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Halloween Tale

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* This story is a work of fiction. All characters are of legal age (over 18). *


“Just two more days until Halloween. I just love it! It’s my favorite holiday.”

“Yeah, why is that?”

“The best parties are always on Halloween. What are your plans?”

Jason didn’t answer his sister’s question right away. Halloween was this Sunday and Jason wasn’t invited to any parties. He didn’t really know what to say to avoid seeming uncool in front of his older sister. He let the silence linger.

“No plans then, eh? Well, I’m going to a frat party. They are only letting in people with good costumes. I heard that last year it was insanely hard to get in. But I know one of the guys in the fraternity. He said that as long as I bring a few of my girlfriends he’d get us in.”

“Sounds great, Mindy,” said Jason dramatically.

“I know! Anyway, Mom and dad are going over to the Wilsons’ house. You can go with them. I’m sure the Wilsons will be happy to have you over. You can watch all the old people drink and give out candy,” Mindy let out a small snort failing to contain her laughter. Her car screeched to a stop on a corner of Jason’s school.

“Okay, little bro, get out. Oh, don’t forget to pick up a costume this year, before it’s too late.”

As soon as Jason closed the passenger side door, Mindy stepped on the accelerator.

“Have a good day yourself, sister,” mumbled Jason, watching his sister’s blue VW beetle disappear around the corner. His sister was always a brat, but since she was now in college she was even worse. Her reputation matched her attitude as well. Jason heard rumors how his sister would lead a guy on and then dump him in the end. Those same rumors talked about the fact that his sister was still a virgin, since nobody was ever good enough for her. Jason felt relieved to know that, it meant he wasn’t the only virgin in the family. Boys at his school would always ask him to “hook them up” with his sister. Jason never understood why guys lined up after his sister — sure she had the looks, but she also had a terrible attitude.

Jason heard the bell ring and hurried to class.

At school Jason was hoping to receive a late invitation to someone’s party. He even showed up to basketball practice, even though it was Friday of the Halloween weekend. Sadly enough, nobody else showed up. Not even the coach. Jason figured he must have missed the memo about a cancellation. Disappointed, Jason decided to walk home.

Jason didn’t have a lot of friends amongst his teammates. Maybe it was because he was the backup forward, even though it was his last year of high school. They called him the “bench warmer”. It wasn’t Jason’s fault, however. He would have been a starter, if he didn’t hit a crazy growth spurt and grew a whole six inches. The newly attained height, made Jason very clumsy and he couldn’t handle the ball well anymore.

“Jason, honey, don’t worry. Before you know it you will get used to being tall. Then you’ll be the number one scoring forward in the league,” Jason’s mother would try to cheer him up.

“Son, it’s just the effects of puberty,” his dad would say. His dad was right in the way. His body was growing fast everywhere and Jason was somewhat happy that his penis was no longer the little “wee-wee” he used to have.

“Too bad nobody will ever see how big it is,” thought Jason to himself. He didn’t hope to lose his virginity anytime soon. He wasn’t handsome, or popular, in fact he was the opposite. He didn’t know how to be cool, like his sister; and he certainly didn’t inherit the good looks. Mindy received all of the best from their mother — petite body, large breasts, shiny black hair and olive skin. Yet Jason inherited all of the bad traits from his dad — lanky body, large nose, messy hair and ghost-white skin.

Because Jason grew so fast, he wasn’t quite used to his arms and legs being longer. He struggled with the shift in balance that the new added weight of his limbs provided. He tripped and stumbled often, ran funny and walked uncertainly. Thus, he received such nicknames as “dufus” or “ogre” around school.

Another thing Jason didn’t understand was Mindy’s fascination for Halloween. In fact, his whole family seemed to be infatuated by the holiday. To him, it seemed just an excuse to dress up and pretend to be someone else. When Jason was a kid, he enjoyed going out trick or treating and getting a bag full of candy. But now that he was older, it seemed Halloween was about parties and drinking. And he was a stranger to those activities. The only things Jason enjoyed during Halloween were the sweets, and his mom made the best pies.

On Saturday, Jason woke up to a wonderful smell of baked goods about the house. As he stumbled out of his room, he noticed that their house had been turned into a creepy cavern.

Jason almost ran into his dad, Steve, who was hanging up plastic skeletons and fake spider webs on the walls.

“What do you think?” his dad asked proudly.

“Looks good, dad,” said Jason, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“It Maltepe Escort does, doesn’t it? Wait until dark. I’ll turn the lights on, it’ll be even better.”

