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His Sister’s Hot Roommate

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Little did Roger know that when he went to visit his kid sister Ginny that he would get more than he bargained for. What was supposed to be an ordinary weekend hanging out with his sister turned into a weekend of hot, torrid and unbridled carnal sex with Ginny’s hot little minx of a roommate named Tonya.

Roger and Ginny had always been close. Although they were five years apart they were extremely close and tight. They knew they had that kind of relationship in which they could tell each other anything and it would stay between them.

They were also close in that their older sister Miranda who was 12 years Roger’s senior kept pretty much to herself. By the time Roger was old enough to understand Miranda was her sister Miranda was already a teenager and had her own friends. Sure she loved Roger like any sister did but she had her own life and by the time Roger was kindergarten age, Miranda had already made her own life.

Miranda went to college where she met a fourth year med student. Three years later they were married and Miranda began her own storybook life as a doctor’s wife with all the perks that came with it.

Roger bonded to Ginny and they became close. When Roger was 18 he followed in the footsteps of his father and enrolled in college at the University of Tennessee where he enrolled in ROTC and graduated in Pharmacy.

Upon graduating, he was commissioned as a 1st LT in the Army. After spending 27 months overseas in a field Hospital in the Middle East where he earned his combat badge.

After his overseas deployment he returned State-side and was stationed at Fort Campbell Kentucky only about 10-15 minutes from Clarksville Tennessee where his sister was now a junior at Austin Peay University.

Roger was thrilled when he found out he would be stationed there as was Ginny. That meant they could see each other more frequently. By now Roger had been promoted to a Captain in the army and assigned to the base Hospital as a Registered Pharmacist.

Since Roger was an officer and was no longer combat personnel, he was given more leeway about leave. He accrued about 45 days per year but since he wanted to see Ginny more he decided he would take a weekend every month and about three weeks in the summer. The rest he saved up just in case he needed them.

When Ginny heard this, she was thrilled and she invited him to come anytime she wanted. She also said that Roger need not call first and anytime he showed up was fine with her.

Anyhow, it was in the early October when Roger decided he wanted to go visit Ginny and he took her at her word to show up. He wanted to surprise her and they would spend a good weekend together just catching up on old times.

It was a Saturday morning around 9:30 when he packed his two year old Black GMC Sierra four dour pick-up and made his way to Ginny’s apartment. He made the drive to Clarksville with the hope of seeing Ginny and the look on her face when she saw him.

It was just before 10:00 when he arrived at the apartment that was just off campus and no more than a five minute walk to Ginny’s classes. Ginny had sent Roger a key by mail and told him to use it when he got there.

Roger put the key in the lock and opened the door and he was totally unprepared for what happened next. It was case of mistaken identity that could have ended up badly, but fortunately for him, cooler heads prevailed.

As the door opened, Tonya who was sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette and reading a book on her Samsung Tablet, thought it strange that Ginny was back. She was certain that Ginny wouldn’t be getting back from her volleyball tournament until late Sunday afternoon.

“Back already Gin,” Tonya said as she put the tablet and looked up to see Roger standing there.

Tonya immediately went into self-defense mode and before Roger could even blink, had reached into the drawer of end-table by the couch and pulled out her Mace as well as a Taser and already had it trained on him.

“Who the fuck are you and what the hell are you doing in my apartment” Tonya demanded in an angry aggressive tone as she readied herself for battle.

Tonya also had another weapon in her arsenal that not too many people were aware of. She was an accomplished 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo. She looked small but she could disarm a fellow in a matter of seconds who was more than twice her size.

“Who the fuck are you,” Tonya repeated this time shouting and had her finger on the trigger just waiting for an excuse to fire. “I warn you I may look small but I know how to use this and I won’t hesitate to do so. “Now who are you,” Tonya repeated her demand calmly but with a tone that Roger knew that was very serious.

“My name is Roger and I am Ginny’s brother from Fort Campbell,” Roger answered softly and calmly putting his hands up, not wanting agitate Tonya or aggravate the situation any further.

“Let me see some ID,” Tonya demanded sternly.

As Roger went to his back pocket to get his wallet out Tonya never dropped her aim with the Taser or bursa escort removed her finger from the trigger.

Roger took out the wallet and Tonya told him slowly toss it on the couch and then to back up against the door to which Roger more than willingly complied.

Tonya cautiously picked up the wallet opened it and looked at the driver’s license as well as the Military ID that was in side, all the while having the Taser trained on Roger.

