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Meeting for Pics

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Big Tits

As we talked about, you got the hotel room ready for my arrival. After a 12 hour drive, all I want to do is pass out as I spill into the room, the suitcase, laptop camera and camcorder in tow. Most if it winds up on the floor next to the door as I collapse on the bed. It’s hard as nails, but having sat in a car for the past 1000 miles, it’s pretty comfy.

I wake to the phone ringing. My 10 am wake up call. I roll off the bed and head to the shower. 30 minutes later, I begin unloading the hardware. The laptop goes on the table, camcorder tripod off to the side, digital camera next to the bed along with the camcorder. The iPod and speakers go on the other side of the bed. After a bit, it’s all set.

I give you the call. The exact time that we planned. 3 rings on the phone before I hang up.

You’re on your way.

When you arrive, knock once, as we planned. I stand at the door, my heart pounding, my hand shaking with excitement. Digital camera in hand, I stand with the door between us, so that when I open it you cant see me, it looks to you as the door is opening on its own. You step in. From behind I envelop you, my arms wrapping around your body pulling you close to me as the door softly closes behind us. I hold you tightly in my arms, softly laying a few kisses on your cheek and neck while I begin clicking pictures of you. After a moment I release you. Seeming to ignore the camera – as we talked about – you turn to face me – our first look at each other in person. Your hair, soft luscious lips, perfect figure… I’m so glad I came. I take a moment and thank you for agreeing to let me take your pictures before I lean toward you and give you a brief soft kiss on your lips.

I turn back to the door as I ask if you have selected the movie you want to see. You name a couple of titles, and we’re off. I click a few more pictures as we walk to the car. As we drive to the theater you ask how visiting my family went, I ask you about yours. It’s been so long since I’ve heard your voice on the phone that here, in person, I feel almost overwhelmed. Just being in your presence makes my nerves hyper sensitive. My whole body tingles.

Arriving at the theater, my camera comes alive again, clicking pictures of you when ever it can. We go to take our seats just before the film starts. As you turn to sit, your magnificent body in that tight tank your wearing provides the most wonderful image, which my camera gladly records. I put the camera away for the time being and sit next to you.

Through out the movie, we’re holding hands. I honestly cant focus on the movie at all, my eyes glued on you. My fingers begging to touch you, my eyes devouring every inch of you.

As the lights come on and the credits roll, we stand and scuttle out. As we head to the car, you ask where I have decided to take you to dinner. I tell you it’s a surprise as I pull a blind fold out of my pocket. Leading you to the passenger door, I stand behind you and cover your eyes. The blindfold nice and secure, I open the door and help you in, making sure your peasant skirt doesn’t get caught in the door.

As I begin driving, I can feel your excitement. Having studied the directions to the restaurant in detail before coming here, I’m spot on in my turns, barely aware of the street names. When we pull up, I quickly move to open your door and help you out. I lead you into the restaurant and to our table. Having spent so long talking online and the few times on the phone, I’m fairly confident in what you like and don’t like to eat. I place our orders with the waiter at the front of the restaurant, where you can’t hear. After a few minutes they bring the food. Still completely unaware of where we are, I can tell your excitement as the aroma reaches your nose. I get your food ready and feed you some on your fork. A smile spreads across your face as you taste the best chicken parmesan the state has to offer. My camera makes a reappearance as I feed you, taking full advantage of your helplessness.

When we are done eating, I lead you back to the car, still blindfolded. You ask what else I have planned for the evening as I help you back into the canlı bahis car. It’s a surprise I tell you as I close the door.

When we finally arrive at our next destination, I again help you out of the car. After leading you around a bit, you hear a door open. We step in. I lead you to a spot in the room and then stand behind you. I take you into my arms again, holding you tightly, pulling your body close to mine. I pull your hair to one side, exposing your neck, and I begin to softly peck a line of kisses from your ear to your collar, my breath heavy on your skin.

You hear the clicking of my camera as I hold you. I loosen my grip on you as I start to move around, clicking picture after picture. You feel my fingers tug and pull at your clothing, finding a better look, moving your chin slightly left or right, up and down, moving your hands and arms, finding a better pose. You hear the camera go silent for a moment as I shuffle around. Then back to clicking. You feel me pull the bottom of your tank up… inch by inch exposing your midriff, taking pictures along the way. I pull your peasant skirt lower, an inch at a time. You feel my fingertips trace across your skin as I continue taking pictures.