“Need any help?”

“Oh no. No, I have to get it all just right. You’ll only slow me down. Thanks for asking, though.”

“No problem, dad.”

On the way to the bathroom, Jason’s nose led him though the kitchen where his mother was busy baking pies and cookies.

“There’s my little guy!” chirped his mom, smiling ear to ear.

“Mom, I’m as tall as dad now.”

“But you are still my little guy.” Jason’s mom pouted her lips at him. “Do you want to try some of the pie? Fresh from the oven!”

Jason’s mom was about five foot four and Jason found it strange that he was now towering over her. He had to bend down to give her hugs and he hated it whenever she would tuck him in at night. His mom looked so small to him now, that it seemed absurd for her to call him “her little guy”.

“No thanks, mom.” Jason shook his head. “Too early for sweets.”

“Oh Jason, what is the matter? It’s never too early for pumpkin pie for you.” His mother fixed him with a stern eye. She was wearing a white apron with pumpkins on the front. She looked like a proper Italian cook.

“It’s nothing mom. I’m fine.”

“I know what’s bothering you,” his mother said. “Mindy told me that you’re worried that you won’t have anything to do on Halloween. Well, your dad and I are going to the Wilsons’ house and you should come with us.”

“I don’t think it’s such a good idea.”

“You know… Jill will be there,” Jason’s mom looked straight at him and raised one eyebrow.

Jason involuntarily stiffened at the mentioning of that name. He knew Jill Wilson since they both were little kids. She was in the same grade as him, but went to a different school. They always seemed to connect whenever their families got together. Jason has had a crush on Jill for the longest time, but he never had the guts to do anything about it. However, the school dance was coming up soon, and Jason was hoping…

“Mrs. Wilson has been telling me that Jill helped her prepare for their party. Jill is going to be Tinkerbelle this year,” carried on Jason’s mother, interrupting his thoughts. “Do you have a costume yet? Well, I don’t know why I’m even asking you that. Of course you don’t have a costume — always waiting until the last moment.”

Jason’s mother sighed and added: “You’ll need a costume if you want to come to the party. I’m going to the store later tonight; I’ll see what I can find for you.”

“Thanks mom,” said Jason leaving her to her baking.

For the rest of the day Jason was in a good mood. He had something to do this Halloween and his costume was being taken care of. It didn’t even bother him that he was going to a party with his parents. As long as Jill was going to be there, it was good enough for him.

After dinner, Jason was finishing up his third slice of pie. The whole family was still at the dinner table talking about past Halloween memories. Mindy was recalling the time, when the parents made her take Jason trick or treating and how embarrassed she was walking around with a kid dressed up as a chicken. Everyone shared a hearty laugh and even Jason smiled.

“Oh darn it! I still have to get to the store. Don’t worry Jason, I haven’t forgotten about your costume. I’ll find you something. Mindy, sweetheart, would you clean up?” With those words Jason’s mom got up and left for the store.

Jason and his father began watching a Halloween movie, but Jason found himself barely able to stay awake. He wanted to wait until mom got back from the store, to see which costume she’d picked for him, but he decided that it could wait till the morning.

It was Sunday and it was Halloween. Jason felt strangely excited for the day. After all, he’d get to hang out with Jill Wilson. His dad was still putting finishing touches on the decorations. It was amazing what he did to the house with a few tools and some old junk from the attic. Jason’s mother was baking even more cookies.

“Mom, which costume did you buy for me?” asked Jason after breakfast.

“Oh honey, they didn’t have much to choose from. I guess that’s what you get when you wait till the last moment. They didn’t have much in your size. But I think I found you something that will fit.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a clown’s costume, honey.”

Mindy spilled her juice in a sudden burst of laughter.

“Oh stop it, Mindy,” said her mother.

“Sorry mom, but I just pictured Jason as a clown,” said Mindy.

“Oh yeah, well what are you going to be?” Jason sounded offended.

“I’m going to be a sexy devil.”

“What is that supposed to be?”

“It’s a devil, that’s sexy, you dufus.”

“Don’t call your brother that, Mindy. I’m going to be a French maid this year,” said mom. “How about you Steve?”

“I can’t tell you. What’s the fun in telling if everyone knows who you are on Halloween?” replied Jason’s dad.

“Ooh, Kartal Escort so mysterious,” said the mother with a wink at her husband. “Okay. I have to head over to the Wilsons’ house and help them prepare for the party. Jason, I’ll leave your costume on the couch. Don’t be late to the party, and Mindy, don’t stay out all night.”

