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Chocolate , Bananas

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I’m lying on a big bed with huge posts and mosquito netting. You’ve tied my hands, crisscrossed at my wrists, above my head and around the brass headboard. This makes my breasts stand tall, the nipples hard as little rocks. I love the way they look and wish I could lick them. I hear you in the kitchen and the anticipation of what you’re doing is making me crazy. I feel my pulse speeding up every second that passes and you’re not back. I feel my pussy get wetter and wetter. I close my eyes; are you teasing me, I wonder?

“If you’re a good girl I won’t tie you legs,” I hear you whisper from the doorway.

I let out a stifled moan. I’m not used to giving up control this way, it’s bad enough you’ve tied my hands, but my legs too??? “I promise I’ll behave L…” I whisper back silently praying that I will be able to do so.

You move to the side of the bed and place on the bedside table a small oil warmer, a banana, and a jar of chocolate sauce. I can see that it’s the kind that gets hard once it cools and I immediately worry if it will burn me when you pour it on. As if reading my mind you tell me, “It won’t burn you baby, it will feel a little uncomfortable and then will dry very quickly.”

I like the reassurance and smile at you, wondering exactly what you’re going to do with that chocolate. You pour some in the warming tray and while it gently warms you slowly peel the banana. It’s big and long and ripe but not too ripe, it’s hard with a minimal curve in the middle. When you’re finished you lay it down next to the warming tray. I see you dip a finger in the tray. “This is ready,” you say while looking at my naked body up and down, wondering where you’re going to start maybe or gauging how much you will need for what you want to do. You are fully dressed but the sight of my lying on the bed naked has made you hard or maybe it’s the thought of what you’re about to do.

You join me on the bed, sitting on the edge, taking the warming tray and holding it above my breasts. You bend down and take a nipple into your mouth, making it harder than it already is. Your mouth feels so warm and wonderful, the suction of your lips on my nipple having a direct impact on my clit and I feel my pussy throb. You disengage and while the nipple is still pebble hard you pour some of the chocolate on it, covering it completely. “Ooooh L, that stings a little…” but before the words are out of my mouth I feel you sakarya escort blow cool breath on the chocolate and I feel it harden around my hard little nub. It feels almost like a vise. It almost hurts. It feels so good. You repeat your actions on my other nipple and now I can see my chocolate covered tips, like a luscious dessert laid out for your enjoyment. The sight is amazing, the brown hard chocolate such a contrast to my creamy white skin. I want to feel you lick and suck the hard chocolate shell off immediately but I see you have other plans.

You drip some chocolate into my belly button until it pools and then lower, drizzling warm streams of chocolate on my pubic mound. “Be a good girl now M, and spread your legs open.”

I comply, hesitantly. I’m not afraid exactly, but anxious. I’ve never had this done before. Once my legs are spread wide open I expect you to drip the chocolate on my clit, around my pussy lips, down the crack of my ass. But again, you have other plans and it’s clear you’re enjoying your torture. With my legs spread open you move to the foot of the bed and drip some warm chocolate over my toes, covering them in the warm, then hard, concoction. You move up my legs, again drizzling lightly over my calves, my knees, my inner thighs.

“L, you’re making me crazy,” I breathlessly say. Do you have any idea how this feels? Warm and sticky chocolate all over my body, my pussy throbbing, my nipples aching. “I want you so badly it hurts baby.”

You finally, finally reach between my legs and pour the warm chocolate on my clit, blowing on it immediately. It gets hard right away and it feels amazing. “You have such a pretty pussy M, and it looks so good dressed up in chocolate.”

Your words turn me on almost as much as what you’re doing. I’m aching and ready, my eyes closed, feeling the tightness in my body. Suddenly I feel something soft at the entrance to my dripping sheath. I look down and see you’ve placed the banana at my door.

“Look at me M, keep your eyes open and watch me fuck you with this banana, watch it slide inside your warmth.” I try to keep my eyes open but when you start to push the banana inside I feel a clenching and tightening and oh, could it be that you’ll make me cum just like this? Just this quickly?

“Oh god L…what are you doing? I can’t see…my arms, let go my arms L.”

