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How Hannah and I Got Together Ch. 02

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And boy, did I have fun with it!

Knowing she’d had given me one of her most intimate pieces of clothing, knowing fully well what I’d be doing with it! It was exhilarating to touch the fabric that had held her beautiful breasts and perky nipples.

I was literally counting the days till I’d see her again: I was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.

Finally Friday came.

I had showered extensively and for like the third time in my life I was wearing cologne. When we arrived, Hannah opened the door – she was wearing cut-off jeans and a grey halter top, topped off by little white socks and white sneakers; an incredible hot sight! It was as if she’d just stepped out of a soft porn movie with that outfit on. After giving my mom a peck on the cheek, she smiled when she saw me ogling her, pleased with the effect she was having on me. While leaning in to kiss her, I ran my nose across her cheek, taking in her scent. After greeting her mom, we split off and while our moms walked into the kitchen, Hannah and I sat down on the couch; she had a naughty smile on her face when she asked:”So, how’s my poor bra doing? Still in one piece?”

“Oh it’s still in one piece, it’s just that the color has faded a little… to white.” I joked as I reached in my bag and took out her bra. She giggled as she saw the state her bra was in; I had cum at least twenty times on it over the course of the past week and so the dried-up cum stains were plainly visible. As she was examining it, I whispered:”Nothing a good washing cycle won’t fix!”

She looked at me, playfully and said:”Who says I am going to wash it?”

That statement, as if I wasn’t hard enough already, caused my dick to jump up and push against the inside of my jeans; holding the bra in her hand, she got up and left the room, saying:”I’ll be right back.”

I looked back to check on our moms, still chatting in the kitchen, while I waited impatiently for her to come back. When she walked in empty-handed, I figured she’d stashed the bra somewhere to avoid detection, but as she sat back down on the couch next to me, she opened up the cleavage of her halter top and showed me the strap of the her bra!

“Is that the one with…” I asked perplexed.

“Mm uhuh.” she giggled, clearly feeling very naughty and excited.

She looked down at my bulge – which was no doubt visible from across the street after what she’d just done – and placed her index finger on it, wiggling it up and down a couple of times as she whispered:”Yeah, you like that don’t you, you naughty little boy!” Shocked that she’d actually touched it, I gasped and groaned as her finger moved the head of my dick around; when she saw what an effect she was having on me, she passionately asked:”You’re close aren’t you?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe!” I gasped.

Instead of just a finger, she started using her entire hand to fondle me and after a few seconds her hand gently gripped around the outline of my hard dick; she squeezed it gently and whispered:”I am going to make you cum in your pants!” She tightened her grip around my clothed tube and increased the speed of her massaging, practically giving me a hand job through my jeans. Hearing her say that, combined with what she was doing, made me cum much faster than I ever thought possible; a soft moan escaped my lips as I put one hand on her shoulder. Hannah looked me in the eye and smiled proudly when she realized I was ejaculating, in my pants. She kept her hand on my crotch for minutes afterwards, gently kneading and stroking my decreasing bulge.

Then, she disappeared for a moment and came back with a wet washcloth and got on her knees in front of me. “You poor thing, I’ve made you all sticky and wet… here let me make it all better.” she whispered.

She pushed me onto my back on the couch, slid the washcloth under the waistband of my jeans, then into my boxers until she felt my semi-hard dick through the cloth and whispered:”There you are!”

I squirmed at the cold temperature of the cloth, making her giggle. Carefully, but thoroughly she ran the washcloth over my pubic hair, my semi-hard dick and finally my balls.

As she pulled back out, she asked:”Did I get it all?”

I smiled at her and said:”I don’t think so, maybe you should do a visual examination!”

Smiling mischievously, Hannah put down the washcloth and gently unbuttoned my jeans; when I lifted my hips, she pulled them down along with my boxers, causing my dick to twitch. Hannah glanced over my entire groin area from afar and whispered:”Looks clean to me!”

“Maybe you should have a closer look.” I whispered, fighting a smile.

“Oh really?” Hannah said playfully. “How close?” as she started leaning forward.

“A little closer… a little closer… a little bit more.” I whispered, as Hannah kept leaning her head in closer.

