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Man Day

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I wanted to do something really special for my man one day. He had been working so hard at the office, he was due to have someone let him know just how special he really is. Our daughter was away at my parents for the weekend, which was a rarity. Seemed like as good a time as any to start a new tradition: Man Day.

Sure, he has his Birthday. And, Father’s Day. Those are nice, and he deserves them. But, neither really celebrate HIM. So, I thought up Man Day. That will be a day just for him. From the time he wakes up, to the time we go to bed, it would be all about him. He has always been good about giving me the occasional Ladies Night or Day. If I played it right, I figured, worst case I’d just kiss his ass all day and then have some really good sex later. It turned out to be so much more.

Not having our daughter in the house, we both slept in. It was almost 9:00 am, which neither of us had seen for over four years, before we rustled. Well, actually, he rustled, and almost put it right in my rear end. Sleeping naked, as we almost always do, he had shimmied over into a tight spoon at some point that morning and nestled his cock between my ass cheeks. I awoke to the feeling of his hand on my left breast, pinching my nipple and sending a pleasure wave through my body. It was nice.

Without opening my eyes, I found my breath getting short and I had didn’t even notice I was grinding my ass against his cock. It was subtle, so I think he was wondering if he was getting through to me or not. He was, but he tested me anyway by pulling his hand off my tit and leaning back a bit. I reached around him, grabbed his ass, slightly opened my legs, and in one motion pulled him into me. Already wet from his previous efforts, he slipped right in. I grabbed his hand together we pinched my nipple. His breath was hot along my neck.

He didn’t last long. No more than a few dozen hard pumps, he groaned. Even with the two-minute drill I was getting, I was close to cumming as he pounded his cockhead against my g-spot. He tried to pull out, but I held him close until I finished. He yanked himself out just as he splayed a sticky load all over my inner thigh and cheeks.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Yes, it certainly has started out that way!” I replied, still catching my breath a bit. “I decided last night that today we are going to celebrate ‘Man Day’. Today, all day, it will be all about my man.”

We chatted a bit more about why I was doing what I was doing, and all kinds of other shit, while we just laid there for another 45 minutes with me in his arms. His sticky cock was now sealed against my ass, he slowly rolled my left nipple in his hand while I matched his movements with my right nipple. It might have been the nicest time we have had together in the last decade.

We finally rallied and climbed out of bed. I slipped on a little silky robe while he walked bare-assed down the hall to take a piss. I heard him start the shower while I wandered into the kitchen. As he showered quickly, I rolled a joint and made some coffee. He came out wrapped in a towel and found me sitting on the counter top. My tits were virtually hanging out as I sat with my legs spread open a bit. I lit up the joint and motioned him over. I took a big drag and grabbed him into a deep kiss, blowing the hit into his mouth as he sucked it in.

We shared the joint and sipped coffee on the back deck. It was a beautiful morning, one of those rare New England mornings where it was sunny, close to 70, dry and no bugs. I told him to chill here while I showered up and started breakfast. I needed to wash that dried cum off my ass.

I cooked him a big breakfast: three-egg ham, pepper, & cheese omelet, side of bacon, hash browns, toast, and orange juice. Still wearing my silky robe, I served it to him in his chair on the deck. I hadn’t noticed he had put on some shorts (that I love his sexy ass in) and ditched the robe. We had a nice breakfast, enjoying the weather and the company.

After, we brought the dishes in when I told him to go lay on the couch if he wanted. I assumed he was looking to watch a soccer game, and I was correct. Arsenal was playing host to Manchester United, and this was, for him, the Game of the Year. I cleaned up while he spread himself out on the couch.

As is a typical game for him, I heard squeals of delight inter mingled with curses of displeasure. It was already noon by halftime, so I came in with a couple of our vodka/lemonade drinks and sat next to him. He was in a good enough mood (he better be!) as the day had got off without a hitch and Arsenal led, 2-1.

Deep into the second half, as we moved into our second drink and our second joint, I pulled surprise

for him. I took the drink out of his hand, pulled three ice cubes out with my lips, and unzipped his shorts.

Without saying a word, I took out his cock and pulled it right into my mouth in one motion. He leaned back and moaned, gurgling about the feeling of my warm tongue swirling canlı bahis around with the ice cubes on his head. The cubes soon melted, and I moved in front of him, kneeling down between his legs, and bobbed up and down on his penis.

