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Massage Orgasm Ch. 05

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As the cab rolled down St. Charles Avenue, Lisa looked out the window and wondered how people afforded to live in these grand old houses. Although many of them had been renovated and configured for apartments, as had the one April rented, many more had been kept up over the years and the breath of ‘old money’ seemed to flow from the buildings themselves. Lisa figured the electric bills alone were more than she made in a month.

April watched as Lisa admired the old houses. Her eyes were reflecting the lights of the avenue, and April could tell by the way Lisa was taking it all in that she didn’t make it down to St. Charles Avenue very often. But really, not a lot of people did. Most locals used the Expressway to get to Downtown and the Quarter, riding by the Superdome and never even thinking of St. Charles Avenue unless that was their destination. Even most tourists missed the magic of the area unless they took a ride on the Streetcar Line that ran from Canal Street to Claiborne Avenue. So Lisa could still be sophisticated and yet be amazed by St. Charles Avenue. April thought that it gave Lisa an aura of innocence, although she knew that Lisa was far from innocent in other ways.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” April said.

“Yes… yes it is.” Lisa said. “I’ve only been down here a couple of times- once with my parents when I was about fourteen and once with a date who got so drunk and obnoxious I had to call a cab to get home.”

“Really?” April was shocked. “What happened?”

“I was only about seventeen at the time and we had been at Ruby Red’s on Esplanade Avenue. He started to get loud and yell at the bartender and I could tell they were going to throw us and the couple we had come with out on the street. I left him in the bar and pretended I had to go to the bathroom. It took him an hour to realize I was gone.. What a jerk. But it worked out. I wound up going to bed with his best friend. It was funny. The guy who I left in the bar never would go to bed with me”

“You’re kidding!” April wondered how anyone could turn down sex with this girl.

. “He was good with his fingers, though! I have to admit he made me come with his fingers. But I couldn’t get him to make love to me. He was afraid I would get pregnant. But his friend didn’t have those hang-ups. I dated him a few times, but it wasn’t anything special. And he didn’t know what he was doing. I never came with him. God, I can’t believe I am telling you all this.”

April found herself giggling. “Here I am an amateur and my first date is with a ‘woman of the world.'”

“Oh, I don’t know. That was my last experience with a man. I met a girl my senior year and she made me come with her fingers. And I haven’t looked at a man since then.” Lisa turned and leaned over and kissed April on the neck. She whispered in April’s ear, “How are your fingers?”

April felt herself redden. “I don’t know…. I guess alright….. I can make myself come.” Lisa laughed and shook her head.

April felt Lisa breathe into her ear, “If you can make yourself come, you can make me come.” . April glanced in the rearview mirror to see if the cabbie was getting an earful. He was just driving. April was getting goose bumps but it wasn’t cold outside. She felt Lisa slide her hand onto her thigh and slowly move her fingers up and down the length of her thigh. Lisa let her fingers trace up the inside of April’s thigh and cup April’s vagina through her jeans, Lisa’s middle finger settling right under April’s opening. April felt her wetness begin.

April closed her eyes. Lisa’s lips journeyed around to the front of April’s neck, her tongue finding the hollow. Lisa’s thumb imitated her tongue, traveling up towards April’s clitoris and down to where her wetness betrayed her.

“Lisa…,” April moaned. “I think we might be giving the driver a show,” she whispered.

Lisa looked up at the rearview mirror. “He’s a good driver. He’s pretending he doesn’t see us.” Lisa lowered her voice and whispered,” I’ll bet he’s hard. We’re giving him something he’s never going to tell his grandchildren.” Lisa’s lips moved to meet April’s. Her kiss was hard, insisting. April relented and opened her lips to let Lisa’s tongue have its way with her, just as she had that afternoon. Traffic passed on the avenue, but the girls were unaware.

Lisa moved her leg over April’s thigh and moved her knee up against April’s vagina. April felt Lisa’s knee settle perfectly between her legs and she wished she could have just Lisa’s knee and not the hardness of the denim.

Lisa broke the kiss and whispered as she brought her lips to April’s mouth again.” Rub against my knee, April. Go ahead, move against my knee, baby.” Lisa’s left hand slowly moved up to caress April’s right breast, her fingers closing around April’s extended nipple. . She opened her legs to allow Lisa’s knee even greater access and began moving her hips against Lisa’s knee. “That’s it, fuck my knee, April,’ Lisa’s mouth jammed hard against April’s and the sound Escort Bayan Gaziantep of the obscenity coming from Lisa’s beautiful lips increased April’s excitement. The incredible sensation of hardness against the hardness of her center combined with Lisa’s kisses to make April gasp audibly. She groaned aloud. “Lisa……oh, Lisa….Lisa….”

