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Lost and Found

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I’m new to writing erotic fiction, and English is not my native language. Constructive criticism is very welcome.

To prevent trouble:

– Please read the whole thing before accusing me of anything.

– All characters are over eighteen years old.

– This story is copyrighted. Do not republish it without my permission.

– Always use your seatbelt.

— EchoLaLia


Where was my bag? I left it on a coat-hook right there. Or was that yesterday and did I leave it somewhere else in this maze-like building? I ran down a few hallways, all alike, my bag was in the fifth I tried. I decided to keep it with me at all times from now on. It would have been a disaster to be without my study books for the whole weekend.

The first few days of the first year at university aren’t easy. Especially not when you have my sense of direction.

Of course it was raining and of course I was two seconds too late to catch my bus. The bus didn’t miss me when it drove through a puddle, though. What a great day. According to the timetable there wouldn’t be another bus for half an hour. I didn’t want to be cold, soaked and hungry for that long, so I started walking. Surely I would be able to follow the route of the bus to the train station, and be able to get home from there, right?


Perhaps because of the bad weather and my worse mood I looked at the sidewalk in front of me too much, and didn’t look around me enough. I didn’t notice at all I had chosen the wrong direction somewhere, until a man stopped me.

“Hey you with the red hair, how much?”

“How much?” I looked around as if there might be something that needed counting. There were women sitting behind windows in their underwear. Oh GOD. “Oh. I uhhh I… sorry I don’t work here I uhhh I think I’m lost.”

“Where are you going?”

“To the train station.”

“The station is that way.” He pointed to the left.

“Thanks.” I walked off, but he stopped me again.

“Girl! You look hungry. Here, have this.” He pulled a plastic back from the pocket of his coat, it contained some flattened slices of bread.

“Uh. Thanks.”

“Any time. Be safe.”

“Thank you. You have a nice day, sir.”

“Oh believe me, I will.” He winked.

I thought I heard him say something to himself, something like “…and such cute freckles too.”

I pushed the memory of my mother telling me “don’t accept food from strangers” from my mind, and made a mess separating the bread from the meat on it (I’m a vegetarian). I was hungry, soaked, cold, and now also quite surprised by this random act of kindness. And my legs were hurting. Did I mention I was cold?

The street ended in a T. Which way did I have to go now to get to the station? I looked around, there were no signs and there was nobody to ask. I did see a big sign right in front of me: “MASSAGE”. That would be nice. A warm room, warm hands on my cold muscles… On the other hand, I had to be careful not to spend too much money on things I didn’t need, or else I would end up without food at the end of the month. “MASSAGE” the sign said. “MASSAGE”. I gave in.

The place looked old and cheap. An Asian woman who was at least in her sixties, with a gold tooth and big ugly hearing aids, sat at what had to pass for a reception desk. This had been a mistake. I turned around to walk out again.


I stopped.


I stood in doubt for a moment. This was less than half what I expected to spend. I turned again and gave her the money. “Alright.”


The masseuse was a very pretty Asian woman, in her late twenties, and about a head shorter than me. Everything about her was small and thin, except for her strong arms. She didn’t look bony or boyish though, in fact I’ve never seen so much femininity even in two women combined. Her long ponytail almost reached her tiny bottom. “Follow me” she said. Her almost black eyes had a strange authority in them.

“Yes, madam” I said, automatically. It was as if I had walked into a cowshed and found a goddess inside, I had no idea how to act so I went with submissive.

She bared a row of sparkling teeth in a friendly smile. “I not madam, I Susy. You lie on table do nothing, Susy take care of you.”

The bad English sounded odd from her, especially because her pronunciation was perfect. For a moment I wondered what this might mean, but the thought was quickly replaced by the bigger question why she wasn’t working in a place where she would be paid much, much more. Her small hands quickly examined my arms, neck, back and legs, but I had a feeling her eyes were somewhere else on me all the time.

“You student?” she asked.

“Yes. Psychology.”

“Good. You help people, get rich too. Second year?”

“First year.” Did she just Fast link guess my age? I didn’t pass one year in school. Not my fault, by the way.

“Oh! Exciting. You have German accent, you immigrant?”

