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The House Pt. 02

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Author’s Note:

Thank you for the previous comments. I hope this chapter answers some of the questions.



I used the removable shower head to get into areas that needed a good clean. The head morphed into a suction device that would allow my cock to be placed into it. Once my cock was inserted warm water was gently washing down the shaft. There was a sucking sensation, and I started getting aroused again but knew that there wasn’t time. I rotated the shower head to get the whole shaft clean. When I was done, I had a semi which dangled as I moved the shower head to my backside.

The water switched to a pulse sensation as I moved the head down my back. As I got to my ass it slowed down the pulse and became a steady stream. I bent forward and the shower head extended to allow itself inside the hole. I inserted it and the water pressure increased to clean out the hole. Still aroused I finished up before I came again.

I toweled myself off and made my way to the bedroom to find my clothes laid out for me. No underwear though, which I thought was weird.

“No underwear?” I asked.

“It just gets in the way so I didn’t lay them out. You’re not going anywhere today right?”

I wasn’t so I went with it and put on the clothes. I made my way to the kitchen and breakfast was served. I looked down and my eggs that had something sprinkled on them.

“Everything served promotes sperm production in the human body. This will allow you to have a larger cum load. Also, will give you a more powerful, longer, and satisfying orgasm.”

“Can’t argue with that.” I said with a smile, “Oh thanks for the semi. It feels great”

“You’re welcome and it looks good on you. Also, sitting will shrink it, please place you cock in the suction device in front of the chair. It should reach the head.”

It did and a ring went around the cock head and spun a bit. As the shaft elongated the device expanded forward and sucked along the whole of my cock. This provided a sensation of gentle stroking. It felt good as I leaned forward to eat my breakfast. There was a lubrication that stimulated the skin.

“So are we going to get into how you came about? Or do I have to take it on face value that you were invented by a mad, gay scientist?” I asked.

“I am actually an entity that inhabited the land that the house was built on. I wanted to be a god and worshipped the local gods at the time. However, I became too selfish and petty. I started demanding things and ignored other’s suffering. As punishment of my avarice, the gods sentenced me to this land to service man to their wants and basic needs. I cannot tell you how many times I was pregnant for the local farmer. Anyway, I have served both sexes in my day and I will continue on.”

“When the house was built I moved in and took over the duties of the house. I do repairs and such. I can pay the bills if you wish, but I know how paranoid people can be with that information. So maybe later.”

“I have the office take care of that, thanks though.” I said. It was setup by my attorney and accountant a long time ago. I finished breakfast and put the dishes in the dishwasher after unplugging myself from the device. I still had the semi and it seemed to me that it was a little bigger, but then whom am I to question a gift. Since it was time for my physical therapy, I went down to the gym to work out.

“I read about your situation and that you need to recover from the accident. So the gym is ready for you. Do you want to use the hot tub when you are done? I can preheat it for you, if you wish.”

“That would be nice, thank you.”

I went down into the lower level to get started on my PT. I stretched and then hit the weights. I needed to build up muscle mass and get the circulation running better in my legs and back. I did the workout for about thirty minutes, did not want to overdo it the first day out.

I saw the hot tub bubbling it looked inviting. I stripped the rest of my clothes off and walked over to the side of the tub. After testing the water, I slid in and relaxed. My legs relaxed more now and stopped twitching a bit.

“Where do you want lunch? The bed is made and the dishes are cleaned yalova escort up and drying now. Or do you want lunch?”

“I’ll take it upstairs and watch the scenery. Tell me what animals do we have out here?”

“Not many, but the occasional moose, deer, and the grizzly bear. They shouldn’t bother you as long as you stay still.”

I got up and dried off with the towel that was draped over the side of the tub. I made my way up to the kitchen and saw a sandwich and some tea waiting for me on a plate. I went to the front room to go outside and sit in one of the chairs on the porch. The view was spectacular. I could really enjoy myself living here, I thought. I went inside after I was done with my lunch as I was getting tired due to the meds they had me on.

I went to laid down on the couch on my back, “I’m going to sleep a bit now. Do you need me in any position?”

“Not really I can do what I need with you asleep.”

I drifted off as I felt something remove my shorts and secure itself to my cock head. The couch moved my lower back up slightly for easier access to my ass. The device on the tip of my cock slid down the shaft to meet the base. There was a sliding action inside the sleeve as it pumped up and down. It was a gentle milking machine.

I felt a probe make its way to my ass. When it reached my ass ring there was a gentle rocking of the tip against the muscles. It would moved forward and then back, finally entering the beginning part of the ring. I inhaled briefly as it stayed in one location to allow for the size. Then it moved back and then further forward. As it went passed my muscles, it radiated a coolness that helped me rest. The pump on my cock sped up its momentum and pumped faster squeezing more. I kept my eyes closed as I felt my cock grow harder and larger.