“Just a little more.” I whispered as I could already feel her breath on my shaft and balls. She lowered her head another inch until her nose Bayan Escort Gaziantep actually touched the skin of my shaft; I flexed my hardening dick repeatedly, softly tapping her nose with it, much to her amusement. After ten seconds or so, her smile faded and she turned her head to look at me, her eyes filled with lust. She laid her hand on the top half of my dick, ever so gently pulling back the skin of my shaft, pushing the head further out, making me rock hard in just a few moments.

Then suddenly, without any warning, she moved her head forward and pushed her pouted lips against my hard dick head, exerting a faint sucking pressure. Startled, I propped myself up on my elbows to look at her, not believing what I was feeling: was her sensual, beautiful mouth actually touching my hard dick?

Her tender sucking motion evolved into a sort of nibbling, but only at the tip – the most sensitive part – making me moan and squirm while she hardly had to move! My dick grew to monumental proportions, forcing her to either pull back or accommodate more of my shaft in her mouth. Hannah chose the latter…

Exerting more pressure with her lips now, she began shifting her head back and forth, sliding more and more of my dick back and forth in her warm mouth; she was driving me crazy, stimulating me in a way I had never been stimulated before. Although I had cum just a few minutes ago, I was harder than ever as Hannah had to press my dick down to keep it from jumping up and slipping out of her mouth. A few minutes later, she sat up and asked:”How was that?”

Stuttering, I replied:”Un… believable, you’ve no idea how good that felt!”

“Good.” she replied. “Then, you’re going to love this.”

Grabbing the base of my hard dick with her right hand, she put her lips at the tip and slid her mouth down as far as she could and back up again; as she glanced at me, she saw me staring at her with open mouth and smiled at the effect she was having on me. Just when I wanted to say something, she repeated her actions, sending jolts of pleasure through my body, making it impossible for me to form any words. She gave me a naughty smile when she came back up and said:”Oh, I am sorry, did you want to say something?”

Just when I opened my mouth again, she tightened her grip around the base of my dick and loosely grabbed my shaft with her other hand, jerking it up and down extremely fast… all I could utter was a deep moan, much to her amusement. After a few seconds, she stopped and said:”Oh, I am sorry, I did it again… go ahead!”

I smiled at her, knowing what was going to happen and whispered:” I just…”

Immediately her hand was flying up and down my throbbing shaft again, but this time she also took the tip of my dick in her mouth, sucking it fiercely: this triggered an orgasm I couldn’t possibly hope to hold back.

Not sure if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or not, I leaned on one elbow and used the other hand to gently push her head away as I whispered:”Hannah, I am cumming!” But instead of pulling back, she kept bobbing her head up and down while stroking my massive shaft, clearly indicating that she wanted my cum in her mouth… this sent my body into an orgasmic fit, the likes of which I had never experienced! I clenched my eyes shut as my body started spasming out of control, shooting my fresh load into her warm willing mouth. My heart was racing so fast that I could feel it beat all throughout my body!

When my orgasm was over, Hannah let my dick slip from her mouth, swallowed my cum and took me back into her mouth while her hands kept fondling my balls.

“That was absolutely fantastic Hannah… god, you were amazing!” I stuttered. She smiled up at me, making sure my shrinking dick didn’t slip out of her mouth, while I gently ran my hand through her hair… we stayed like that for several minutes, until a noise from the kitchen reminded us that we were not alone. Hannah got up and took care of the washcloth, while I pulled up my jeans and boxers.

When she returned and sat down next to me, I extended my hand, put two fingers on the couch in between her legs and playfully walked my fingers towards her crotch slowly, whispering:”So, you want me to return the favor?” Hannah giggled as she pushed my hand away and snuggled against me as she whispered:”Mmmm, maybe after dinner!” I wrapped my arm around her for a moment and gave her a big hug.

During and after dinner, we had an extensive conversation with our moms about the generation gap in music and the difference between youth today and back in the days… eventually, when they realized they couldn’t compete with the combined verbal skill of both myself and Hannah, they took out the wineglasses and started their game night. Before we went up to her room, Hannah whispered in my ear to stay behind for a few minutes. I faked a trip to the outhouse in order to give her a head start.

