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New Swingers on the Circuit Pt. 03 – Helen , Zoe

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Mark arrived home and as usual, immediately went upstairs to have a shower cleaning the grime of the day from him and to change into casual clothing for the evening. He didn’t get as far as the shower.

His face was a look of stunned amazement at the sight that met his eyes.

I was stood in the middle of the bedroom, wearing one of my shortest skirts, one that Mark loves saying he loves all the looks it attracts from both men and women whenever I walk into a room wearing it.

It is burnt orange with teal swirls, tight over my belly, hugging my hips and then flaring out to sway and flounce whenever I move. It is actually longer than it looks, but that just makes it even sexier to wear.

A diaphanous gossamer thin white blouse the top three buttons were undone to show off more than a hint of cleavage, but the thinness of the material revealed I wasn’t wearing a bra, my figure highlighted by the sun streaming into the bedroom from the window behind me. A pair of skimpy panties matched the colour of my shirt.

The final touch was a pair of six inched, killer, I’m a slut, fuck me, heels.

“What the f…” was all Mark could utter before I pulled him to me, crushing his body against mine and kissed him, tongue forcing its way between his lips. Enjoying the salty taste of the day on his lips. The subtle lemon scent of his Channel aftershave wafting over me.

I ripped his shirt off him, the buttons pinging everywhere, as I kissed my way down his torso, teeth nipping him, my hands reached out, undid his pants and pushed them and his briefs down his toned and strong thighs. Mark just had time to kick his way out of them as my face arrived at his groin. His cock had sprung loose and almost slapped me in the face.

Not wasting a moment and looking him deep into the eyes I opened my mouth and slid his cock into my mouth, taking him as deep as I could, right to the back of my throat. I sucked on him for a while, bobbing my head up and down on his shaft, coating it with saliva.

Changing tack for a while I licked up and down his shaft, then sucked one then the other of his balls into my mouth, sucking on them rolling them in my mouth, Mark groaning in delight.

I went back to sucking on him, this time taking him deep throat, holding him all the way down my throat, taking as much of his cock down my throat as I could, bracing myself I held him there as long as I could, stifling the gag reflex. I held him deep counting off the seconds until I got to about twelve then I had to release him, not out of my mouth, just backing him out of my throat for a second or two. There is a video of a cute young Russian girl doing this and she gets to thirty seconds before she has to stop. I wish I could get that good.

After I recovered I sucked Mark deep throat again, and again held onto him for as long as I could, I could feel his cock throbbing and twitching as I moved my tongue on him.

Unable to take any more deep throat action I eased Mark back and built to the inevitable ending. I rolled my tongue around and around his head, teasing the glans, flicking at the underside with my tongue, then forcing it into his little eye as his pre-cum started to leak from it.

I love sucking cock, especially Marks, but I’m still not overly keen on him cumming in my mouth, but I am getting used to it and beginning to enjoy it more and more, especially as I know he gets so much pleasure from it and he says it is the most loving thing I can do for him. I know I’ll have to do more and more of it if we’re going to continue on the swinging scene, and I want to.

I was ready and eager for him to cum in my mouth, not as pleasure for me, but for him, this was penance for me, a pleasant penance but a penance still the less, not that he knew then. The reason why would become obvious to him shortly.

Mark sensed that I wouldn’t stop him from cumming in my mouth, filling it, and I would willingly swallow every drop. He visibly relaxed, able to fully enjoy what was to come.

All the time I was maintaining eye contact him, trying to impart to him with my look the true and deep love I had for him, even as I acted like a slut.

I started to move my head up and down his shaft quicker now, tongue stimulating and rubbing on his shaft as my lips kept a seal on it as I sucked my cheeks in. Mark was building to his orgasm, his breath had shortened his body was quivering, his legs beginning to tremble, his bum clenching beneath my hands as I held him onto me.

“Oh fuck,” he whispered as the first massive globule of hot, salty, tangy, slimy cum shot out of his cock and hit the back of my throat, sliding down and around it coating my whole mouth with his first explosion. An explosion that was soon followed by more and more, each one diminishing in volume as his balls emptied in my mouth.

I locked my lips on his shaft as he continued to fill my mouth with his cum, I thought he would never end he was cumming that hard, enjoying the sensation as my mouth and tongue worked on him, the pleasure even better for him as he knew istanbul escort I was doing it unbidden and willingly. And the look of love that must surely be showing in my eyes.