“Yeah, okay mom,” said Mindy rolling her eyes. “I’m going to go get ready at Kate’s house.”

About fifteen minutes later Jason’s mother walked out into the living room, where Jason and his dad were watching a TV show.

“What do you think?” the mom asked.

“Oh Kelly, you look great!” announced the dad.

Jason shot a quick glance. His mom was wearing a black French maid’s outfit that looked too tight on her. There was a small, white apron attached at the front. A black and white headband held her hair back. Jason didn’t think much of her costume and found it unoriginal. The red lipstick that his mother apparently just put on seemed too bright for the rest of the colors. Jason shook his head in sign of disapproval and turned back to the television set. He was a little annoyed that his own costume was even worse.

“I’ll see you people later!” yelled Mindy, walking by the living room. “Wow mom! Nice outfit.”

“You like it? Is it too tight or too short?” asked mom and did a quick twirl for Mindy.

“Not at all. You look hot, mom. I like the lipstick,” answered Mindy.

“The lipstick came with the costume. Should I wear a bra? I feel like my tits sag too much?”

“Hey! Your tits don’t sag!” exclaimed dad overhearing his wife.

“Well, they certainly aren’t as perky as they used to be,” retorted mom. Making sure only Mindy could see her she pushed up her heavy breasts with both hands inside the costume.

Mindy nodded in approval and whispered: “Go with a bra.”

Jason stood in front of the mirror and looked at his reflection. He looked ridiculous. The multi-colored costume barely fit. It made him look even more goofy and awkward than ever. Jason was happy that Mindy had already left — she would have ridiculed him to no end. He tried to turn his torso this way and that, and felt the seams straining with each movement.

Stumbling into a room that served as his father’s office, Jason said: “Dad, I can’t wear this. Jill will be there.”

Jason’s father was on the phone, but he smiled when he looked up at Jason. He lifted a finger to indicate that he’ll be free in just a moment. Jason waited patiently, feeling like an idiot that was wearing a gay clown’s outfit. He tried to blow the hair of the wig away from his eyes.

“What’s wrong with your costume? You look hilarious. A proper clown,” said Jason’s father, hanging up the phone.

“Jill will be there, dad. I’ll be the laughing stock of the party.”

“Okay, okay. You’re right. I’ll tell you what; you can wear my last year’s costume.”

“The giant teddy bear?”

“That’s right. It’s still in the garage.”

Jason thought for a moment. He would have preferred something more elegant. However, the teddy bear costume was leagues better than the clown one.

“Thanks dad!” exclaimed Jason and turned to leave.

“Listen, Jason. I just got off the phone with my boss. I’ve got some last minute’s work that I need to finish up. We’re supposed to be at the party in thirty minutes. If I know the Wilsons, they are probably already partying so they won’t even notice if I don’t show up for a while.”

“Do you want me to wait for you?”

“No, go ahead. I’ll be right behind you. This shouldn’t take more than an hour.”

“Okay, dad. Thanks again.”

“By the way, it gets really hot in that costume, so make sure you don’t wear extra clothes under it or you’ll sweat like a pig,” added Jason’s dad as Jason walked out of the room.

Jason practically tore the clown outfit off of himself. The teddy bear costume that he was about to put on looked much better. It consisted of a full body zip-up suit that was made out of brown, fur-like material and a big, teddy bear headpiece. Taking his father’s advice, Jason stripped down just to his boxers, put on the suit and zipped himself up. The suit was a loose fit, but the length was right. There was a small flap around the crotch area for easy bathroom business. Next, Jason placed the large teddy bear mask over his own head. It was like a helmet — dark and stuffy inside. It had two slits for the eyes that were covered with mesh material, which made it difficult to look around. There were also small holes for breathing and a larger one for the mouth.

“Perfect fit! Looks good on you,” said Jason’s father walking into his room.

“Mfff humpf gah,” said Jason.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Can’t hear anything you say,” chuckled dad. “That mask is pretty dense and muffles the words. You’ll just have to communicate with your hands. Anyway, you’d better get going. You’ll be late.”

“Gahf puffm bah hah?”

Jason’s dad just shook his head and shrugged.

Jason pulled his new head off and Kurtköy Escort said: “I’ll see you there shortly?”

“I’m right behind you.”

The Wilsons house was only a few blocks away and Jason walked there holding the teddy bear mask under his arm. Once he arrived at the front door he took a deep breath and put on his new head. He knocked on the door and it opened by itself. There were a lot of people inside and, like his father said, the party had already started. As Jason walked around the house he recognized a lot of faces.