Tonya then glanced over to the wall where Ginny had hung a picture of Roger when he was first commissioned as an officer. Once she realized that Roger was who he said he was, her demeanor changed immediately and softened as she let down her defenses.

“Forgive me hon. I didn’t mean to put you through the ringer like that but I couldn’t be sure of who you were,” Tonya said with a sincere apology. “You know a girl can’t be too careful these days with all the creeps and perverts running around. I just had to make sure you weren’t one of them.”

“Hey no need to be sorry,” Roger said smiling and relaxing as well. “I understand completely and agree with you 100 percent. I have taught my sister the same thing and besides it was me who sent her that Taser along with an instructional video on how to properly use it.”

“Yeah I know,” Tonya replied. “She and I have gone to self-defense classes here on campus on how to use these things. This little baby here can render a 300 pound linebacker totally helpless and once deployed, only the EMT’s can remove it,” Tonya beamed with pride.

“So now that all the drama is over and I know you’re not an axe murderer or serial killer, what brings you here,” Tonya said smiling as she had a seat back on the couch.

Tonya reached inside her shirt and pulled out a pack of Newport 100’s cigarettes.

“Well hell, where are my frickin manners,” Tonya said apologetically. “Have a seat hon. You can sit here by me. I promise I won’t bite, hard,” and with a playful tease added “unless you really want me to,” and with that last statement she gave Roger a naughty wink.

Tonya was looking exceptionally hot that morning. She was wearing a hot pink(fuchsia) colored tank top with a plunging neckline that gave anyone with a set of working eyes a clear view of her sumptuous cleavage.

Tonya was also wearing a pair of white shorty-shorts made of a terrycloth material and a pair of white ankle socks. Tonya’s brownish blonde hair was done up in pig-tails and she had that pouty little girl look going on for her.

It was all Roger could do to keep from creaming in his pants as Tonya scooted her hot little nubile body next to his. Looking at Tonya any guy in his right mind would give anything to fuck her.

Physically speaking, Tonya stood about 5’4″ tall weighed about 130 pounds and measured 34DD-24-34. Tonya wasn’t skinny but she wasn’t fat either. She was what most would consider “pleasingly plump.”

“So tell me a little bit about yourself hon,” Tonya said as she lit the cigarette and took a long puff and blew the smoke. “Ginny tells me that you are in the service. So what do you do?”

“Well presently I am Pharmacist at the base hospital,” Roger said with a smile. Before that I spent 27 months in Iraq and Afghanistan assigned to a field hospital.”

“Wow sounds like that would have been dangerous,” Tonya replied.

“It had its moments,” Roger commented.

“Well I am glad you made it home safely,” Tonya said with a smile. “I would hate to have seen anything bad happen to you,” Tonya added as she placed her hand on Roger’s thigh and softly rubbed it.

“Can I tell you a little secret,” Tonya said with a lustful purr.

“What’s that,” Roger asked.

“I am a sucker for a man in uniform,” Tonya crooned. “They get me all hot and horny!! I bet you are handsome and strapping when you are wearing it.” Then Tonya licked her lips and added “But I would give anything to see how handsome you are out of it,”

Roger had to pinch himself to make sure he heard what he thought he heard. Was his sister’s hot little minx of a roommate making a pass on him? He considered playing it down and trying to change the subject but then something in his mind said “Go for it dude!!”

Roger momentarily debated the issue and decided he would go with it. He then with a half joking and playful tone said “Well I think that can be arranged.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Tonya said with a seductive purr She then added a comment that she figured Roger should hear.

“I hope you don’t my frankness, but when I see something I want, I go for it and don’t give up until I get it, and right now I want you!!”

With that, Tonya slipped out of her tank top revealing her enormous succulent and all natural 34DD breasts.

“You like,” Tonya lustfully crooned as she rubbed her hands over her breasts and jiggled them She then put one breast up to her mouth and licked her nipple.

“Yeah,” Roger gulped barely able to get the words out.

“Wanna see them up close,” Tonya added as she was now on her knees right next to Roger.

“Ah bursa escort bayan sure,” Roger replied still not believing what was happening.

“They are so soft yet firm and they are all natural hon,” Tonya beamed with pride as she jiggled them with her hands “All original equipment here baby. None of those remanufactured parts.”

Tonya put her breasts up to Roger’s lips and invited Roger to suck on them. Roger wasted no time in putting his tongue on Tonya’s nipples and gently running his tongue over them.