I swallowed every drop, letting Mark know I was savouring and enjoying the sensation and conveying that this was for him, and my love for him. Eyes locked on his.

As he finally finished and his body was shuddering and collapsing on top of me, I slipped him out of my mouth, “Wow, Helen, that was…” I stopped him saying anymore as I kissed him deeply.

“Mark, I’ve a confession to make. I’ve cheated on you.” Shattering the moment but I had to confess to him and fast.

The look of hurt and pain that washed over his face was heart-breaking. “Mark, it’s not that bad, believe me, please let me explain,” I begged as I hugged him to me as he tried to break away, betrayal etched on his face.

Still trying to break away he relented slightly as I continued, voice barely a whisper as I confessed my sins to him.

“When we started this swopping thing we promised that we wouldn’t go with anyone on our own, well I’ve broken that promise.” Even more hurt and shock washed over his face. “Mark, believe me, it’s not what you think. I’ve spent the afternoon, no most of the day in bed with someone. Mark, I’ve had my first full lesbian encounter, and it was with Zoe.”

I don’t think Mark could have been more shocked if I’d admitted gangbanging the entire rugby club.”

“What, you and Zoe? But neither of you are into girls, well not fully,” he finally manages to stammer.

“That’s why I couldn’t tell you. Neither of us knew how it would turn out, how we would react. It had to be between the two of us, just the two of us. We knew we wanted to try it with each other from that first kiss we had when we swopped. Mark, it had to be just me and Zoe. Simon doesn’t know about it either.”

“You little bitch, you cheating little bitch,” gasped Mark, hurting me with his cruel words. “You knew I wanted to watch, you knew I’d have loved to watch you and Zoe together, and so would Simon. You pair of scheming bitches. And you thought that a blowjob would get you off the hook? What’s Simon getting from Zoe”

“I think he’ll probably be fucking her arse right about now, apparently that’s his favourite perversion,” I giggled.

“I can understand why she is niiice and tight there.”

At that comment I playfully gave him a slap across the face, knowing I was forgiven and no harm was done.

“Mark, believe me, I will never, ever, go with anyone without you knowing and agreeing to it. This was a one-off special thing and you know why. Anyway, you can still watch. We videoed the action as best we could.”

At that I switched on the DVD player and the opening shot was of Zoe dropping her dress and beckoning me towards her. Mark enjoyed the video that he watched, even though at times it was out of focus or not centred fully on the action. But let me say that not all that went on that day was captured on video.


After our get, together with our husbands, I had not heard from Zoe, despite her seeming desperation of wanting to get together as a pair, just the two of us, two girls wanting to explore more.

I’d been apprehensive to call Zoe, not sure if she had meant what she had said, or now, in the cold light of day, lust and passion diminished, she had changed her mind or got cold feet. Writing it off, I’d resigned myself to never finding out how we would have been together, whether I would have enjoyed a full lesbian experience.

“Hi Helen, it’s Zoe. Look I’m sorry I’ve not called before, my mind was in a mess, plus a few other things going on,” Zoe was gabbling down the phone.

“Hi, it’s fine,” I lied, whispering into my phone, “are you ok, what do you want?” Trying to keep my composure, but stomach fluttering with fear and anticipation.

“I’m not sure how to put this, but when we were together, we sort of…” long hesitation then she blurted out, “when we were together we both said we wanted to get together as a pair, on our own, explore things, go all the way. Did you mean it, do you, will you?”

I took a while before I answered her, building the tension, making her wait, but in my own mind, I already knew what my answer would be. “Yes, when, where?”

“Oh thank God, I thought you may have had second thoughts.”

“No, never, I just thought you had.”

“Can you make tomorrow, say about 10.00 at mine, then we’ll have all day, take a taxi, then you can a few glasses of wine, get you relaxed.” Zoe had lightened up and the last was said in a girlish giggle.

“I don’t want to be relaxed,” I teased her, “I want to be excited and ready.”

“Oh God, don’t tease me.”

“Zoe, the salon is packed again, I’ve got to go, I’ll see you tomorrow. I want you.” I purred the last three words with as much sexual longing and meaning I could put in my voice and with that rang off.