April’s hips moved in rhythm with Lisa’s kiss, thrusting against Lisa’s knee as Lisa thrust her tongue into and out of April’s mouth. Lisa murmured, “You’re going to come, April, I can feel it. Go, baby….come for me… come for me…don’t stop…..” Lisa’s lips moved to April’s ear and she sucked it and moved her tongue deep into it, French kissing her ear like she had her mouth. Lisa’s right hand moved to caress April’s left breast, Lisa’s fingers pulling the hardened nipple and centering her palm around it, closing her hand to encompass all of it. April felt her clitoris stiffen and she moved with more frenetic force against Lisa’s knee. Putting her arms around Lisa’s back, April pressed herself into Lisa, holding onto her, clutching her, pulling on Lisa’s lace top, wishing it were not there, feeling Lisa’s breasts against hers, just the fabric separating their hardened nipples.

April’s orgasm started in her breast and moved rapidly down her body. She sucked Lisa’s tongue and clung to it, treasuring the feel of it inside her mouth, afraid to let it go, afraid of the sounds she would make. She wanted to scream out her orgasm, but she wanted it to be silent too. She moaned through her throat and into Lisa’s mouth, sucking, sucking on Lisa’s tongue, April’s guttural moan becoming one with them in their kiss.

Holding tightly onto Lisa, her shudders subsiding, April slowly broke the kiss. “My God, Lisa…Oh…you are unbelievable” April opened her eyes and looked into the most beautiful pair of blue eyes she had ever seen.

Lightly kissing April just below her eyes, Lisa said, “No, you are unbelievable…you are so alive…so vibrant….so…lovely.” She let her lips travel to April’s lips and gave April little pecking kisses along her upper and lower lips. Finally her mouth found April’s again and she kissed April deeply. April greedily sucked Lisa’s tongue again, savoring the taste of Lisa’s juices, swallowing all the fluids she could draw out of Lisa’s mouth.

This time Lisa broke the kiss, taking a breath. “We could go on like this all night.”

“Yes…we could.” April said.

“You love this, don’t you?” Lisa said

“If you mean doing what we just did together, yes I love this…I especially love it right now with you.” April stared into Lisa’s ocean blue eyes.

“You are an extremely sexual woman, April. You let yourself go. You totally give of yourself….”

“I don’t know. I’m the one who just had an orgasm in a cab. Seems like I did all of the taking. You did all of the giving.” April brushed Lisa’s hair back and kissed Lisa on the cheek.

Lisa leaned forward into April, her breasts pressing into April’s. April lifted her lips to Lisa’s neck and sucked on the side of her neck, her tongue grazing Lisa’s skin.

“See what I mean? You are extremely sexual, April. You are turning me on, sucking on my neck, using your tongue to drive me insane. I want you so badly right now.” Lisa buried her face in the side of April’s neck. April could feel a wetness against her neck. Lisa was crying.

April took Lisa’s face into her hands. “I’ve never thought of myself as sexual, Lisa. I never even had an orgasm except with myself until this afternoon! Now I’ve had nine!” April laughed. “Maybe you have a point.”

Lisa drew back, smiling. She brushed her tears away with the back of her hand and said, “Nine? This afternoon you said Mary France had given you seven orgasms. Did I miss one?”

Running her tongue across her lips and cocking her head, April said, “Yes, you did. I couldn’t get you out of my mind this afternoon and I masturbated when I got back to my apartment. You were sucking on my breasts when I came. So I guess you’ve made me come twice today.”

“And you called me a minx!” Lisa laughed.

“Pat O’s, ladies,” the cabbie said.

April leaned forward over the seat and whispered to the driver. He nodded and gave April his card and wrote something on it. April kissed him on the cheek, handed him some cash and got out of the cab.

“What did you tell him?” Lisa said.

“I just told him we wanted him to drive us when we were through in the Quarter. He gave me his card and his cell number and I gave him an extra twenty. So when we’re finished dinner, we call him and we have our own cab.” April brushed her lips across Lisa’s ear and said, “That way we don’t have to break in a new driver.”

“You think of everything.” Lisa kissed April on the cheek.