“Mmmmmmm” Tonya crooned as she began to get all hot and horny. “You wanna see more of me?”

“Oh yeah,” Roger replied not wasting any time

“Help me slip out of my pants,” Tonya said as she stood up and came in front of Roger.

Roger grabbed the waist band of Tonya’s shorts and since it had no fastener all he had to do was pull them down. This is when Roger found out that Tonya was not wearing any panties.

“So what do you think hon,” Tonya said with a seductive purr “You like?”

“Oh God yeah,” Roger exclaimed

“There does seem to be a little problem though,” Tonya said with a playful pouty tone.

“And what would that be,” Roger replied in an equally playful tone sensing what Tonya was getting at.

“Well it seems to me that one of us is overdressed for the occasion,” Tonya added.

“Hmmmmm that would be a problem now wouldn’t it,” Roger said as he stroked his chin like a deep thinking scholar would when trying to solve a complex problem. “Well now that would have to be rectified wouldn’t it.”

“Yes it would,” Tonya responded.

“Well let’s see now. How would you suggest that we correct problem,” Roger asked playfully.

“Hmmmmm,” Tonya said as she now pretended to be contemplating a solution. “I could tell you how to solve it but I have learned that in solving a problem that it is much easier to show you than tell you the answer. After all they say that hands on learning is far better than just hearing it.”

“Well by all means show me,” Roger replied with a coy smile. “We wouldn’t want to be accused of hindering education now would we?”

Tonya just smiled and with that she began undressing Roger. Tonya first knelt in front of Roger and untied his shoes and pulled them off of his feet then put her hands on his belt and unbuckled it. She then unfastened his jeans and unzipped them as she pulled them off his body and tossed them to the side on the floor .

Next Tonya removed Roger’s briefs pulled them off his body and tossed them onto his jeans. Tonya’s eyes went wide like a child’s on Christmas morning as she saw Roger’s long hard and fully erect 8 inch cock.

Lastly, Tonya helped Roger pull off his shirt and tossed it onto the pile of clothes and then she went to work. Tonya took Roger’s pulsating cock in her hands and spit on it twice to get it nice and wet. She then began gently stroking it as she put her tongue on it and licked around the head.

Tonya then took Roger’s cock in her mouth and went all the way down on it as she began sucking on it and slurping up and down on it like a child would a popsicle.

“Oh God you’re so fucking hard,” Tonya crooned as she continued to suck on it.

Tonya was enjoying sucking on Roger’s cock and was a very skillful little cock gobbler. She bobbed her head up and down on Roger’s cock as she continued to suck on it. She alternated between sucking on Roger’s cock and giving him a hand job.

“Oh,” Roger said as he let out a low guttural moan. He put his hand on Tonya’s head and held it there as she sucked on his cock and deep throated it.

Tonya continued to suck on Roger for about five minutes, enjoying every bit of it. Deep inside, Roger could feel his cock swell with cum and he knew it wasn’t going to be long until he spewed his load.

“Oh fuck baby I’m gonna cum,” Roger said with a low guttural moan.

“Gimmie all of it,” Tonya crooned with pleasure. “I wanna drink it all down.”

Tonya went all the way back down on Roger’s hard tool and just as she did, Roger spunked his manhood down Tonya’s throat. All of Roger’s cum almost made Tonya gag, but she managed to swallow it all.

“Mmmmmmmm babe, you taste so good,” Tonya smiled as she used her tongue to clean Roger’s cock. Once she had cleaned all the cum off the head of Roger’s cock, she sat beside him on the couch and spread her legs.

“Your turn hon,” Tonya purred invitingly. “I want you to eat me out and make me cum in your mouth.”

Roger didn’t waste a moment in getting down to business as he went down on Tonya’s sweet little pussy. He licked her pussy with her tongue and sucked on it with her mouth, focusing on her swollen clit. He also used two fingers to finger fuck her.

“Oh God yes,” Tonya gasped as the first wave of pleasure hit her. “That’s it babe, suck right there,” she panted as Roger hit the target.

Once the true target had been acquired, Roger honed in to it with laser guided precision. Whatever he was doing was what Tonya was wanting because she began escort bursa to wriggle around. Tonya took Roger’s head and held it tight to her pussy then bucked her hips up to fuck his face.

Wave after wave of pleasure crashed through Tonya’s sweet little body as each wave was more intense than the one before. Tonya tried to cry out in pleasure but all she could get out was a gasp of air.

