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Mouse Bk. 04 Ch. 03

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Melanie waited anxiously for Mouse to arrive.

Anxious wasn’t the right word. Eager wasn’t right, either, but there was some sense of anticipation. This was something she wanted very much to do, but also something she wanted to have over and done. She wanted to get through this as quickly as possible, preferably without her tramp of a little sister talking her into any more craziness.

She’d made her mind up about that, at least. She wasn’t going to touch a drop of alcohol, and she wasn’t going to entertain any of Mouse’s crazy ideas for even a moment. Obviously, Melanie admitted to herself, she had a lot of pent up frustration, and a lot of hidden desires she had less control over than she thought. The best way to regain control was to cut it off early, before the temptations could grow.

Mona had one purpose here, and one only. To teach her big sister Melanie how to suck cock like a champion. Which, Melanie had to admit, Mona appeared to be. A world cock sucking champion. The girl was good with her mouth at a lot of things.

Melanie heard a car door close, a muffled noise that startled her none the less. She’d left the front door open, so that Mouse could let herself in. She had nothing to do but sit, and wait, and fret.

“In here,” Melanie yelled from the kitchen, trying to sound more cheerful and less tense than she felt.

Mouse flew into the room like a breeze, carrying a shopping bag. Energy always followed Mouse into a room like a pack of wolves following the alpha male.

“Sorry I’m late,” she apologized needlessly. “I stopped by the grocery store for some important props.”

She emptied a wide selection of cucumbers from the bag onto the table. They came in varying sizes and shapes, along with one large, orange cucumber shaped gourd, with hard, bumpy warts all over it. Melanie eyed the collection, and in particular the gourd, warily. Several of them were way too big to even consider. They looked like they’d hurt, no matter where you put them. They certainly weren’t meant to be swallowed without being cut up and chewed, first.

Mouse was smiling at her politely, as if it were possible to smile politely about an upcoming cock sucking lesson. She was just a work of art, Melanie thought.

She couldn’t wait to one up her, though. This was going to be fun. Without getting up, without breaking eye contact, Melanie reached under the table to lift up a shopping bag of her own, one of the heavy duty kind from an expensive clothing store, with a cord handle and large black and white photos of half naked, well toned models on the sides for decoration.

It was a very chic, almost wicked place to keep her collection. She placed it on the table in front of her.

“What’s that?” Mouse asked, confounded and openly curious.

Melanie tipped it over, spilling some, but not all, of the contents. Mona gawked at the wide array of dildos displayed before her. She looked wide eyed from the toys on the table, to Melanie, and back again.

“Don’t tell me these are yours,” Mouse said incredulously.

“They better not be Jenn’s,” Melanie joked, allowing herself a wry smile. “Well, actually maybe I’d rather she used these than the real thing, until she’s older.”

They both laughed.

When Melanie showed no sign of explaining without a question, Mouse asked it.


Melanie wanted to tell her. She was glad she’d asked. She wanted to talk about it to someone, and Mona seemed perfect. But it was still hard.

“Dan, um, usually finishes before I do. A counselor suggested it. This way he can make sure we continue until I’m satisfied, too. Although, to be honest, as often as not I continue by myself, while he either watches or falls asleep. Which is fine with me, anyway, because he’s a bit clumsy, if you get my drift. It’s much more pleasurable when I do it.”

“When you’re in control, you mean,” Mona observed dryly.

“And these?” Mouse asked, lifting one pair of silver handcuffs from amidst the pile of colored plastic.

Melanie grinned.

“Oh. How did those get it in there? They belong in the other bag.” Melanie kept her tone playful, not even pretending that it was really an accident. She had needed to one up Mouse again, to hint to her that there was a side to Melanie that Mouse still hadn’t seen.

Mouse raised a silent, inquiring eyebrow.

“Well, Dan and I have enjoyed things like those since before we were married. Not much lately, though.”

“Hm. I don’t have to guess who wears them, and who’s in control.”

Melanie glared at her, before dropping her gaze and issuing a sigh of surrender.

“Yes, I suppose you’re right. But he is rather hopeless with these,” Melanie said, picking up an otherwise smooth, hot pink plastic affair with spiraling rings of small bumps around it.

“How hard can it be?” Mouse asked.

Melanie just looked at her. Hard enough, was the unspoken answer in her expression.

“Okay, sorry. We’ll just move on, shall we? Let’s see…”

And so the lesson kağıthane escort began.