“Oh, not everything. You think of some incredible things yourself!”

April took Lisa’s hand. As they entered the bar, April said, “Let’s go get a Hurricane. You made me thirsty.”

The bar was packed with people. Tourists were standing in a line outside, waiting to get into Pat O’s famous Piano Bar, where the songstress took requests from folks visiting from all over the country. The lady had been singing for years and no one had ever stumped her when it came to football fight songs or alma maters.

April and Lisa headed for the regular bar, a small bar where locals went to get some of the best drinks in town. If you wanted a regular drink, Pat O’s had the best drinks and the best prices, something not even locals were totally aware of. The bar was packed, this one with locals and some tourists who had stumbled in, not wanting to wait in line. Farther on into the building was Pat O’s famous Patio Bar where couples went for a romantic drink by a fountain that was always on. It was a true New Orleans place. Legend had it that Pat O’Brien’s served more alcohol than any other place in the world. And they only accepted cash. No credit cards, no checks, only cash. Small signs were posted on the walls, indicating “We do not serve Coca Cola.” Years ago, The Coca-Cola Company had sued Pat O’s because customers would order a “rum and coke,” and the waiters would not advise the customer that Pat O’s did not serve Coke. They used Pepsi, had for years. Coke won the suit and the bar had to place signs around the establishment letting people know that they did not serve Coke. It was said that the owners of the place would not let a Coke truck park outside the bar to deliver to other customers in the Quarter. Nobody ever confirmed that rumor, but everybody seemed to believe it.

And Pat’s was still the place to be. Everybody in the Quarter had copied the Hurricane drink Pat’s invented; Pat’s even marketed a mix you could take home with you. But people still came to Pat O’Brien’s. It was the Original and it was a good bar. To women, it was the place to meet men, to men the place to meet women. Pat O’s was the original “meat market,” before anyone had ever heard that expression.

April pulled Lisa into the regular bar and signaled for the bartender’s attention. Almost immediately, the bartender was standing in front of April. “Could you get us a couple of Cosmopolitans?” April said. She smiled and the bartender’s face lit up. “Right away, m’am, “he said.

“Cosmopolitans?” Lisa said. “I thought we were on Old Fashioneds.”

“We were. But we’ve already had one and we still have to have our Hurricane. I want to be able to walk out of here, even if I’m not driving!” April put her arm around Lisa’s waist and drew her nearer.

April had to raise her voice so she could be heard, and said, “Lisa, I am so glad I met you this afternoon. If you wouldn’t have said anything when I wanted to leave a tip for Mary France, we wouldn’t be here.” April noted that a couple of guys that had been standing nearby had overheard her.

“All the women want to leave a tip for Mary France. But most of them are older, and like I said, a lot of them are married. You were so young and beautiful. I couldn’t let you get away without at least trying to talk with you. And I was thinking that Mary France had probably really liked you. But I liked you as soon as I saw you come out of your massage room. And you had that “satisfied” look about you, like you had just had the best sex of your life.

“Really? It was that obvious?” April squeezed Lisa’s waist. “I must have looked a wreck. I remember lying on the massage table wondering if I was going to have the energy to get up. I was naked, my legs were still spread, Mary France had just up and walked out on me. But she slapped my ass before she left and just turned me on more. Oh….,Lisa….I forgot.”

“What?” Lisa was enthralled with the direction the conversation was taking.

“I forgot about one orgasm. I masturbated when Mary France left the room, before I got dressed. I was so scared someone would walk in on me” The two men who had overheard April at first were now pretending not to pay attention, but April could tell that they wanted to hear more. When they heard the word ‘masturbated,’ they could not hide their interest anymore. They were staring at April and Lisa, looking as if they couldn’t believe these two beautiful women were gay.

“So that’s ten then.” Lisa said. “Holy cow, you are a nymph and I love it!”

“You think so? You know, I could be making up for lost time. I am in my twenties, you know.” April smiled her patented smile.

“I think we need to go have that Hurricane.” Lisa said. She turned and led April out of the bar into the Patio Bar. The tables were almost all taken, but the girls found one in the back among the palm fronds. It was steaming outside, and the New Orleans humidity was stifling tonight. Lisa could feel the warmth of the humidity start to soak her lace top. She was braless and her breasts were outlined against the soft material.