There he sat, watching his favorite soccer team go ahead of their biggest rivals, as I blew him like there was no tomorrow. I took him as far as I could down my throat (I can’t deep throat), and swirled my tongue around the tip. I squeezed his balls with one hand, I moved the other down between my legs and tickled my clit.

Continuing to give the best head I have ever performed, and had noticed I was fingering my clit so much I was letting out loud groans of pleasure. I finally came, spilling juice over my hand as I heard commotion behind me. Arsenal scored a few minutes after I came, and he unloaded with little warning into my throat. Barely time to react, it was down before I knew, literally, what hit me. I gagged a bit, but I was a trooper and licked the tip clean.

After the game, we grabbed out pool stuff, I slipped into my teeny-tiny bikini, and we moved out by the pool. With nowhere to go that day, we made a pitcher of drinks and rolled a couple of more joints, cranked the tunes, and headed out.

We lathered up with sunscreen, and I took extra time kneading my tits with oil while he watched me. Funny, I love my little bikini but as soon as we laid on the chairs my top was off. We sparked up another joint, each sipped our drinks, then we both slipped on the shades and passed out.

After 30 minutes or so, I unhooked my bottom and slipped it off. I love naked sunbathing. My husband had taken his shorts off, and left them covering just his privates. I called to him…but he didn’t hear me through the music and his daze. I felt horny again. Naked sunbathing always does that.

I moved a hand between my legs, and couldn’t believe how wet I was. First one, then two fingers slipped easily into my pussy. I’d take turns, finger fucking myself for several strokes then taking my fingers out to swirl around my clit. I moved my hand in and out; in and out, getting closer and closer. I reached into our beach bag, slipped out my vibrator, and slipped it into me. I turned it on, and practically yelled out a groan. I sneaked a glance at him, and noticed he was awake, watching me. I pretended not to notice him awake, furiously fucking myself with my favorite pool toy. I came again, squirting come onto my pool towel in a torrent.

I got up, walked to his chair, straddled his chair, removed his sunglasses, and sat down on his face. After all, it much as it was “Man Day”, I needed my pussy eaten and he LOVES to eat my pussy. So, really, this was still all about him, right?

I trapped his head between my thighs and rocked back and forth. Neither had shaved today, so I was careful to keep the friction down while I fucked his tongue, chin, and nose. I drenched his entire face in more of my come as he expertly swirled his tongue around my hole and clit. I finally couldn’t take anymore, spun myself around, slipped a condom over his cock, and sat down on him reverse cowgirl, and leaned forward giving him a good view of my ass cheeks clenching.

I rode him for quite a long while, popping up and down and grinding to and fro. He just laid there, watching my ass and not saying a word. I pulled out my mini-vibe and touched it to my clit. I came for the last time as he dumped a huge load into the rubber. I could feel the membrane stretching inside me.

I climbed off, wiped down his face and cock, and jumped in the pool to wash up. He followed. It was getting late in the day, but we still had some time to lay on the floats before the sun would set. We were both over a half dozen drinks and split four joints, so we were wasted as we floated in the water, drifting in and out of sleep.

We climbed out of the pool and I slipped my bikini back on. While I do love to sunbath naked, I’m not too fond of waltzing around the house with nothing on. We packed up and headed inside. After my husband made us both a big glass of ice water we each downed, he then took the leftover coffee from this morning and starting making some ice coffees. We were both still relatively drunk and spent from the sun, so the coffee gave us both a bit of a jolt. Of course, in an effort to not be parents for the day, he also included a double-shot of Bailey’s in each coffee.

I had earlier marinated some filet mignons for dinner, and also took out some tiger shrimp for some ‘surf-and-turf’ action. I already had a big salad prepared, so my husband lit the grill and started to get it heated up. He changed into those same shorts I love and opened a bottle of wine. I left him to do his grilling while I went to take a shower. We each had a bat hit before departing.

While he cooked the steak and the shrimps, he relaxed on the deck while I cleaned up. Feeling trashed, I took a long shower and let the water run all over myself. So far, it had been a good day. bahis siteleri I was wondering if I had much more left in me, and also how much longer I was going to stay awake. I have a tendency to fall asleep early on these days. I turned the water ice cold for five minutes to give me a jolt. That seemed to have worked.