* * *

“Man, you’re persistent, aren’t you? Well, that’s a good trait for a…” Mouse paused to find the best word.

“Whore? Cock sucker? Tart?” Melanie offered, after first withdrawing the dildo from her mouth.

It was a fairly large affair, almost as wide around as her brother Michael. She actually didn’t have anything in her collection that matched him. Size like that had never appealed to her before. In plastic, it looked like it would hurt. Real life, real flesh, appeared to be a different story. Mona’s expression may have looked like she was in agony as she took him inside her, but Melanie knew the actual sensation was very, very much the opposite.

The images and memories of that evening flooded back. Melanie had to mentally shake them off, to get her mind back on her project. So far, it had been going well. It wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as Mel had thought it would be. It was actually rather entertaining.

Mouse had made fun of the fact that the plastic for the largest dildo she owned was also black. She’d asked if that represented another hidden fantasy of Melanie’s. Melanie had smiled enigmatically, leaving Mona to decide if she was hiding the fact that it really was, or hiding the fact that it simply wasn’t.

It was. Melanie had a lot of fantasies, as well as past experiences. But she kept them all to herself, and usually bottled up. Unlike Mona, she didn’t act on them. Anymore. With anyone other than Dan. At least, not until the last few days. Because of Mona-Mouse.

This was different, however. There was a point, an important one, to this lesson. Learning to suck cock, to suck cock properly, was part of improving her marriage, maybe saving it. It was also part of catching up to Mona. She hated the thought that her baby sister was better than her at something. Especially when she tended to think of herself as a woman, and Mouse as a little girl.

“‘Whore suits me just fine,” Mouse was saying, as if to say that it not only suited her, but she was proud of it. Melanie jerked her thoughts back to their conversation.

“I like slut better, for myself. Whore sounds too professional. Like you don’t enjoy it.”

Melanie was surprised to find that she enjoyed this kind of tasteless banter with her little sister. She hadn’t been able to do anything like it for years, really not since her college days. It made her feel younger.

“Yeah, I think slut works for you,” Mouse answered without smiling.

Melanie glared at her.

“Okay, Professor Whore,” Melanie said, “what’s next?”

“Well, slut, now we see if you can handle ‘Michael’,” Mouse said, picking up a cucumber slightly thicker than the black plastic dick in Melanie’s hand. “If you can hold this, ‘Michael’, for 3 seconds then you’re on your way. 30 seconds will come easily after that, with a little practice.” Mouse paused to look at her. “On this or something like it,” she added pointedly.

Melanie knew that what she meant by that was “but not on Michael, because he’s mine,” which was fine. Melanie had absolutely no intentions whatsoever of sucking her brother’s cock. She was already unsettled just by having Mouse name the cucumber Michael.

It was going to take a small act of will to put it in her mouth now. It was a nice fantasy, and she’d indulge it with her husband, albeit without his knowledge, and when she’d gotten herself properly worked up. But it was going to remain a fantasy. Even thinking about it made her uncomfortable. Mouse could have him.

Melanie mentally slapped herself for thinking that, too, that Mouse could have him. No, Mouse could indulge herself, for a while. They could play like adolescents until they outgrew this twisted game of incest, hopefully before it ruined both of their lives. Incest.

Incest, she thought again, as if memorizing the word, trying to impress it on the memory of their affair. If she were given a test, and the word “incest” were on the page, her instant response would be “Mouse and Michael”.

It was incest, and she had to help them stop. A little bit of steering and subtle intervention should help, Melanie thought. But later. First things first. She once again forced her attentions back to the task at hand, back to Mouse’s lessons.

She lifted the cucumber, eyeing it warily. With the name Michael still rattling around in her head, and the word “incest” rattling around beside it, Melanie had to close her eyes before moving the cucumber to her mouth. That turned out to be worse, as in her mind the cucumber instantly became her brother’s cock. She snapped her eyes open, took a moment to compose herself, then slipped the cucumber in, slowly, being careful to always widen her mouth enough to keep her teeth from scraping the vegetable’s skin.

The sensation in her throat, the feeling that she needed to gag and cough it up, barely hit her this time. It only took self-control. That was Melanie’s kartal escort specialty. She easily relaxed enough to let the cucumber slide in further, and further still. Once it passed a certain point, it didn’t matter. The trick was out of the bag, she thought.