When I walked into her bedroom about five minutes later, she’d put on a short black skirt and a sleeveless yellow T-shirt; seated on the bed, deliberately taking up all the space she politely invited me to sit across from her on her desk chair, as it would “talk easier”!

Straightaway she uncrossed her legs and parted them a little bit; perceiving it as just a random movement, I ignored it and we continued talking. But when she parted her legs a little more not a minute later, I realized what she was doing and squeezed my crotch, signifying that I was playing along with her little game. While keeping the conversation alive, she slumped back against the pillows and stuffed animals and slid down just a little bit, causing her skirt to ride up. Gradually she parted her legs more and slumped back a little further, up until the point where I could see she was no longer wearing any panties!

By now I was looking more between her legs than at her face. Realizing that I was too distracted to talk, Hannah did nearly all of the talking whilst continuing to expose more of herself in a maddeningly slow pace. As if she could see herself from my vantage point, she stopped right before her pussy would come into full view and didn’t move another muscle for minutes, much to my frustration!

Eventually, she slid her hand between the hem of her skirt and her soft skin and moved down towards her pussy; two seconds later I could see movement between her legs and I knew she was playing with herself, right in front of me! Strangely enough her conversation skills seemed unaffected as she kept yapping away while her hand was roaming delicately between her legs; her body squirming and her eyes gleaming with sheer lust. To make matters even worse, she started kneading her breasts with her free hand: my dick was about to stage a coup if I didn’t start paying attention to it soon!

Unzipping my pants, I reached in to find my hard dick and asked:”You mind?” realizing that she probably wanted to be in control. She thought for a few seconds, then redrew her hands, readjusted her skirt to assume a more decent pose and replied:”I’ll even let you jerk off if I can pick where you blow your load.”

“Yesss.” I hissed, as if that was any kind of concession on my part.

“Remember that little white carpet in my mom’s room?” she asked casually, making my dick twitch.

When I nodded, Hannah got up and said:”Let’s go!”

I followed her into her mom’s room, where she walked up to the carpet and said, her voice filled with lust:”Take off your clothes, I want you to be completely naked!”

I quickly shed my clothes and looked down at my aching dick which was vibrating by itself. Hannah, nearly as horny as I was, said:”Now get on your knees and drench it!” as she pointed at the carpet. Finally I could grab my dick and pump it… god, how I needed that!

“I want you to shoot a really big load; thick, white, gooey ropes all over!” Hannah said, as she pulled her yellow sleeveless T-shirt over her head and started kneading her breasts through her bra. Motivated to deliver a huge load as requested, I sank to my knees and slowed down my wanking, concentrating on delaying my orgasm while pumping as hard and as fast as I could without actually cumming. I had to release my grip a couple of times – whenever I got carried away – but Hannah kept inspiring me by caressing herself all over and taking off her bra a few minutes later, then unzipping her skirt a few minutes after that.

With just her hands keeping her skirt from falling to the ground, she continued to tease me by allowing the skirt to slide down little by little until the top of her pussy came into sight. Then, she used the palms of her hands to keep the upper part of her skirt in place while wrinkling the fabric and pulling the skirt up, until the bottom of her pussy was showing as well. By now, I had been pumping a good fourteen minutes to this incredible erotic scene and I was more than ready to deliver the promised load!

“I am gonna blow, let me see it!” I grunted, crazy with lust.

Without moving any other muscle she relaxed her hands, causing her skirt to drop to the floor. Her pussy – which had eluded me for so long – was now suddenly in full view. As I gawked at it, I fired off an unparalleled amount of cum with an equally impressive force! Hannah just stood there, completely naked, watching my body convulse and spasm over and over again, as I squirted thick strands of cum all over the little white carpet.