Zoe answered the door so quickly she must have been waiting for avcılar escort the bell to ring. As she saw me she stepped back into the hallway and making sure I was following made her way into the lounge, where a bottle of champagne was already opened and waiting in an ice bucket.

The sight of her had taken my breath away, she was wearing a floor-length, floating day dress/kaftan/housecoat in cerise silk with pale pink flashes on it. It wafted when she moved, at times seeming to cling to her body, revealing every curve and hollow, at others falling in a soft elegant drape over her. It was exquisitely cut and obviously very expensive, but hey Simon is a top surgeon and they live in Bramhall so he can afford it.

Her hair was in its usual pixie cut, but she had had a colour change, now she was a violent shocking pink that suited both the cut of her hair and her to perfection, particularly emphasising her sapphire blue eyes that seemed to be sparkling in anticipation. She’d obviously had it cut and coloured but I hadn’t done it, but from the style of the work, I knew who had.

“You’ve been to see Troy,” I pouted, “I thought I was the only one you trusted.”

“Couldn’t let you see it before, anyway Troy is nearly as good as you.”

Zoe gave me a glass of champagne and we silently toasted each other, sexual tension in the air but neither of us knowing what to do, who should make the first move. Both in one way virgins!

We chatted for a while, studiously avoiding the main conversation and reason we were there, allowing the champagne to relax us, but the more we waited the more I felt the tension growing in me.

I could see Zoe was nervous and shaking slightly, so decided I would get things going before I lost my nerve and backed out. I’d never dreamed I would have a lesbian encounter, or that I would make the first move, but I did.

I leaned in towards Zoe and brushed my lips across hers, exactly like our first kiss, but this time with so much more implicit meaning. A jolt of electricity seemed to shoot through my body at the first contact of our lips, the taste of champagne both sticky and sweet on Zoe’s lips.

Zoe’s hand had slipped around the back of my neck and was holding my face close to her as she kissed me with passion and longing, tongue forcing its way past my teeth, demanding and dominating as at last she found mine and swirled hers around it. I never knew a kiss could carry such meaning and herald such delights. Not wanting to be dominated I kissed her back with equal passion.

Hands had started to get involved now, unashamedly running over each other’s bodies, exploring and demanding at the same time, cupping breasts and kneading bums, but so far both of us shy of making a move towards the others pussy.

Eventually breaking the kiss Zoe pulled away, saying, “Let’s go to the bedroom, I don’t want our first time on the floor.”

I followed her as she took me by the hand, hers soft and small in mine, and lead me up the stairs and into hers and Simons bedroom.

I gasped as I saw it, especially the video camera that was set up.

“No way am I going on film, what’s going on here Zoe?” I blurted out, alarm in my voice as I pulled away from her.

“Helen, wait, please, let me explain,” I waited for her to continue, curious to hear her explanation. “Helen, you know the guys would have loved to see us together, well I hoped that if we videoed what we are doing they could at least get some idea. Not as good as being in the same room, but as a treat to them. Helen, if you’re not happy filming it for just Mark and Simon, then we won’t.”

I took a while to let her words sink in and decide what I wanted, then a grin crept over my face, “You, sexy, tormenting, devious, evil, little minx. You know how mad it will make them, they’ll go mad with lust. Let’s do it, but only for us four, nobody else can get to know. I’m not planning a career change into porno.”

With my agreement, Zoe hit the remote control, reached behind her, released the clasp of her dress and pouting and beckoning to me let the dress drop to the floor. Zoe’s exquisite elfin body was hidden from view as I moved forward filling the screen, swept her into my arms and kissed her time and time again, lips roaming over every inch of her perfect little body.

I started by kissing her lips but soon changed to running my tongue up and down the curve of her neck and along her shoulders, Zoe was moaning and muttering words of encouragement to me.

I licked along her collar bone and moved lower until I could take one small dark nipple into my mouth, rolling my tongue round and round it, then sucking it deep into my mouth, taking her breast with it. My hands were kneading and playing with one boob, as my mouth feasted on the other.

Zoë’s hands had entwined themselves in my hair, pulling on it as she directed my head and mouth where she wanted it the most.

Zoe’s hands had been pulling harshly on my own nipples, gripping them tight and pinching on them, she had found out during our şirinevler escort earlier encounter that I like a little pain, not much, but just a little, and I was thrilled that she had remembered as she continued to pull and tweak them.