“Austrian. I’m impressed, most people don’t notice. My parents moved here when I was nine.”

“I notice lot. I notice you checking out my ass. You like girls?”

I was pretty sure she spent much more time looking at mine than my glance at hers when I was admiring her long silky hair, but I wasn’t going to say that. And then that question… I had never had any luck with or interest in guys, but girls? I didn’t know. “I uhh…”

“This hurt?” she planted her elbow in my back. What a way to change the subject.

“Ow! Yes.”

“Don’t worry. When Susy done, you good as new.”

After what felt like half an hour, she reached the low end of my back. “Here muscles too. Massage too?”

“Oh yes, squeeze my bum, PLEASE” I blurted out. I heard her suppress a giggle, which made me blush so heavily I was worried my cheeks might bleed.

“It nice one,” she commented, “more to check out than mine. Not going too far, right?” I was sure veins in my face would start popping any time.

After every muscle she could reach from the back had been squeezed, pushed or stretched in some way or another, Susy told me to turn over. With her bent over me, it was very difficult not to look at her breasts in her tank top. Of course she had to notice how I was glancing at her involuntarily and then looking away. “You like? You look. I look at you too.”

It was a bit scary. I had only just found out I was attracted to women, or at least to this woman, and I already was under her control while almost naked. She had told me to look at her chest, so I looked. When she stood upright, I could see a hint of her nipples through the flexible fabric of her top. The sight made my lips tingle. I wanted to kiss her there, and down, and everywhere, and… help!

Her calm, knowing smile reassured me that everything that was happening was alright.

She had been right, at the end I did feel like a whole new person, and not only because my whole body felt warm and good. I was lusting for someone, which was new.

“You want happy ending?” Susy asked.


“Normally cost little extra, free for you.”

“Sounds good.”

She pulled down my undies.

“Wait… um…”

“This your first time with woman?”

Oh dear. “Wait… a happy ending is sex?”

“Just hand job. You not very experienced?”

“To be honest, I don’t have any experience at all.” I was surprised by the indecent proposal, but I also was under her spell. Desire beat decency. “I think I do want this.”

She sighed and sat down next to me on the table. “Oh no honey, you shouldn’t have your first time like that. That’s NOT what we’re going to do.”

“Wha-what? How come you suddenly speak English?” I sat up.

“Oh, that bad English just something many of the customers like.”

“And what is it we are going to do?”

“First, I want to know your name.”

“My name is Petra.”

“Second, I want to know how this feels.” She wrapped an arm around me, held her face close to my neck and exhaled.

It gave me goosebumps. I also caught a little of the sweet smell of her hair. She smelled like a flower, but I couldn’t tell which. “Oooooh God.”

She looked down at my erect nipples. “So you do like women. Good. Third, I want to know… can I ask you on a date?”

“I… wow. Yes!”

“Great! Let’s go.”

She pushed me into the dressing room and picked up my clothes. “No, that won’t do. Too wet. I’ll be right back”

I heard her have a discussion in her own language with the old woman, then it was quiet for some minutes. Without my clothes, I could only sit there and wait. When she ran back in, she was wearing a long and wide silk garment, and she was carrying and identical one for me. She helped me put it on, it was a bit short but otherwise fit fine. The soft material caressed my body. I was glad it wasn’t a tight fit around my chest, else the whole world could have seen how turned on I still was. When Susy was satisfied with fitting the dress around my shoulders, she grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the building.

Susy opened an umbrella, gave it to me, put an arm around my waist, and leaned her cheek against my shoulder. “So, Petra, where shall we go?”

“I don’t know, are you hungry?”


“Neither am I. How about a romantic walk in the park in the rain?”

“I think I like you. It’s that way” she pointed.

It was cozy, close together under her umbrella. I asked if she was born here or an immigrant. She told me about her life “back home”, how she and her girlfriend had made plans to emigrate, that her girlfriend had become ill and died, that she had moved on her own even though all their savings had been spent on hospital bills. Her story made me sad, it was good I was allowed to hug her fast links all the time.

A bench under a big tree was still dry. We sat down next to each other. “Now what?” she said.

I shrugged, took one of her hands, and stroked her palm.