“Not yet izmir escort M, I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m pushing this banana in your hot little pussy. Can you feel it? Can you feel it sliding inside? I’m pushing it further; I want you to take all of it. I want you to feel full of it. Tell me how this feels…”

As you finish saying it, I feel you push the rest of the banana inside me. And I begin to feel the waves of my first orgasm start to take over. “Oh god, L…it’s amazing. Ooooohhh…..”

You start to take off all your clothes while I watch you, the remnants of my orgasm still rippling throughout my body. You’re so gorgeous L, your hard brown body, the sexy dreds, the beautiful brown eyes and my god, those dimples.

I still have the whole of the banana inside me, and my pussy continues to throb, increasing the feeling of fullness. When you are finally naked you take your dick in your hand and lightly stroke it. Watching you doing that makes me instinctively move my hips. I’m already full but I want to be full of you.

You move between my legs, rubbing your hard dick against my chocolate covered clit and bend down to lick the chocolate off my left nipple. It’s achy, needy and the cure is your tongue, your mouth. You make little moans while licking and eating at my breasts and I feel it all over my body, every nerve ending is alive with the thought of you and the pleasure you bring me.

Your next move surprises me again. You dip back between my widespread legs and put your mouth around my pussy in a wide-open kiss. And you suck. A piece of the banana goes into your mouth and you eat it, savoring it. This is making me throb and sweat and moan. You dip down and lick one toe clean, then you come back up and take another bite of the banana lodged inside me. You continue to do this until the entire banana is gone and I am almost clean of the chocolate. The minute you finish taking the last bite of the banana from me, you slide your hard, delicious chocolate dick inside me. And I cum again.

And then you fuck me. Slowly at first, moving in and out with controlled strokes. “Do you like this dick inside you baby?”

“You know it’s my favorite chocolate of all L. It feels so incredible to have stroke me, fuck me L….oh yes baby, just like that, stroke this pussy, I love the way you feel inside.”

You fuck me for a long time, alternating mersin escort your strokes between hard fast fucking and slow, measured strokes. I know you’re about to cum because you stop and grind inside me. Your hands kneading my breasts, your eyes closed. “Where do you want my cum M, tell me where you want it.”

“In my mouth, please, please L, let me have your seed in my mouth.”

You pull out of my dripping pussy and I immediately miss you in there. You move up along my body until you are over my chest, your knees on either side of my head. You stroke your dick with your left hand, feeding it to me slowly. I pull against my constraints. I want more; I want it all in my mouth. But you give me only your head. I lick and suck on it, bobbing my head up and trying to get more in my mouth. It tastes like banana and pussy and your own special delicious taste. Please give me more, I say with my eyes.

With your right hand you stroke my face, telling me what I good job I’m doing on my favorite piece of chocolate. I can just imagine what I look like; my arms tied to the bed, my ruby red lips wrapped around the head of your dick that you are slowly, oh so slowly feeding me. I’m on fire L, and I want your cum but I can’t say it, I don’t want your dick out of my mouth. You know what I want, you feel it and so you grab on to the headboard, stroking my bound hands before you grab on for purchase. You bring your body up and start to slowly fuck my mouth. Once you’re in position you bring your left hand down to my still dripping pussy, stroking lightly.

“You want more baby? Are you going to cum again for me?” You ask as you increase the pace of your dick sliding in and out of my mouth, your fingers inside me, stroking me harder.

“Do you trust me not to gag you? Do you trust me not to lose control and ram my hard dick down your throat?”

I can see the words turn you on but instead of fucking me harder you stop. I can’t stop, I want it L, I want your seed. I want your cum. So I move my head up and down, trying to get it all back inside. I’m moaning around your dick while you finger me. You look down and see my eyes, so full of lust of you, so full of wanting. And you pull out. Enough so that the head of your dick is all that’s in my mouth and you whisper, “Here it is baby. Take it your mouth. Show me how much you want it. Show me how you’ll swallow it all.”

And then you cum. All that yummy gooey delicious cream inside my mouth. And I cum. Your fingers doing their magic inside me once again.

I look up at you as you pull out of my pretty mouth, while I swallow every drop of your seed. “I love the way you taste baby. Thank you for giving it to me. Oh and L, next time, I’m in control…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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