Without taking her eyes off of my dick, she squatted down next to me and ran her hand through my hair and down my neck, gently dragging her nails over my entire backside. This delightful sensation only acted as fuel on the already explosive nature of my orgasm and made me convulse even more fiercely. In the heat of the moment, while the last drops of cum were dripping from my worn out dick, I pressed my hand against her moist pussy and kissed her full on the mouth. For a moment she was taken aback, but very quickly relaxed and not only started kissing me back, but also opened her legs as far as they would go in her squatted position, presenting me with unrestricted access to her pussy. Before long we were passionately French kissing and while she was running her hands all over my skin, I was tenderly exploring her outer lips and her clit. Then she did something I hadn’t expected – a clear sign of exactly how horny she was: she sat down on the ground and leaned back, lowering her back onto the sperm-drenched carpet. Her eyes gleamed with lust and amusement as her mouth opened, in response to the awkwardness of feeling my gooey, sticky sperm clinging to her back

“What are you doing?” I whispered surprised.

Laying fully on her back now, Hannah brought one hand to her breasts and the other one down between her legs, whispering:”You’ve gotten me so wet!”

Watching her caress herself, I whispered:”You’re so beautiful!”

Hannah smiled and whispered:”You know, this is the first time that we’re completely naked together.”

I nodded and said:” Shame on you for making me wait this long… I’ll have to punish you, you know!”

“Oh really?” she dared me playfully.

I leaned in closer, my mouth just a few inches above her skin, and gently started blowing on her breasts; first, she giggled, but as soon as her nipples got hard, she stopped smiling all together and placed the hand that was below her breasts on the back of my head, gently pushing me down. A few seconds later my lips touched her soft breast for the first time, making her gasp for breath as she ran her hand through my hair, encouraging me to continue. A careful touch of the lips turned into a full blown kiss and then into a loving sucking motion, making her twist, moan and giggle all at once! Several minutes later, I switched boobs and started all over again; her hand on the back of my head followed me and continued to caress me. Later, I moved my mouth up to hers and gave her nice big French kiss, while my hands wandered her chest, gently playing with her areolas and her sensitive, hard nipples. When we eventually broke the kiss, I placed my hand on top of hers between her legs and whispered:”I want to give you an orgasm, teach me how!”

Hannah didn’t smile this time, but opened her legs a little wider and as our hands switched positions, her fingers intertwined with mine. While she guided my fingers to her clitoris, she whispered:”Feel that?”

As my fingers studied the location indicated, I asked:”This little knob?”

“Play with it, but be gentle!” she whispered as she redrew her hand, leaving me to fend for myself.

“That’s it?” I asked perplexed.

“Were you expecting a map and a guide book?” she giggled.

Kidding around, I placed my mouth over her boob again and started flicking her nipple with my tongue stretched out, expecting her to giggle and squirm; instead she just looked at me, her eyes filled with lust. Realizing how horny she was, I decided to get on with it and so I gently placed one finger in the middle of her clit and started making circular motions. Hannah closed her eyes and began to moan. Experimenting, I started moving my finger sideways, left to right, right to left and back again… as this appeared to have an even greater effect, I slowly turned up the pace and started exerting a little more pressure. She writhed and squirmed for minutes on end, sighing and moaning, twisting her hot, gorgeous body. Eventually, she got so worked up that she pushed my hand away, got on her knees and inserted two fingers in her aching pussy.

“God, I need to get off or I’ll go crazy!” she moaned.

Slightly embarrassed by this extremely intimate display, I didn’t know what to do, so I just looked and didn’t move a muscle. Gradually her breathing got heavier and she really went to town on herself, using her free hand to grope and roughly massage her left boob, then running it passionately over her face and through her hair, not quite knowing what to do with her pent up sexual energy. Her moans became louder and more frequent as her hand was going berserk between her legs. In an atypical lucid moment, I got behind her on my knees and gently started dragging my finger nails over her arms and shoulders, which made her moan even louder. Emboldened by her reaction, I reached around and started massaging her boobs gently with both hands; a little too gently apparently, because her free hand grabbed mine and showed me exactly how rough she wanted it. As I followed her not so subtle instructions, she whispered:”Ooh yeah, that’s it!” as her head starting moving from left to right and back again, indicating that she’d be orgasming any second now. Her body started convulsing and gyrating back against me as she kept pistoning her fingers in and out of her entrance; completely lost in orgasmic bliss, she clamped her eyes shut and opened her mouth wide without making a sound. It was an incredible sight and experience – before that moment I never realized that a woman could orgasm so spectacularly! When hers was over, she reclined against me and relaxed, her body trembling and shaking with every touch and caress of my hand.

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