You hear the camera go silent. Your nervousness is apparent as goose bumps cover your arms and belly. I tug your shirt further up, the bottom now just below your breasts. I click a few more pictures before the camera goes silent again. You feel me stand behind you, my arms engulf you again. My hands slide across your soft flat belly as I pull you close. I pull you tight as my hands slide up your body. My fingers slip just under the lip of your tank top, my arms force your arms up. I hear you catch your breath as you realize that I’m pulling your shirt off. You give me no resistance though. Your blind fold stays on as I slip your shirt over your head. I continue holding you for a moment before I start clicking pictures again. You feel the camera aimed directly at your now bare breasts. I release you and you hear me step in front of you. After admiring your incredible body for a moment, then continue taking pictures.

I continue to whisper how beautiful you are as I take your pictures. After a few minutes you hear me curse under my breath. The battery is dead on the camera. But that’s not to bad a thing, the memory card was getting full after taking pictures all afternoon anyway. After disposing of the camera, you feel me stand behind you again. I tug your skirt just a bit lower, well below your hips, but not low enough to risk exposing anything. I pull the hair from your neck. Taking you into my arms, I nuzzle into your collar, peppering your skin with kisses. I trace a trail from your neck to your shoulder, then back, as my arms move from your midriff slowly upwards. You wrap your arms around mine.

Very slowly, very gently, I cup your radiant breasts in my hands. Pulling you tight against my chest I bury my lips into your neck.

I release one of your breasts and reach up. Slowly, I remove your blind fold and you realize for the first time that we are in the hotel room. We have been standing in front of the large mirror at the back of the room next to the bathroom. All the vanity lights are on, illuminating you. Perfect lighting for picture taking. I thank you for the blessing of seeing your exquisite body, even more so for letting me see it almost completely in the nude. You look at us in the mirror, my arms around you, my head resting on your shoulder, your magnificent bare breasts in my hands. I give you a soft kiss on the back of your cheek, just in front of your ear as your eyes meet mine in the mirror. You twist in my arms, turning around. Pressing your breasts flat against my chest, you wrap one arm under mine and behind my back, your other arm reaches up. Your hand cups behind my neck and you pull me forward, our lips meeting. One of my hands finds your cheek as my other wraps to your back.

You break our embrace and push me back a bit. Your eyes dart back and forth across my shirt before you start unbuttoning it quickly, pulling it open and then off. My arms pull your chest to mine as we kiss. My bahis siteleri skin trembles against the touch of your breasts. You step closer to me, almost making me off balance, forcing me to step back or fall over. You finally push me onto the bed, straddling me as we continue to kiss. I feel you grind yourself against my jeans. I pull you down on top of me, pressing your chest flat against mine. You feel my cock growing hard under you. You break our kiss and push yourself up on your hands, giving me a wonderful view of your breasts hanging in front of you. I sit up slightly, reaching with my lips until they engulf one of your nipples. I look up at your face as my mouth makes love to your breast. You look down at me and grasp my head, pushing it deeper into your breast as my hand massages your other breast.

You break free of my grasp and stand in front of me. You slowly begin removing my pants as I watch. As soon as my jeans are past my cock, my boxers stand straight up. You immediately start sucking my cock, right through my silk boxers. My body is trembling so much from everything that I cum within seconds.

Good, I think to myself. We got a quick one out of the way… now I can REALLY enjoy the rest of the evening with you.

You stand back up as I sit up. I pull you close to me as I sit on the edge of the bed. Your breasts right in my face, I start sucking them again, moving back and forth between them. You simply wrap your arms around my head as I relish your bosom.

I stand, my cock still poking out and hard, bouncing up and down as it throbs. I kneel before you, my hands tracing their way down your frame, and coming to a rest at the hem of your skirt. My fingers wrap over the lip of it and I slowly start to slide it down. I take in every inch of your flesh with my eyes as I expose it. Your puss comes into view and I bury my face into your thighs, my nose just touching your outer lips. I can smell your wetness building. My hands slide around the lip of your skirt to your well defined ass. Taking hold of your cheeks, your skirt now falls to the floor.

You are now completely nude in front of me.

I waste no time letting you step back to the bed or lie down. I simply start pushing my face between your legs, my nose and tongue reaching for your warm wetness, inhaling your scent. You fall back to the bed as I pull your lips apart, my tongue burying itself into your flesh. I swirl my tongue around your puss, touching every inch until I find just the right spots, the ones that take your breath away. My lips pucker around your clit, drawing it out from under its hood, sucking it deep into my mouth. I swirl my moist tongue around it, flicking it, pinching it with my lips before I let it pop back out of my mouth. You feel my fingers push against your flesh, spreading you open before they pop into you. The tips of my fingers rub inside you, looking for that one sensitive spot as I continue to taunt your torrid clit. Rubbing the pads of my fingers upwards inside your warmth, I find it. With a steady pace, I begin to rub it, my mouth attacking your clit, my fingers attacking your pussy. And you are absolutely soaking wet.