My mind was in a whirl, with longing, but also apprehension, we had kissed and fondled before, but this time there was going to be much more, much, much more intimate contact. With a sigh of lust I dropped to my knees in front of Zoe and brushed my mouth over her pussy, then without waiting for Zoe’s approval opened her lips and stuck my tongue deep into her pussy.

Zoe squealed with delight at exactly the same time as I purred, lips locked deep on her pussy. The first I had ever kissed and tasted. Honey sweet, slightly salty, musky, soft as velvet, and sheer, sheer heaven to have my tongue in.

“Oh my God” Zoe gasped as my tongue flew up and down her pussy, licking long and hard, then pushing out and probing deep into her vaginal canal, driving her towards an orgasm. Her body was shuddering and I could feel her thighs trembling as I ran my hands up and down them.

Her juices began to flow in earnest now, I knew that she got wet, but this was a different level entirely, she was coating my face with a musky sticky mess, I was loving it.

Holding her bum in my hands to stop her escaping I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth, holding it softly in my teeth as I teased her, flicking my tongue over the end of it.

Zoe screamed, bucked her hips forward into my face, held tight onto my head prisoning my face against her pussy, locking me to her and came in one earth-shattering orgasm, screaming time and time again as shudders wracked through her spasming body. Juices pouring from her like never before as I lapped them up as best I could. Eventually, Zoe slumped forward ever me, sobbing, body shaking. I held myself still as I held Zoe upright stopping her from collapsing fully onto the floor.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” she kept repeating time and time again in an awestruck voice that at times was barely audible, “Helen, what have we- what have you just done to me?” I couldn’t answer her, all I knew was I wanted to experience the same thing, I wanted her lips and mouth on my body. I wanted her to drive me as mad as I had driven her.

I managed to untangle myself from Zoe’s embrace and lay down on the middle of her bed, looking longingly at her and gave her a sultry, come and get me look. Zoe got the message and moved towards me crawling in the most seductive and sexy way. A leer on her face. Tongue poking through her lips and then licking them in a sexy way, infinite meaning in her gesture.

Zoe didn’t tease or torment me, neither did she build me up, she simply pushed her face into my pussy, tongue lapping long and deep along my slit from bottom to top, and then back down again. Her tongue was teasing and insistent in it’s pleasuring of me, licking up and down the folds of my labia, then pushing in deep.

Two of her fingers had pushed fully into my pussy, curving up and hitting my g-spot almost at once, pushing on it every time she pushed her fingers into me as her tongue lapped up my now escaping juices.

I was powering towards an orgasm and relaxed into it, surrendering myself to the pleasure that was pulsing through my body. A body that was shaking with desire and longing as Zoe increased her pressure on both my g-spot with her fingers and now my clit with her talented, hot, tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned.

Zoe kept her mouth locked on my clit and without warning pushed the little finger of the hand that wasn’t thrusting on my g-spot up my anus, right to the knuckle in one go, the sheer unexpectedness of it sending me over the edge into my climax.

Bolts of electricity ripped through me as bright lights flashed and exploded behind my eyes as my vision started to dim and lose focus.

I slammed my hips against Zoe’s face time and time again until at long last I started to come down, but not for long, Zoe sucked on my clit once more at the same time as she slid a dildo into my pussy, and proceeded to fuck me gently with it.

“What are you doooing,” I gasped just before I came again.

After that session, we were both covered in cooling sweat and sticky female cum so took separate showers to clean off and cool down. As I emerged from the shower Zoe called me down to the kitchen where she had prepared a simple salad and tuna pasta lunch for us, accompanied by yet more champagne. We took our time, comfortable in the presence of each other, and nudity but discussing what had happened and what we were going to do about it.

After a while, Zoe got that certain glint in her eye and said to me, “Helen, I want to do some more, do you like toys?” I nodded sheepishly as that is one of my hidden secret desires. I have a few and use them on myself, more than Mark knew about.

“Oh goody,” she giggled, “I’ve got a special one that I’ve got just for you.”

Now I was slightly worried about what she may have in mind.

We both went back to the bedroom and I lay on the bed, legs spread wide, facing the video camera that Zoe had just restarted. Zoe turned her back on me and got out her special toy. It was a 10inch strap-on. I gasped in shock and amazement, it seemed so long I didn’t think I could take it all in.

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