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Doctor Edge

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Today was a big day for Dr Keith. He’d be doing medical examinations for all the hot jocks from Thornton College soon. He had done this many times before, but the excitement of fondling muscular, young studs had never worn of.

There was a particular young man that Keith most looking forward to seeing. Ryan Taggart. The boy was stunning. Rippling, bulging muscles, a face chiselled to perfection and a well sculpted ass. Keith had special plans for Ryan today. He was going to make the boy cum on the exam table today. Even make him beg for it, if the opportunity presented itself. Keith felt a thorough prostate exam should do the trick. But Keith needed to be careful. It needed to seem completely innocent. He could lose his job if Ryan knew that he was stimulating him on purpose.

The entire morning Keith sported a semi, handling all the beautiful young bodies. But his cock was hard as rock when Ryan walked in.

‘Hey doc.’

‘Hi Ryan, how are you today?’ Replied Keith.

‘I’m good thanks. Just been busy prepping for the big game,’ said Ryan stripping of.

His body was shiny with sweat from the afternoon heat. Pungent, masculine odours emanated from the jocks sweaty body. Not that Keith minded. The stench only made him hornier. Ryan to realised he was pretty ripe and apologised to the doctor.

‘No need to apologise Ryan. You’re a 20-year-old boy. You all smell pretty bad,’ joked Keith.

‘Haha. Tell me about,’ laughed Ryan getting onto the exam table.

Keith went through the generic tests as quickly as he could, whilst Ryan talked about football. Finally, it came time for the prostate exam. Keith had done prostate exams on the other team members to. However, he was going to make Ryan’s exam, a lot longer and a lot more stimulating.

‘Okay Ryan, could you get on all fours for me. Knees wide apart,’ instructed sarışın porno Keith.

Ryan obliged. Ryan looked incredible. His muscles shiny and taught, legs wide open, head down. Keith wanted him so bad.

‘You may feel some discomfort Ryan,’ said Keith snapping on some latex gloves.

‘No worries man. I’m used to it,’ replied Ryan.

This spiked Keith’s interest. Use to it? Did he mean use to prostate exams? Or use to having things up his ass? Keith decided to ask.

‘Use to it? Do you use your anus sexually?’ Asked Keith nervously. ‘I ask with your sexual health in mind of course.’

‘Uh, yeah. I finger myself whilst I jerk of,’ replied Ryan nonchalantly. ‘That’s not a problem, right?’

Keith couldn’t believe how open Ryan was. Images of Ryan abusing his hole whilst he pumped his cock, ran through Keith’s mind.

‘Of course not,’ replied Keith. ‘Exploring your anus is perfectly fine. There’s a lot more pleasure if you do.’

‘I know right,’ said Ryan ‘Oh, and by the way, I’ll probably get hard during the prostate exam. Sorry about that dude.’

‘No need to apologise Ryan. It’s completely normal.’

With that, Keith lubricated his fingers and slowly inserted three fingers into Ryan’s ass. Ryan whimpered, inhaling sharply. Keith slid his fingers along Ryan’s sensitive rectum. Ryan gasped when Keith’s fingers found his prostate. Keith began massaging Ryan’s pulsing walnut. Ryan’s muscles tensed as he began to moan. True to form, Ryan’s cock was hard as a rock. Ryan continued to grunt and moan as his prostate was fondled. Precum trickled down the boy’s cock as he got hornier and hornier. In fact, Ryan was pushing back against the doctor’s fingers, clearly aroused. Keith was excited now. Maybe he could take this a bit further.

‘I will need to pump your cock sex hikayeleri to examine your prostate in action,’ said Keith.

Immediately Ryan reached for his cock, obviously wanting to touch himself. But Keith pushed it away.

‘Not yet Ryan. I need to examine your prostate whilst inactive for just a bit longer.’

This was a complete lie. Keith loved seeing the hot jock like this. Whimpering, moaning, sweating and gasping. He wanted to make the young man crazy with lust. Have the boy beg to touch himself. Keith pushed harder on Ryan’s prostate. Ryan roared with pleasure. His hand now on his cock. Keith stopped fingering the boy and grabbed Ryan’s hand.

‘I said no Ryan,’ said Keith sternly.

‘I’m sorry doc. I can’t help it. I’m sorry.’

Keith grabbed some rope from the draw and proceeded to tie Ryan’s hands to the clamps on the table.

Ryan looked up at Keith apologetically. The boy was completely humiliated.

‘Okay buddy. Let’s try this again,’ said Keith inserting his fingers into Ryan’s ass again.

Keith continued to finger Ryan for another ten minutes. That’s when the begging began.

‘Doc, please. No more. Please!’ Cried Ryan.

‘The exam isn’t over yet Ryan.’

‘Then please let me touch my cock. Please. I beg you. Please. As a fellow man, have mercy. I need to touch my cock.’

This was even better than Keith had expected. The jock was a begging for release. Whimpering, moaning. Keith was so glad he had done this. After, another five minutes of Ryan’s whimpering and begging, Keith ran his fingers down Ryan rippling six pack, and grabbed his cock. It was already slick with sweat and precum. He massaged Ryan’s sensitive cock head. Ryan’s body trembled as it was pleasured from both sides.

Ryan was delirious with pleasure at this point. şişman porno He wouldn’t last much longer. Keith massaged the prostate harder and began pumping vigorously on Ryan’s cock. When Ryan was close, Keith let go of the boy’s cock.

‘No!’ cried Ryan ‘Please doc, please!’

‘I’m sorry Ryan, this is how a thorough examination works. I’m going to have to bring you to the edge many times, before you’re allowed to cum,’ said Keith, a devious grin on his face.

The jock whimpered in fear. He was a 20-year-old lad, with an immense sex drive. This was going to be torture. Keith continued edging the young man for 15 more minutes. The doctor knew exactly how to read Ryan’s body, knowing exactly when he was on the edge, and when to stop and start pumping. Ryan begged and whimpered on top of every minute. He was insatiable. Keith would have done this all day if he could. But he had other patients to see. It was time he finish the boy of. But he wanted to hear more begging first. One last time he brought the boy to the edge and stopped.

‘That’s it Ryan, we’re all done,’ said Keith.

Ryan groaned.

‘Done? But doc, I need to cum!’ cried Ryan.

‘Can’t you do that when you get home?’

‘Doc please. I need to cum now. Please. It felt so good when you touched me. Please do it again,’ begged Ryan.

‘Ryan!’ exclaimed Keith. ‘I could lose my job for that.’

‘I won’t tell anyone. I swear,’ said Ryan ‘I promise.’

Without warning, Keith grabbed Ryan’s cock and began pumping. He then inserted his fingers back into Ryan’s ass. Ryan bucked in pleasure. In less than a minute, the boy couldn’t take anymore. Waves of pleasure ripped through his body as he shot rope after rope of cum on the table and his muscular thighs. His eyes were rolled back in his head as his face contorted with pleasure. Powerful roars of ecstasy emanated from his mouth as his body tensed as spasmed as he rode the orgasm to an end. Ryan had never had such an intense orgasm in his life. Keith had never heard a man make so much noise before. Orgasm over, Ryan collapsed from his all fours position on the table, panting, sweating and wanting more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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