds of Mira’s pussy, making her gasp again. Kacey’s mouth moved down, her soft tongue lapping up Mira’s juices, her finger probing the virgin arse hole. “Oh, that IS tight.” Kacey said softy. She pushed three fingers into Mira’s gaping pussy, getting plenty of juice on her hand and arm, then gently pushed on finger into Mira’s tight arsehole.

Mira gasped, her knees weakening. Rod’s cock dipped of its own accord into her pussy just for the briefest of seconds. Kacey had widened the target hole, and was now easing a second finger inside. Moving them back and forth, and rotating slightly. Mira’s arsehole began to relax, open up. A third finger went in. “That should do the trick.” Kacey smiled.

She grasped a firm hold of Rod’s twitching shaft, and pushed the head into the newly relaxed opening of Mira’s arse. The head sunk in, and Mira gasped; Rod’s cock seemed stuck for a second, then with an upward thrust Rod’s whole length piled into her arse. Mira cried out in mixed pain and pleasure. As Rod started to move his cock inside Mira’s swollen arsehole, Kacey pushed her backwards, diving her face into Mira’s gaping cunt.

Rod, already close to the edge, could hold out no longer. His hips forced his cock inside Mira’s arse even deeper. She could feel it pulsating as he shot his load deep inside her. Kacey must have felt it too, as she rocked back onto her knees smiling. She watched as Rod’s creamy spunk dripped from Mira’s arsehole, running down his shaft, pooling in his pubic hair.

Dreamily, Mira pulled herself free of Rod’s wilting penis. She turned, bent down and kissed his shrinking cock, then wiped her sodden hands on his shirt. She pulled off her panties, wiping between her legs with the tiny fragment of cloth, then plopped the soggy material on Rod’s exposed belly. Bra and blouse buttoned, skirt back in place, Mira smiled at the panting, sweating couple. She spun on her high heel and walked out, not once looking back.

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