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Cassie , Grandad Ch. 6

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Cassie was bubbling with excitement. Grandad had decided to buy a new bed just for them. “I am going to wake up beside him every morning” she thought to herself as she finished applying her makeup. This afternoon they were going into the city to choose a new bed. She wouldn’t have minded sharing the spare bed with him but he had said it would be nicer for them to have a bed that they could call their own. “I can’t believe that I am so lucky to have such a great lover and such a wonderful grandad.”

“Are you nearly ready Cassie, Grandad called from the bottom of the stairs, we will have to get a move on if we are to have a good look around.” Smoothing her hands down her firm breasts and down her stomach she replied, “Won’t be a minute Grandad.” The tight tee shirt and short skirt she had chosen to wear really showed off her tight body. A body that only her Grandad got to share.

Checking to make sure she had everything she needed she ran down the stairs, and into the kitchen where Grandad was waiting. “Wow you look lovely Cassie, I am really going to enjoy walking around the city with you beside me” Smiling at her Grandad Cassie said, “I think I am the lucky one.”

“Come on lets go, it is going to take a couple of hours to drive into the city.”

Once Cassie and Grandad were on the road heading towards Denver they were both silent and absorbed in their own thoughts. Grandad broke the silence by asking Cassie what she was thinking. “I was just thinking how nice it will be to go to bed with you each night and wake up beside you every morning, just like a married couple”

“Yes Cassie it will be nice to wake up together, but I was thinking more about what we are going to get up to every night.”

“I can’t wait to hold you all night and make love to you, to feel you there if I wake in the night.” Cassie laughed, Grandad you can help yourself anytime, I will never deny you my love.” It was his turn to laugh, “Cassie you are so young and naïve, one day you won’t want an old man but that’s ok because I am going to enjoy you for as long as I can.”

They both fell in another silence and it wasn’t long before Cassie drifted off to sleep with her head resting on her Granddads shoulder. One leg was up on the seat beside her and the other under the dashboard. When Grandad Escort Bayan Gaziantep could hear her deep breathing he slipped his hand between his Granddaughters legs to have a feel of the lovely pussy that now belonged to him. Cassie was the apple of his eye and the decision to buy a bed for them wasn’t as hard to make as he thought first. “When I’m gone I plan to leave everything to Cassie, so why not buy her something they can get plenty of use out of as well as make some memories. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other gently massaging her sweet pussy he continued driving towards Denver.

They had been on the road for nearly two hours when he saw a sign for a rest stop. Cassies panties were quite moist by now and his cock was straining in his trousers. He indicated and turned left off the highway and ambled his way down to the rest stop. It was deserted and as he pulled the car to a stop Cassie opened her eyes. Seeing Granddads hands still on her pussy she smiled and asked, “What are we stopping for Grandad,”

“Take a look at this,” he said pointing to his erection. Opening the car door, he told Cassie to get out for a stretch.

Locking the door he went around to Cassie and took her by the hand. “I have an idea that I’m sure you will like.” The rest area was sheltered by overgrown trees and there was a picnic table in the far corner, out of sight of any passer-by’s. Leading Cassie toward the picnic table he said, “It has been along time since I had a quick fuck, and I think it was about time I introduced you to one.” Grabbing her by the wrist he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply on the mouth. Her hand went straight to his straining erection. She quickly unzipped his trousers and pulled his huge cock out of its prison. He lifted her tee shirt and devoured her breasts with the hunger of an insane man. Biting and squeezing her breasts he lifted her skirt and pushed her panties over her buttocks and down her thighs. Grandad had never been so rough with her, he was hurting her breasts and his erection was growing harder with every bite or squeeze. But it only added to Cassies excitement. Before she knew it he had her pussy dripping wet and begging to be fucked. Finally he stopped biting and sucking her breasts and lifted her onto the picnic table, grabbing her feet he pulled her legs apart and dove in-between her thighs, lapping on her pussy and tonguing her aroused clit. Her orgasm was building when he stopped and looked at her, Cassie you make me so hot for you,” and pulling her towards him he lifted his cock to her pussy lips. The roughness of the table and the pressure of him against her cunt was exciting and painful.