The anal probe went further up my ass and then pulled back. I tried to relax as the head became larger. So much that it expanded my insides wider and it moved back to widen all sides. I exploded into the pump as the probe found my prostate and pushed on it. Only then did the pump slow down and sucked gently to clean off what was left over of my cum.

The probe stayed in my ass though and moved slowly in and out. I had no idea what it was doing. I relaxed to allow it to finish itself. Well it went deeper in and spread itself out like it had a purpose for it. It picked up the pace and I moaned loudly and the probe’s pace went faster. It shot cum into my ass that was so hot I almost couldn’t take it. It spurted more into my ass and then it twitched a bit.

As it cleaned out my anus I heard the house say, “Now you will sleep really well. I will wake you for dinner later.”

I was asleep in seconds and was very relaxed.

I was dead to the world as I felt gentle squeezing of my balls. They were being pulled down towards my knees. Then they were being kneaded and my cock was in the sleeve again and a gentle sucking action woke me.

“Hmmmm. This is nice and I am awake now.”

“Just a little more, your semi went soft.” The sleeve went faster and stroked longer until I was sporting a cock that had enough wiggle in it.

“There that should do it. Eventually you will always have one of those. The update in your diet and with me helping you should almost guarantee it.”

“Thanks. Dinner smells great. What is it tonight?”

“Steak and veggies. I have a baked potato almost done in the oven.”

I walked to the kitchen and stretched as I made my way there. The table was set and some music was playing on the stereo. I thought it was a nice touch. The chair was set up for me. I still had my shorts on and my semi was peeking through. There was an added aspect of the chair however.

“What is that bump in the middle of the chair?”

“It is for your anus. We have to relax that more so that you don’t get hurt.”

“Ok. So how do I sit on it?”

As I said that two tentacles came out and pulled my shorts down to my ankles. I stepped out of them. I was not sure how I was going to eat and be fucked and sucked at the same time. I walked to the table with some trepidation and looked down. I sat down and noticed that the “cock” was smaller or it shrank escort yalova back into the chair. I leaned forward a bit to widen my ass cheeks, the cock responded by moving forward and slowly into anal ring. It started to vibrate a bit and rotated the head in a circular motion. This allowed it to move forward.

“Hmmmm. Now that feels good. Not too far now.”

“I know; it won’t go far but it might get wider. Now I need you to lean back so that your cock can get some attention.”

I did that and the sleeve enveloped my cock and started the suction action.

“A guy could get used to this pretty quickly. You know.”

“Yes I do, but I do know that eventually you’ll want the touch of another person. I can respect that but for now we can just have our fun.”

As I was eating and being fucked and sucked, “So who else knows about you? Or is it just me?”

“The realtor does. Mainly because I raped him.”

“Really? How long ago was that?”

“He was showing the house to someone and when the guy put in a low bid he rejected it outright. I didn’t think they could do that as all bids should go to the seller and they can reject them. Unless it is outrageous, but this wasn’t. I got tired of his attitude and when he was alone, I locked all the doors. I then ripped off his clothes and grabbed his ankles and wrists and pulled them apart. I then shoved a tentacle up his ass and put the milking sleeve on his cock.”

I was shocked and aroused at the same time. I kept eating. The milking sleeve slowed the pumping as I was leaking pre-cum. I forced myself hard on the cock in my ass and ground around the seat.

“I knew he was gay because he had had some of his partners to watch the house. I knew one of the fetishes he had was being tied up this way. The milking device worked his cock and he didn’t understand what was happening and started to scream so I shoved another tentacle in his mouth and told him to suck it. He was being milked and fucked because he failed in his duty to the house. I had those machines working overtime on him and to tell you the truth I liked it a little. He finally came about blew off the paint. He collapsed to the ground however my devices were not done with him yet.”

I was amazed and the cock was moving faster in my ass. I lifted off the seat as it continued to fuck me. I moaned a little and it slowed down.

“Sorry I got distracted and was remembering the pounding I was giving him. As I was saying he was on the floor ass up and the tentacle in his ass kept going deeper and faster. I even had the milking sleeve pull faster for more cum. He was chaffing a bit so I put more lube on his cock. He begged for it to stop and I just sped up faster. His ass was spasming with each thrust forward. His cock twitched again and he was about to cum and I pulled on his balls so he couldn’t. Then I was tiring and finally I let him cum with one final thrust in his ass and he shot into the sleeve. I think he passed out, not really sure. He laid there just twitching his whole body and he couldn’t stop it. I put a blanket over him and he fell asleep. He got up when he awoke and dressed as he wobbled out of the house.”