To that point, we had already had a lot of sex. Tonight, we were going to make love. Both have a place in our relationship. I’m sure you know the feeling…sometimes, you just need to get laid. Others, you want passion, romance, physical caring. Making love. I lathered my legs and shaved them smooth with a new blade. I then turned to my stubbly pussy and shaved that as well. I like a smooth, shaved pussy. The look, the feel of it when either he or I touch it is something I love. In fact, from my eyebrows down I am completely bald. I love the feeling of it. Tonight, I made sure it was a little extra smooth as I carefully unfolded my labia, spread myself wide, and removed any hint of anything that could get in the way of 100% silky smoothness. Just for fun, I slipped a finger in. “Yep, still works,” I chuckled to nobody in particular.

After I was finished, I rinsed off and applied some oil to my skin. I have this particular oil that costs a fortune, but he said just the smell drives him crazy. I put a little extra on and climbed out. After toweling off, I threw on a robe and went and checked on him. He was chilling on the deck, having a glass of wine, and looked like he had got baked again. I saw the bowl next to him, so I came over, leaned in front of him so he could smell the oil and gave him a view as my tits were basically in his face, and gave him a long, tongue-filled kiss. I took a couple of hits off the bowl, sipped his wine, and left him to finish up the steaks while I went to set the table.

He brought the food in from the grill, put it on the counter, and went to take a shower himself. In the meantime, I got dinner all ready and prettied myself up a bit. There is a fine line between looking hot and looking slutty, and I have it mastered. I put on a nice outfit, with a sexy push-up brad and a black top with a couple of buttons unbuttoned. A short skirt that when I sat hiked way up my legs. Let’s put it this way, if I didn’t shave my pussy I’m quite sure a few wisps of hair would peak out. A nice set of heels, some jewelry, and was ready to go. You read that right…no panties.

He showered up rather quickly and came out. I met him at the bathroom door with a long kiss again. This time, I was really testing him to see how well he shaved. And, it was nice. I imagined him face buried between my thighs later. I felt moist again. We sat down to eat dinner.

We had a nice dinner, sitting across from each other and having our second glass of wine. I could see him sneaking a peak at my tits, so I took care to nonchalantly move occasionally to make sure he had a good look. I love to play coy…giving a thrill while acting naive. I enjoy that with all men. My husband says he likes to see others sneaking peaks at me. They get to wish they could fuck me…he gets to fuck me. I get to act hot and get laid. ‘It’s a win-win for everyone’, he says.

After dinner, I let him go to the living room while I picked up. The dishes could wait. It was dark now, and we were both past our previous drunkenness, but still a bit buzzed. I opened another bottle of wine and sat next to him on the couch. He put on the TV, and asked what I wanted to watch. I left it up to him, and I knew where he was going.

“Let’s see if there is a movie on”, he said. I can read him like a book. He spent a few minutes going through our Premium channels, and ended up on one with some Adult Movies. These are more of the soft-porn variety, showing lots of tits and ass and some fake sex scenes, nothing terribly dirty. I’m not into the hardcore porn, but I can deal with this on occasion.

I left to go pee, and slipped out of my outfit, leaving the heels and bra on. Still no panties. I heard some commotion, and didn’t know what it was. Needless to say I was quite embarrassed when I walked down the hall to see my friend Valerie (dressed like she had been out clubbing) talking to my husband. There I was, virtually naked, while Valerie was looking like she was upset. “Ooh, I’m sorry!” she yelled out and began to leave. “No, wait a minute. Just give me a minute”, I said and went back to put a robe on.

I came back out in a minute, and my husband (ever the gracious host) had poured Valerie some of the wine and had sparked a joint up. I sat down next to my husband, with Valerie on the other side of him, and we shared the joint. It turns out Valerie was out with a couple of friends, and found out her best friend had been cheating with her boyfriend. She left in a huff and was driving home past our house when she saw our light on. Knowing we always have pot, she stopped in. She doesn’t smoke a lot, but tonight was one of those nights.