No wonder Mouse could do it so easily. Once you got it down, you could handle just about anything. She felt like she could hold it in her throat for hours. She just had to breath through her nose, stay calm, and keep it away from the roof of her mouth. That triggered a gag reflex she couldn’t stop.

Dan was going to have quite a night, tonight, she thought. Although Melanie was going to have a hard time explaining how she’d learned it.

Melanie closed her eyes as she held it. it quickly transformed into Michael’s cock again, in her mind, but she didn’t fight it this time. She allowed herself to enjoy the fantasy, now looking forward to thinking the same thing with Dan’s real dick in her mouth. They were both going to enjoy this tonight, she realized.

She opened her eyes to look down the length of her nose at the cucumber as she drew it slowly out. She felt like a sword swallower, watching inch after inch after inch sliding out of her mouth, like a magician’s unending handkerchief, as if it were never going to end.

It did seem awfully wide, as well as long. She was stunned that her lips had stretched enough to get around it. She had no idea how Mouse’s tiny mouth did it, too. Women were amazing, she decided. Men were damn lucky to have them.

“Well, done, Melanie! I’m impressed,” Mouse declared. “You’re ready for your final lab.”

“Final lab?” Melanie asked curiously. “Then what was all this?”

“Oh, this was just prep work. You need to do something a little more… involved next,” she answered cagily.

“Which would be?” Melanie asked, raising an eyebrow, and sensing that she wasn’t going to like the answer. She sat up straighter, to look down the bridge of her nose at Mouse.

“You’re not going to like it.”

“Surprise me.” Melanie’s tone was dry and scornful, as if an actual surprise was the last thing she wanted to hear.

“Um. Sure you don’t want a drink?”

“Out with it, Mouse.” Melanie had been here enough in the last few days to know that the last thing she would accept now was a drink.

“I, ah…” Mouse still hesitated.

Melanie continued to stare her down, unflinching.

“I want you to watch me go down on Michael again,” Mouse blurted out finally.

“No!” Melanie shouted, before she’d finished the sentence. “Absolutely not. No way. I never, ever, should have done that to begin with. You’re a complete loon, do you know that? You really think…”

It was Mouse’s turn to interrupt.

“Mel, wait, listen, just listen.”

Melanie didn’t want to listen. She didn’t want to give Mona anymore chances. But she was losing her temper, so she quieted herself anyway. Not to give Mona any chance to talk, just to give herself time to think, to decide how far she wanted to take this, and what she was going to say to kill it.

“Michael’s been a wreck with all of this,” Mouse started.

That got Melanie’s attention. Mouse deserved what she got, but Michael didn’t. It wasn’t that he was guiltless, but Melanie was sure that Mouse was mostly to blame for all of this. Michael was just vulnerable, and sensitive, and lonely. She should have found more time for him herself, Melanie thought guiltily. If she’d been more of a real big sister to him, when he’d needed her, then maybe he wouldn’t have fallen into this trap.

“Go on,” Melanie prompted.

“He’s uneasy, he’s not sleeping. He thinks you hate him,” Mouse began.

“I don’t hate him. I should talk to him…” This was very unsettling. Melanie was mortified that Michael was afraid of her. Of her, when Mouse was using him.

“No, no, Mel, that’s not good enough. You know Michael. He’ll quietly listen to what you have to say, let you dominate the conversation, agree with you, do whatever it takes to get through it. And then he’ll walk away feeling the same as he did coming in, or maybe worse. He’ll misinterpret what you say, or what he thinks you mean, and it will just get worse. Michael’s not a talker, most men aren’t, they’re doers.”

“So your answer is to give him a blow job in front of me,” Melanie said sarcastically.

“In a word, yes,” Mona answered, missing or dodging the sarcasm. “With him knowing that you’re there, and knowing that you app…”

“Approve? I didn’t say I approve…” Melanie interrupted again.

“You kind of did,” Mouse countered, halting her complaint in mid-sentence. “Look, I don’t want to go over that again, but we both agreed that this hasn’t been that bad for us, and in some ways I think it’s turning out well for you, too.”

Melanie rolled her eyes while exhaling loudly in frustration, partly to imply that it wasn’t true, and partly to mask the fact that it was true.

“Because I got an orgasm from my little sister?” she küçükçekmece escort asked, looking as if she’d swallowed a mouthful of sour milk.

“That’s not how you saw it yesterday,” Mouse said, meeting her eye to eye, unblinking.