“Steve is that you? Couldn’t find a new costume? Anyway, about time you showed up. Want a beer?” said Mr. Wilson, slapping Jason on the shoulder. He handed him a cold bottle of beer and disappeared.

“Cool,” thought Jason, “he thought I was dad.” He looked at the bottle in his hand, but didn’t know how he was going to drink from it.

Jason walked around trying to see if he could find Jill. Instead he saw his mother, standing by the refrigerator, giggling with Mrs. Wilson. They both were wearing matching French maid costumes. They saw the giant teddy bear and waved at him.

“Steve! Nice to see that you made it,” said Mrs. Wilson as Jason approached. “What’s with the same costume?”

Jason just shrugged.

“That’s why you didn’t want to tell me. You must really like that costume,” said Jason’s mother with a wink and a look that Jason didn’t understand.

Jason was about to try and explain himself, but his mother handed him a glass and said: “Here, try this, Steve. We made the best margaritas.”

“Kelly, get him a straw. Remember the mess he made last year, trying to drink in that costume?” added Mrs. Wilson, grabbing a straw off the counter.

Jason couldn’t believe that his mother was giving him an alcoholic beverage. Of course, she thought that she was giving it to her husband, but Jason wasn’t about to protest. He fed the straw through the mouth hole and took a sip. The drink was cold and delicious. Jason didn’t even taste any alcohol, but he’s never tried a margarita before, thus had no idea what he was supposed to taste.

“Good, isn’t it?” asked Jason’s mother. She was talking loudly over the noise in the house.

“Kelly, your boobs are about to spill out again,” giggled Mrs. Wilson pointing at her friend’s cleavage.

“Oops! This bra has a mind of its own. It keeps pushing my tits too far up.”

Jason’s mom used Jason’s bulk to shield herself from the rest of the party as she tugged on her low-cut top. Jason tilted his head down, not quite sure what his mother was trying to do. Suddenly, his breath caught in his throat when he realized that his mother was adjusting her breasts. One of her large nipples suddenly came fully into his view. Jason’s eyes grew large as it hovered there for a moment and disappeared into the bra.

Jason felt a rush of hot blood on his face and was suddenly glad for the teddy bear mask.

“Maybe it’s your tits that have a mind of their own,” laughed Mrs. Wilson. “They just want to come out and say hello.”

“There. That’s better,” said Jason’s mother when she finished fumbling with the cleavage of her costume.

Jason stood still like a tree, afraid that his identity may be suddenly revealed.

“Let’s go meet the new family that moved in across the street from us. They are out on the deck,” proposed Mrs. Wilson. Jason’s mom latched on to Jason’s arm and prodded him after Mrs. Wilson.

Meeting the new neighbors was quite boring, since Jason couldn’t even talk. He quietly sipped on the margarita through the straw and slowly began feeling its effect. He also noticed that his mother was acting unusual. She was talking loudly, laughing at everything to the point that her smile lines looked like creases, and drinking one margarita after another. Her breasts were beginning to work their way to the top again.

“Too many drinks,” Jason decided.

Jason’s eye caught a pair of wings approaching him from the side. He swung his head to look and saw Jill.

“Hi Jill!” yelled out Jason’s mother.

“Hello, how are you?” greeted Jill. “Nice costume! I like the high heels and the stockings. Nice touch, Mrs. P.”

“Thanks. You look great too.”

“Where’s Jason?” asked Jill.

“Oh my, I completely forgot about him,” said Jason’s mother; her perma-grin disappearing for a second. She looked up.

The teddy bear next to her shrugged.

“He must have been embarrassed by the costume I got him and decided to stay home. All I could find was a clown’s costume.”

Jill giggled.

“So, how is school?” asked Jason’s mother, her smile returning to her lips.

“It’s still there — same old and boring. But there’s a big dance coming up. I’m really hoping that Michael Sterling will ask me to go with him.”

“He’s a nice boy, that Sterling. But how about you and Jason go together?”

“Oh. Eh… yeah, I’m pretty sure Michael is going to ask me very soon.”

“Well, I’m sure he will. But if he doesn’t there’s always Jason.”

Jason felt weird being discussed like that. He also didn’t like the kind of reaction Jill showed when his name was mentioned. His heart sank a little and he really had to go to the bathroom. Not wanting to hear more of this conversation he quietly sneaked off and headed for the nearest urinal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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