April looked at Lisa as she sat enjoying the atmosphere of a great New Orleans night. April could see Lisa’s nipples through the lace top. It was as if she were wearing a teddy and had put it on in a steamed up bathroom. April wanted to reach over and take Lisa’s breast into her hand. She looked down at her own top and realized that she too was showing her breasts to their best advantage.

Lisa saw April looking down at her breasts and reached over and took April’s hand in hers. “You look like something out of a dream.”

April felt her sexual desire stirring inside of her. This girl had a way with words.

“Your breasts are pink.” April said. “I can’t help looking at them.”

“You and every guy in here,” Lisa said. “Look at those guys over there, the ones from the bar.” April turned to look over to where Lisa was pointing.

“They might as well just let their tongues hang out.” April said.

“Too bad for them it’s not their tongues that I’m interested in.” Lisa said. She leaned over the table and kissed April softly on the lips.

. “I think it’s time to eat.” April said.

April and Lisa got up, and hand in hand walked out of Pat O’s and onto St. Peter Street. April led Lisa around the corner to Jackson Square. Artists were busy painting and drawing caricatures of tourists, a few fortune tellers were stationed around the Square, a relatively new addition to the Square, one that hadn’t been received very well by the artists. But the fortune tellers were here to stay, it seemed. April kept walking until she and Lisa reached Decatur Street. They took a left at the Café Du Monde and walked past several famous old places, including the Central Grocery, where the first Muffaletta had been sold, always cold, never hot.

“Where are we going?” Lisa was famished and a little drunk.

“To Tujaque’s , it’s one of the oldest restaurants in the city. And it’s got a century-old tradition that got broken in the late ’80’s. They finally got their first woman bartender. I met the woman who made the break. She’s beautiful. She still works once in a while. But guess what? Most of their bartenders are women now. Customers seem to like it that way. The food is wonderful. Just one menu, no decisions to make.” April pulled on Lisa’s hand as she hurried along the street. “Come on, it’s just up here on the left.”

The restaurant was old and looked run down on the outside. But the inside was true New Orleans. As the maitre’d turned to lead the girls to a table, April caught his arm and said,” I want to show her the bar first. We’ll get our table later.”

It was dark and the bar still carried a distinctive male flavor as it had since its beginning. At one time, women had been forbidden to enter the bar, and then later they had been allowed, but only with a male escort. Back then, unescorted ladies were assumed to be prostitutes.

April took Lisa’s hand and started toward the bar. “April, I am starving.” Lisa said.

“We’ll eat in a few minutes. I want you to see this bar.” April tugged on Lisa’s hand. Lisa followed.

There were two bartenders tonight, both of them female, and as April and Lisa sat down, Lisa watched the bartenders, seemingly deep in conversation.. One was a blonde and the other brunette, and as the blonde walked toward Lisa and April, the brunette patted her on the behind.

Lisa put her hand on April’s thigh and whispered, “the bartenders are gay. I saw the brunette pat the blonde on the ass as she walked away.” Lisa brought her hand up the inside of April’s thigh and let it rest there with her fingers crooked into the crease at the top of April’s thigh.. April drew a breath.

“Don’t move your fingers. Keep them there.” April closed her eyes. The bartender arrived just as April closed her eyes.

“Having good thoughts?” she said. April quickly opened her eyes, smiling.

“Matter of fact, I am.” April said. “And later they’re going to be more than thoughts.” April flipped her hair and winked at the bartender. April felt Lisa squeeze the inside of her thigh.

April thought she saw the bartender blush. April leaned back and stretched, knowing that her top was wet with sweat, her nipples accentuated and very visible.” Are you going to take our order or just stare at me all night?” April said. She felt a satisfaction that she had made this good-looking blond uncomfortable. But the bartender recovered quickly.

“I think I’ll do a little of both since the scenery is so nice.” She smiled and met April’s eyes with an intense gaze. “What’ll it be, girls?”

April felt challenged now. She said, “Do you know how to make an Old Fashioned?” She knew this would throw an inexperienced bartender, as making a real New Orleans Old Fashioned was a work of art. She stared directly into the bartenders eyes, daring the bartender to make another smart remark.

“Of course, this is Tujaque’s. You have to be able to make one before you can get the job, baby. This isn’t some bar at a chain restaurant. And guess what? I’m not a rookie, at anything. So that’ll be two, girls? Or does your beautiful girlfriend want something else?” The bartender’s gaze shifted to Lisa, who had been taking all of this in with a quizzical look on her face.

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