“Mmmm.” She closed her eyes and leaned towards me. I stroked further and further up her arm. My heart beat faster and louder every inch she got closer. Finally, her lips touched mine. I think I fainted for a second, the next thing I remember was her arms tight around me and her tongue on my lips. I let her in and experienced my first French kiss. It was so overwhelming it almost hurt, and my panties got wet. I returned her tight embrace and tried my best at kissing back.

She let go of me, after a while, but kept her face close to mine, our noses just a hand-width apart. Her dark eyes nervously moved back and forth between both of my blue ones. I smiled at her and stroked her hair. “What do you do besides your work?” I asked. I felt this was really a question to ask long before kissing, but no others came to mind.

“I draw and paint.”

“You should show me some of your art, if you don’t mind.”

“I will, after I fuck you silly.” Her answer sounded much too crude.

“You aren’t as bold as you’re trying to make yourself look, are you?”

Susy was silent for a bit. “You’re right. But I have to, in this job. Jacking off old men wasn’t what I had in mind when I moved here, but you have to take what you can get.”

“And now you’re taking me” I joked.

“I’m at least as surprised as you are” she replied, dead serious. “And you will get lucky tonight” she whispered in my ear.

It had stopped raining. The smell of wet earth mixed with the sweet flowery scent of her hair and another flowery scent from the tree. We cuddled, exchanged small and big kisses, grinned and giggled, and I both wished this moment would last forever and that it would be over soon. I was going to get lucky. That night. Oh darkness, what was taking you so long?

And then it hit me. “Oops,” I said, “I left my bag at the place where you work.” Yes, the same bag I was going to keep with me at all times.

“And your clothes, too. Don’t worry, I put them upstairs, where I live. Actually, let’s go home, I want to cook for you.”

“You’re spoiling me.”

“You have no idea.” She tapped the tip of my nose with her finger. “You have NO idea how spoiled you will be.”

The food she made me was almost too spicy. It made me sweat like the rainclouds earlier that day, and I wasn’t sure I still had a tongue. Or a throat. I might not have been able to eat it if I hadn’t been distracted by the gorgeous little body on the other side of the table. The body of the woman I would soon give my virginity to. She was constantly teasing me by lightly rubbing her foot along my leg. Her socks were made of soft tickling wool.

After dinner she took my hand and guided me to her sofa, where she stuck her hand under my clothes. I mean her clothes that I was wearing.

“Let’s sit and cuddle for a while.” She ran her fingertips over my sensitive breasts.

“Susy, PLEASE.”

“No, no exercise immediately after eating.”

“You’re driving me crazy on purpose” I pouted.

Her grin was almost evil. “You’ll thank me later.”

“Later? You have made me wait for hours, and now you still tease and say ‘later’.”

“Would miss Impatient still like to see my art?”

“Why do I now suspect it is pornographic?” I was convinced this lady would do anything to make me even more horny, if that were possible.

Her drawings were female nudes, but not porn. The poses looked natural, though probably uncomfortable. In each image Susy had labeled every muscle, and who knows what else, I couldn’t read her language. She had drawn hundreds of these, all different. No wonder she was an amazing masseuse, she knew every detail of the human body.

“Who are these women?” I asked.

“They work around here, most of them rent their rooms from my aunt, who you met. A few of them like to pose, the rest were out of money.”

“I see. Do you offer them free happy endings, too?”

“I don’t.” She seemed offended.

“Have you sold any drawings?” I hoped my change of subject wouldn’t be offensive too. Some artists seem to dislike money.

She shrugged. “Who would buy them?”

“Many people would. They’re amazing.”

The rain returned, with loud drops against her window. I rested my head on Susy’s shoulder, trying to relax, but as soon as I touched her my body remembered what we were going to do later. I shivered.

Maybe this was the sign Susy had been waiting for. “Now” she said. She removed my clothing, leaving me naked and vulnerable while she took her time to undress in front of me.

Again I was guided from one place to another, to her bed this time. Finally! She pushed me down on the bed, sat down on top of me, and untied her ponytail. She let her long soft hair slide over my neck, my nipples, my belly, a circle on my belly, back to my breasts…

“Susy, please, no more teasing.”