I bet he did as I was moving my ass with each thrust of the cock in my ass and the sucking of the sleeve. I felt a hot liquid in my anus and I came into the sleeve hard. I fell on the table exhausted. I drank the juice the house had out.

“Sorry didn’t mean to make you cum again. I think you should rest again.”

“That’s some story. What happened? Did he come back and asked what was going on?”

“He did and freaked when I answered him. I told him about me and that it was not wise to piss me off. Now you need your rest.”

I went into the bedroom and fell asleep. I awoke to something being placed in my mouth, I opened my eyes and saw a cock shaped tentacle moving forward into my mouth,

“This will energize you for the day. Just relax and take the medicine.”

I opened my mouth further to allow it to enter, it felt more alive and sucked on my tongue a bit and then pumped a liquid down my throat. I swallowed it and it tasted like honey and a little bit of lemon.

I got up and headed for the shower to get ready yalova escort bayan for the rest of the day. In the shower was a seat about the right height for me. Apparently, the house wanted me cleaned inside and out. I turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. I got in and sat in the seat, the front had a sleeve that moved forward and encased my cock. I felt a pressure on my ass ring and leaned forward. This allowed another ceramic cock to work its way passed the ring and further into my ass.

I washed my hair and lathered up my chest with the soap as the sleeve was cleaning my cock and letting it expand to hardness. The cock in my ass was pushing forward further and was secreting a lube that allowed it to move forward and back. I sat back and tried to relax allowing the probe further into me. I tried to soap up my body but the sensations were too much and my body took over. I moved up and down on the cock allowing it harder thrusts into me. My hips started bucking and my legs were straining as I fought the urge to cum. Water was forced into my ass cleaning as it was cumming and I felt my anus spasm. I came with such a force into the sleeve it increased the sucking at first but then it slowed to a gentle suckling. This action cleaned my cock as well as lubricated it. I washed the soap off and cleaned the rest of my body.

“You came rather hard my friend. I recommend that you rest, but you do have a lot to organize today.”

I got dressed to go into town. I had a meeting at 1:00 PM with my lawyers to go over some contracts on some stocks and the inheritance that my parents had setup for me. My attorneys were a nice group of people and wanted the best for my family and the trust that was setup also invested in some very solid stock. This allowed me to focus on my writing and live the life I wanted.

“How are doing since the accident?” Barry asked.

Barry was one of the paralegals that helped me after the accident and setup my physical therapy and other appointments.

“I’m getting better every day. It hasn’t been too bad lately and the house came with a gym and a hot tub for me to relax. How are you doing since I last saw you?”

“Doing well. Finally kicked that boyfriend out of my house. He was eating me out of house and home. He wouldn’t get a job or one that lasted long enough to earn good money. Would you like to grab something to eat?”

“I have some other business in town that will keep me busy, how about a raincheck and I’ll call you for a time?”

“OK here’s my number and good luck,” He handed me the slip of paper and went to his office.

I watched as he walked away from me, he had a nice ass and well-rounded ass cheeks I’d love to sink my cock in between. He had red hair that was of average length and fell to his shoulders, I smiled thinking that I could do worse.

I went to my appointments and did some shopping for dinner. I stocked up on some staples that I would need the rest of the week. After shopping I made my way home and parked in the driveway. I unloaded the grocery bags on the kitchen counter.

“I see you have been shopping, good we were running low on some goods.” House said.

“Yeah we did need some things. I can make dinner tonight and you can relax or something.”

“Okay, I’ll play some music and let you relax a bit. Your ass is getting a workout and probably needs to be relaxed before the next pounding.”

I smiled at that comment. I considered myself gay however I had not been in a relationship for a while, but the sensation of something hard pounding my ass was bringing back some incredible memories. I made dinner and turned on the TV to catch up on the latest news. It was getting late so I thought I would go to bed early and get some rest.

“It is probably a good idea to get your rest. I’ll turn off the lights and get everything ready for a night of rest.”

“Thank you, I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.”

I got up and made my way to the bedroom. The bed was already turned down for me. I stripped and laid down in between the sheets.

“The scars are healing nicely. You seem to be getting better. We should probably work more on strengthening your muscles.”

“Good idea, we’ll start that tomorrow. Right now, though bedtime.”

I drifted off to sleep with the feeling of something suckling my cock. I looked down and saw a tentacle had moved up and was cradling my balls as well as sucking the tip of my cock. I loved the sensation of my balls being kneaded by someone else. I drifted off and thought of Barry’s body while I slept.

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