After a few moments, you ask me, Do you want to be inside me?

Continuing to eat you out, you hear a muffled *fuck yeah*.

You make no move to stop me.

I make no move to stop.

I am so enthralled, tasting you, smelling you, making your clit swell, loving every moan chirp, squeal, …. every sound that you make, that I just keep licking and sucking your clit and fingering your spot. Your thighs start to tighten and your hips bend forward as your pressure builds. Suddenly you let out a deep, quick moan as your puss explodes to my touch. Its as if a water balloon has exploded. I keep licking and sucking you feverishly as you cum, prolonging your orgasm. Even after you’ve stopped my tongue darts across your clit.

Your voice sporadic and panting, you call me.

I stop eating you as you sit up. Pulling off my soaked silk boxers as I stand, my cock springing forth just inches from your face. You lean forward, your lips sucking the head of my cock straight into bahis şirketleri your mouth. You finally taste the cum from the prior time you sucked on my cock. Quickly, I pull out of your mouth. I lean forward and start kissing you deeply on the lips, taking one of your breasts in my hand as the other braces on the bed, letting us down gently. You lift your legs, wrapping them around my waist as you lie on the edge of the bed. My cock presses flat against your puss as I kiss you. I roll my hips back and forth a bit, sliding my cock over your clit.

I whisper a question, do you want me to wear a condom?

You say if I pull out, then you don’t care.

I rear back and plunge deep into you. It’s just a few pumps before I have my rhythm… a constant steady plunge in and out of your tight, hot, and very wet pussy. I lie down flat on your breasts as we kiss. My cock hammers its way into you as I massage your breasts in my hand and nuzzle your neck, gently biting from time to time.

In no time, you feel yourself building again, you legs tighten around my hips as slip in and out of you. Then I reach under you, lacing my arms under your back. In one quick move, I lift you off the bed. My cock still inside you, I turn us, and take a few steps, planting you against the wall. With your legs tightly around me, your arms around my neck, I press my chest against your lovely breasts and wrap my hands around your ass as we lock our lips, and with a quick, unrelenting pace, I start fucking you against the wall.

Again, your body just seems to pop, your limbs going limp, your legs shuddering as you cum with my cock buried inside you. I keep pounding myself into you as you convulse, your nails digging into my back. You let out a sharp yelp as you feel wave after wave flow through your body. As you simmer down, I press flat against you, holding you up against the wall kissing you, as your legs and arms hang limp. I loosen my grip on you, letting you slide a bit down the wall so you can try to stand on your own legs… and you almost collapse. I stand to the side and you kind of slump onto the bed rather than walk over to it and sit.

You sit on the edge of the bed for a minute, catching your breath. I sit beside you, caressing your neck, sliding my hand up and down your back, nibbling on your ear. In an instant, your energy is back. You push me down on the bed as you swing your leg over me. You take my hard cock in your hand and position it before plunging down on it.

With your gorgeous body filling my view, you bob a few times up and down my shaft before you start whipping your hips forward. The head of my cock slams against your spot as your clit rubs across my pelvis. Your pussy is blazing hot as it tightens around my cock. You keep thrusting your hips forward as I moan beneath you.

Your incredible body…

My cock in your pussy…

The sounds you make as you ride me….

I cant take any more…

I’m about to cum, I warn.

You keep riding me, but you slow, a slow methodical thrust forward with your hips as I build …

If you don’t want me to cum inside you, you need to get off now, I tell you.

A warm but mischievous smile forms on your lips as you continue to slowly thrust my cock around inside your pussy.

My whole body tenses … and I explode. Tremors run through my body as I begin to cum inside you. Your mischievous grin turns into a broad smile as you continue to pound me around your puss. Its as if my whole body is a cannon launching my sperm into you.

Without warning, my hands launch up, one grabbing you by the back of the head, the other wrapping around your back. Your hips stop moving as I tug you down onto me. Immediately our lips lock in a furious, passionate kiss. Not missing a beat I move my hips up and down rapidly, pumping my cock inside you, cum still flowing from me. In mere moments, we’re both almost screaming in pleasure as we erupt together, cumming one final time.

After we catch our breath, I reach for the night stand. On it is a remote control. I point the remote over to the corner where the tripod is. You look and see the camcorder. I push a button, the red light goes out. I give you my own mischievous grin as I reach for the top of the bed. I shuffle us more on the bed as I pull the sheets over us, my cock still buried in your dripping pussy.

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