Finally, Tonya’s orgasm reached its zenith and her sweet little body went rigid for a few seconds then relaxed as she came, flooding Roger’s face with her sweet sticky cream. Tonya came so forcefully that she actually ejaculated her sweet honey dew nectar forcefully on to Roger’s face.

Roger had eaten his share of pussy but never been able to make a girl do this. Tonya’s body shuddered as the pleasures swept through her so intensely that it was several minutes before she could be able to utter much more than a sound.

Finally, Tonya’s pleasure slowly began to subside, her body stopped quivering and she was able to get her voice back.

“OH fuck yeah, that’s what I am talking about baby,” Tonya said with a big “shit-eating” grin. I have had my pussy eaten countless times but no guy has been able to make me cream like that,” she added with a lustful purr.

Tonya then got a wicked grin on her face and proclaimed “There is only one other person who has been able to make me do this on a fairly consistent basis and you’ll never guess who that was.”

Roger got an intrigued look on his face and wondered who it could be that Tonya was talking about then he got an idea but immediately dismissed it but was his idea correct? Could it be his sister?

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it might be because Ginny had confessed to him once after she turned 18 that she had fantasized what it would be like to make it with another girl but never really did anything. Could Ginny have had tried it, and was it with Tonya?

“Cat got your tongue baby,” Tonya smiled at Roger’s pensive look.

“Huh, what, oh sorry,” Roger muttered apologetically. “My bad my mind was somewhere else.”

“Well hon, I was asking if you could guess who made me cream the way you just did me,” Tonya repeated.

Tonya could tell Roger probably had a good guess then added “Before I tell you who it is, let me preface it by asking just how well do you know your kid sister?”

Roger knew his hunch was right and it showed. “It’s Ginny isn’t it,” Roger asked hesitantly.

“How did you guess,” Tonya replied smiling. “You know Ginny isn’t the sweet little girl she makes out to be. Underneath that prim and proper exterior lies an insatiable little minx.”

“But enough about her, I wanna feel your hard tool inside of me baby,” Tonya said with a lusty purr.

With that, Tonya straddled Roger sitting on his lap facing him and lowered her sweet tight pussy onto his rigid hard cock.

“Mmmmmmmm baby you’re so big,” Tonya crooned as she slowly began to pump Roger’s cock. Tonya gradually built up speed until she was riding him long and hard.

Roger could feel Tonya’s wet tight pussy around his cock, her sweet sugar walls gripping the sides of his tool and milking it for what it was worth. Tonya’s sweet pussy felt like 1000’s of silky velvety fingers gripping the sides of his manhood.

Tonya embraced Roger and pulled him to her so their warm naked bodies were pressed together. Tonya planted a long wet deep tongue probing tonsil kiss on Roger and Roger reciprocated as their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths.

Tonya felt her orgasm building in her body and her pussy went wet. Roger felt Tonya’s sweet honey dew nectar trickle out around his cock as the juices acted as a lubricant and his cock squished against the sides of Tonya’s hot cunt walls.

“Oh god baby I’m gonna cum,” Tonya lustfully moaned. The next wave of pleasure hit Tonya and she climaxed, flooding Roger’s cock with her sweet sticky cream.

This signaled Roger’s cock to fill with cum and Roger let out a guttural moan. “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum!”

“Gimme all of you baby,” Tonya purred with delight. “I wanna feel your hot jism deep inside me.”

Roger tensed then relaxed as he sent his semen deep inside of Tonya.

“Oh yes baby,” Tonya crooned with delight as Roger’s hot manhood spewed forth inside of her.

Much to Tonya’s surprise and delight, Roger’s load was a big one and he kept shooting his cum inside her for a good 20 seconds.

“Oh yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s,” Tonya purred like a contented kitty. She loved the feeling of a man’s hot load inside of her. “I knew you were hotter out of uniform than in it,” Tonya added. “You up for more baby?”

“As much as you want,” Roger replied.

“Well, let me warn you hon, I am even more of an insatiable little slut than Ginny is, so you best bring your A-game baby,” Tonya proudly proclaimed with glee.”

Tonya stood up, dismounted Roger and took him by the hand and led him to her bedroom.

“Do you like doggie style baby,” Tonya purred as she assumed the position.

“Any way you want it,” Roger said with a smile.

Roger got behind Tonya and slid his still hard tool inside of Tonya’s soaking wet pussy. He began fucking Tonya from behind and soon was pounding her hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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