As we got caught up, I hadn’t bahis şirketleri even realized the porn was still playing. Neither of us were paying attention, we were caught up in the conversation and the buzz that was filling our heads. I think my husband was secretly enjoying having two hot, half-naked women on either end as he sat in the middle of our L-shaped couch. ‘I hope he doesn’t get any ideas’, I thought. I had one experience with a woman a year earlier, and while it was incredible, it wasn’t anything I was into. That one time it was an anonymous encounter a half a world away. This was a good friend of mine in my house. ‘Not gonna happen.’

Valerie was pouring her heart out as we continued to rip it up. Finishing that bottle, my husband went to get the Grey Goose out of the freezer and said “I’m doing shots”. I figured he was expecting this night to fall apart, and he may as well get wrecked in the process. “I’m joining you!” she yelled. Well, I wasn’t going to sit idly by while that was going on. He got a bottle from the freezer, three shot glasses, and set them up on the coffee table. With porn in the background, we proceeded to shoot back a few shots apiece. Valerie is a good friend, but I was really feeling horny and kind of wanted her to leave.

Now wasted, I leaned back and realized the porno was still playing. What gave it away was the screen showed two women locked in a lesbian sex scene. I watched the scene in quiet, and hadn’t noticed my right tit was out of my robe and pretty much there for all to see. I looked over at Valerie, about to comment that I was sorry for what was on the television when I noticed she was also sitting back and her legs were spread open slightly. Ever so subtly, she opened her legs more and I found myself looking up her skirt to see if she was wearing any panties. She was, a beautiful pair of pink silky see-throughs with a cute little bow on top. I looked up, and saw she was staring right into my eyes.

Without changing her expression one bit, she opened her legs more to give me a full view. I scratched my thigh, then noticed that I wasn’t scratching so much as lightly rubbing along my legs, feeling their smoothness. Still staring at her crotch, I found myself wondering if she was as clean shaven as I was.

The movie ended, and Valerie abruptly got up to go to the bathroom, and I recovered. I noticed my tit hanging out, and my rock hard nipples pointed skyward. My husband sat there, with a tent in his shorts. Valerie came back in and sat in the chair, which swiveled away from the TV and towards us. Again, she sat with her legs apart and bent on the coffee table, giving us both a view, but only if we were to look. My husband is good at sneaking peaks. Me? Not so much. Again, I found myself staring right at her crotch and noticed her panties were now off. Her pussy was shaved, but she left a landing strip just above. ‘Cute decoration’, I thought. I giggled out loud at the thought.

“It’s hot in here”, Valerie said. “And, I’m drunk. Do you have a T-shirt I can change into? And, I can’t drive…can I crash on your couch?”

“No problem,” both my husband and I said at the same time. I think he more excitedly than I. While I can’t say the thought hadn’t crossed my mind, I still didn’t have any intentions on taking this further than it was. I went to grab a comfy t-shirt and left them both in here.

I returned a minute later to see her shirt completely unbuttoned and she fanned herself with a magazine. I tossed her a T-shirt and said to my husband “Why don’t you get up so I can make up the couch for Valerie to sleep on?” He hesitated, realizing that he had a solid hard-on still going. Valerie noticed his tent, and chuckled “It’s OK, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before!” He got up and tried to move around the table and around me. We bumped, and I fell onto Valerie’s lap. She grabbed me to keep from falling further, and squeezed me tight. I turned to get up, our faces a few inches apart, and I stared into her eyes. I knew, and I think she knew, this was the moment of truth.

She went for it…and I didn’t back down. We locked into a long kiss, running our fingers through each other’s hair. It was passionate…more passionate than any kiss I have ever had. I’m not even sure if I fully realized what was going on, but there I was, leaning over her, kissing her madly. She slipped a hand into my robe and with one motion untied the knot and it fell to the floor. I stood before her, completely naked, and stopped. What was I doing? I couldn’t stop myself for long. I leaned into her again to kiss her and my breasts fell against her hands. She grabbed them both and pinched each nipple, lightly at first. “Tighter”, I moaned. She followed instructions well.

I stood her up and we locked into another embrace. We fell onto the couch next to my husband, who was just sitting there watching the action and not making a sound. We were rolling around and I pulled her shirt off her, then unhooked her bra. Each of her tits fell out. She has beautiful tits. Firm, natural, and perky. I sucked her left breast into my mouth while she rubbed my head with both hands. I held her tightly, still oblivious to my husband, when I felt a hand on my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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