Melanie tried to stare her down. Eventually she backed off, dropping her eyes to study her own hands on the table, amidst the array of dildos, cucumbers, and one large, orange, wart-covered gourd.

“Okay, yes, you’re right, I enjoyed it,” she admitted finally. “It was good, yes, and so far the improvement in my sex life, and my view of life, is good, too.”

She paused before admitting to the hardest part.

“And I think it may help my marriage. Maybe save it,” she finished, finally looking up at Mouse. She could feel the weakness in her own expression. She’d opened up now more than she had in years. She was laying it out there, to see what Mona would do. To see if Mona would help.

It was Mouse’s turn to cock an eyebrow at Melanie.

“You didn’t hear me say that,” Melanie said hastily, regretting her sudden candor.

“Things aren’t as great as you make them sound?” Mouse asked, not unkindly.

“Let’s just say things are pretty boring. And with Ricky almost out of school, the kids won’t be there to force us to stay together. It’s not that bad, we don’t fight much, but since Michael’s divorce I’ve been getting nervous. I’m afraid Dan is bored, that we’re both bored. Every day is just routine.

“I don’t know what I want, but I’m afraid of having Dan take the choice away from me,” Melanie concluded, dropping her eyes back to the table.

“So,” Mouse concluded, “becoming a super slut, learning to suck cock, and improving your sex lives may actually be a way to being happier? To a happier marriage, and a more balanced approach to life?”

Melanie eyed her again. She hated it when her little sister was right. Especially when she was flip, sarcastic, and right all at the same time. Especially this time, this week. She’d gone from criticizing the little brat for messing up Michael’s head, to supporting her incestuous affair, then having a tryst of her own, and now learning to suck cock with dildos and cucumbers on the kitchen table. Her whole family was sick and twisted, she decided. They all needed counseling.

Except she and Dan had already been there, and it had turned out that it wasn’t enough.

“So you want me to do exactly what?” Melanie asked in resignation.

“I want you to come over tonight, have a few drinks.” Mouse paused to let the idea settle in, as Melanie glowered. “Just a few, just to relax, nothing more. I don’t want to cart you home again. Dan will never let you out with me if I do,” she added with a small smile.

“Just have a few, sit in a chair, and watch us. Michael will be nervous as all hell, so you have to put him at ease. You don’t have to say anything, I’ll do all the talking, before and after. Just sit, relax, don’t scowl, don’t judge, just watch. Enjoy it, if you can. I think you will…”

Mouse paused while Melanie redoubled her glare.

“Just, just do whatever, but watch. You really will learn something, but more importantly Michael will really, totally know that you accept our affair, and you don’t hate him or think any less of him.”

Melanie held Mouse’s eye for as long as she could, trying to make her uncomfortable. The little brat held it too, longer than Melanie could, this time. The problem was, Melanie realized, that somehow she wanted to do it, too, more than she’d admit. She had this undeniable, frightening urge to watch Mouse and Michael together. It was disturbing.

She finally looked away, down at the orange gourd. She ran a finger along the warts, measuring their size by the feel of them against her skin.

“I don’t completely accept it, but I certainly don’t think any less of him,” she replied.

“Okay, you win,” Melanie said. “Now what’s this orange monstrosity for?”

Melanie came into the darkened room with her eyes downcast, trying feverishly not to look at anything. She could see Michael’s naked form sprawled on the bed, out of the corner of her eye. The realization made her tense further, but her attention was immediately, instinctively and embarrassingly drawn to his cock. It was still soft and lifeless, and hard to see in the dark, thank goodness.

There was soft music playing. The shades were drawn. All the lights in the house were out, so there was hardly any light at all. She knew there was a chair in the corner, set up ahead of time for her beside a small night stand with a bottle of scotch, a bucket of ice, and a glass, already filled.

She felt her way into the chair, found the glass, and immediately swallowed half of it.

Easy, Melanie thought to herself. Sooth the nerves, yes, but don’t make a bad situation worse. Not like the other two times. She took another sip before setting the glass down, to avoid succumbing to the urge to sip and sip again.

She could hear Michael breathing unevenly. Her presence had obviously flustered him, too. The music was a soft, slow, classical selection. It helped to ease her nerves, while masking her presence. She hoped it helped Michael, too. She couldn’t believe she was going through with this. Again. And that this time, her little brother knew she was watching.

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