Suddenly he pushed the head of his cock into her wet inviting hole. And without pausing her rammed himself into her harder than she expected. She was like a rag doll on the end of a demented man. He pulled her further forward and stood his ground as he continued fucking his Granddaughter. Tears sprang to Cassies eyes as he continued the assault on her pussy, never had he hurt he like this before. Any other time he had been so caring and loving. Then without missing a beat he lifted her to legs and held them to his chest. It seemed to give him more depth, as he thrust into her. Cassie wasn’t enjoying what he was doing to her, but suddenly she felt it. Her toes were starting to tingle and the feeling was making it’s way up the backs of her legs and thighs. At the same time her nipples were buzzing and begging to be sucked. This feeling she had never experienced. Somehow the tingling and the buzzing met in the pit of her womanhood and before she knew it she was begging her Grandad to fuck her harder. The more she begged him the more intense the feeling was becoming.

What happened next really blew her away. The explosion hit her hard, and it wasn’t him, it was her, she shook like a earthquake had upset the table she was lying on. And as she saw lights and stars behind her eyelids she felt his cock pulsing against her cervix, at the same time as the next convulsion hit her deep in her pussy he shot his cum deep into her. Without stopping he continued pumping her pussy and was met with more convulsions. Her pussy was milking his cock, forcing every drop of semen to be forced into her. He had just given Cassie the hardest fucking that had resulted in them coming together for the first time.

As his cock slipped from her wet pussy he lowered her legs and bend to kiss her face. ‘I’m Sorry Cassie, I didn’t mean to hurt you like that, but my cock has a mind of his own sometimes.”

“I was hurting to start off with, but I think I just experienced that saying,.”

“What saying is that Cassie, her Grandad asked. “There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.”

“There certainly is honey.”

Taking a hanky from his trouser pocket he handed it to Cassie, “Perhaps you had better clean yourself up, I shot a lot of cum into that beautiful pussy and we still have a lot to do this afternoon. “Maybe since you made the mess you should clean me up,” she said with a smile. And lying back on the table she opened her legs and exposed her dripping cunt to her Grandad. “Lick me clean, then we can go” He didn’t have to be asked twice. Slowly he bent to his Granddaughters cunt and lapped and sucked on her saturated lips, licking both his own and her cum up. Cassie lay there enjoying the tenderness of his tongue against her swollen labia, and as he flicked her clitoris she felt a surge of electricity go thru her. “If he continues that. She thought to herself, I am going to cum again.” And as if reading her thoughts he quickened his pace and licked and sucked on her already sensitive clit. Within seconds she was building to her second orgasm in as many minutes. The feeling was incredible, as she relaxed and waited to feel it hit. Her grandad sure knew how to satisfy her with his tongue and his massive cock. As the orgasm hit she pushed his face into her pussy and made sure he could feel what his tongue was doing.

As it subsided he held her to him and waited for her to open her eyes. “Like that sweetheart?”

“Mmm” was all she could say.

He lifted her off the table and handed her her panties. “Cassie if we don’t get going now we will miss the shops and have to stay over.”

“I don’t have problem with that Grandad.”

“Would you like to stay in Denver for the night and go shopping tomorrow then”

“Yes, I think that will be fun.”

“Oh you are a little minx, but I love you ” he said as he pulled her to him. “Then we will book into a motel and have that fun then.” Cassie just smiled, and a thought went through her head, “With all this fucking we are doing, I am sure to get pregnant if I aren’t already, I didn’t bring my contraceptive pills with me and that will be two missed in a week.”

“Oh well, fingers crossed”

“What are you smiling about Cassie”

“Nothing Grandad, she replied as she climbed into the car and snuggled up to him Nothing.”

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