“All right.” She started tickling my thigh, slowly working up.

“I said…”

She didn’t let me finish my sentence and stuck two fingers into me. “Is that better?”

I nodded.

She didn’t move her hand. Instead she kissed me on the lips, then carefully picked out lower and lower spots to kiss. I understood where she was going with this, so didn’t complain about teasing again. When she kissed my belly button, she started slowly moving her fingers in and out of me. Seven more kisses, closer and closer together, before she finally reached my other little button.

She licked faster than I can move my fingers. All the built up tension, all the anticipation flowed to that one point. It stung, then an orgasm exploded into my body. Susy let go of me and watched my body shake, slow down and relax.

“Will this be a good memory?” she asked. “Maybe I did tease you a bit too much.”

“It will be… but… how can I ever return a favor like that?”

“You’ll learn. But I’ll let you thank me in an easy way.” She opened a drawer and took out a strap-on, which she tied to me.

“Susy, I…”

“I’m SURE you can figure out how to use it.” She put my hands on her wrists. That commanding look in her eyes again. “Take me.”

“Yes, Susy.”

With some difficulty I put the thing where it belonged. I pushed her wrists into the mattress and pumped into her. I looked into her eyes. She was grinning at me. Something was odd about what we were doing: she was in a submissive position, but didn’t need more than her face to be dominant. Should I try to wipe that grin off her face?

“This is for your indecent proposal” I got a bit more rough.

She made a sound like a little dog being beaten. I stopped. “Are you okay?” we both asked at once.

“Right. This is for being such a tease” I pushed harder than before.

“I guess the sound we make is ah culturah thiiiiIIII” she tried to explain.

“And this is for calling me miss Impatient” I sped up my movements. Her squeaks got louder and higher.

When she pushed her head down into her pillow, I let go of her wrists and held her tight against me. I wanted to feel each shake and tremble.

Susy’s orgasm changed seamlessly into into a giggling fit.

“What?” I laughed with her.

“You heehee trying to act like hee mister Asshole heeheehee too funny.”

I could have been offended, instead I almost choked laughing. “Well, that went well…”

“It did, heehee, honestly it did. I feel great.”

I laid down next to her and sighed happily.

Susy turned to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “When you want control, be convinced that the other will obey. Talking as if you’re punishing her while you’re pleasing her doesn’t make sense. Except when that’s her kink of course.”

“Mm.” The helpful lesson didn’t sink in, I was tired and distracted by the details of her sweating, blushing face. Her soft lips, her small nose, her eyes like black diamonds, her long eyelashes, her… my eyes closed and I was gone.

When I woke up, Susy wasn’t there. She had opened the curtains, the sun itched on my back. Outside, I could see the train station in the distance. Somewhere behind it, on the other side of the tracks, was my room, like a faraway planet.

There was a note on the pillow next to me, held in place by a key:


If you want more than my body, please be here tonight.

<3 Susy PS Watch your back. — I scratched my lower back, where the sun had been tickling me. Something black stuck to my finger. I managed to take a photo of my back using my phone. Susy had drawn herself, naked, doing a handstand on my hipbones. Labeled muscles and body parts and everything. I took some more photos, making sure to capture every detail of her drawing. I wanted to keep it forever, not just until my next shower. I did, of course, return that night, and every night after. After some weeks I moved in with her. I offered her the money I had been spending on rent, but she refused. I found someone willing to sell her art for her, Susy thanked me for that and made a good deal. She did keep her best drawings and paintings for herself. But the real happy ending of this story should be this: Susy thought this had been just another day I had spent at the university. She was waiting for her usual hug and embraced me as soon as she caught sight of me. “Ow.” “What’s wrong?” she was immediately concerned. “Nothing, just something on my back. It took me a while to find a good tattoo artist.” “Petra, please tell me you didn’t get ass antlers.” “Hah, no way.” I turned my back to her and lifted my top to show her the first outlines of a copy of a drawing she once made in the same spot. “You’ll need to write a few of the labels again, I scratched before I saw your drawing.” “You crazy woman.” Her smile stretched from ear to ear. “It’s not crazy to want to keep you forever” I said. I turned back to her. “You. Bed. Now.” I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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