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Cassie Ch. 3

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Cassie, just having had her pussy eaten by her father to many orgasms, has passed out from pleasure on his bed. He stands there looking down on her unconscious form wondering, like any man would, what the next step is going to be.

As I stood looking down upon the slumbering form of my daughter, many thoughts passed through my mind.

Cassie had admitted to me that her ex-boyfriend, James, had taken her virginity and then dumped her. She had also admitted to having had sexual fantasies about me, her father, for quite some time now, bringing her fantasy to reality by seducing me in her own bedroom.

Where was this going to end up? With me in jail for molesting my daughter if anyone ever found out?

With us both in counseling? Or with us loving each other all the more?

As I continued to stand there and think about such things, my hard cock won out. Cassie in her slumber had put her hand between her thighs and had started to masturbate herself, moaning in her sleep.

I thought to myself, “This is too good to be true, but who am I to question it at this point”? I reached down and started to caress her ass, then up to her back. Cassie rolled onto her back at this point, so I let my hands wander to her pert little titties, feeling her nipples become hard buttons under my fingers.

I eased myself down onto my bed, (our bed now I thought) and began to lick and suck on those hard little nubbins on her chest. At the same time, I let one hand wander down her belly until it came to rest on her hard clit, moving her hands aside as I did.

Cassie slowly opened her eyes and looked up at me. “What happened daddy”?, she murmured.

“You just had an orgasm baby”, I told her as I raised my mouth off of her titties.

“I’ve had orgasms before daddy, but NEVER like that one”, she said. “I’ve let my fingers play there many times thinking of you making love to me over and over, but the orgasms were never, ever like that was”.

“Well honey, now that you have turned fantasy into reality, there will be many more where that came from”, I told her as I let a finger slide up inside her wet pussy.

“Oooooooh daddy, that feels great. I want more though then just your fingers in me”, she hissed as she pumped her pussy up to Bayan Escort Gaziantep meet my invading finger.

I said nothing in reply, as I moved down the bed and knelt between her thighs, spreading them to allow me even better access.

Cassie spread her legs wide, raising them up and grabbing hold of her ankles, ”Fuck me daddy, fuck me now”.

I placed the head of my swollen cock against the lips of her sex, rubbing it up and down her tight little slit, spreading her copious juices around to ease my way into her. After doing this several times, I eased the head of my cock into her pussy. I could feel her muscles trying to pull me in deeper as Cassie let go of her ankles and moved her hands to my ass, trying to pull me into her.

“Ram it in me daddy, ram it in hard and fast”, she screamed. “Fuck me hard and make me come again”.

I was losing all semblance of sanity as the velvety walls of her pussy sucked me in deeper and deeper. I Pulled my cock back just a bit and then with one tremendous thrust, buried myself in her pussy until I felt my balls slap against her ass.

“OH GOD DADDY, FUCK ME HARD AND FAST”’ Cassie was screaming now. pulling down on my ass and thrusting up with her hips, trying to get as much of me in her as she could.

I lowered myself down to my elbows, so that I could slide my hands under her ass and lift her ass a bit higher, helping her thrust even harder as we began to fuck each other hard and fast.

Cassie’s hands went from my ass cheeks to my back, raking her nails up and down my back, probably ripping me to shreds, but I didn’t care in the least. All I could think about now was pure animal lust and the pleasure my own daughter was giving me.

For what seemed like hours, we rutted like a couple of hours, although it was only a few minutes before I felt the familiar tingle deep in my nuts, warning me that I was about to blow my second load of the day.

“Oh God Cassie, your pussy is so hot, so wet and so tight”, I moaned into her ear as we continued to thrust at each other. Her fingernails were still raking up and down my back, making side journeys onto my arms and my sides.

“Your cock feels so good daddy”, Cassie moaned back at me. “Much better then I could have ever imagined when I would fuck myself with my fingers and think of this really happening”.

“James was never so good”, she moaned, as I thrust even harder into her at the mention of that little weasels name.

I slowed my thrusts for a moment as an idea occurred to me. That scumbag James may have gotten my daughters virginity, but there was one place he hadn’t been.

I pulled my cock out of Cassie’s pussy and rolled her over as she moaned. “No, daddy, put it back in me. Don’t take it out.”

“Don’t worry baby”, I told her as I placed her on her knees in front of me, rubbing my cockhead against her pussy lips again, preparing for the thrust that would send it back deep into her pussy,

“Yes daddy, yes yes yes, “ she screamed as my cockhead burst through the opening to her pussy. “Shove it back in me and make me cum again”.

I did just that, shoving it in her deep and fast, driving all the way to the bottom in one hard, fast thrust.

In this position, however, her tight little asshole was easily accessible to my fingers and I could see how wet it was from her juices that had ran down from her pussy. I placed my finger on her star and rubbed it around, eliciting a deep moan from my daughter. Taking that as a sign, I pressed against her tight asshole until my finger popped inside her ass again, letting it slide in all the way to the third knuckle.

“Oh my god daddy, that feels sooooo good” , she wailed as I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her pussy at the same time.

I pulled the first finger back and added a second to her tight bum, sliding them both into her and then wiggling them around, causing her to fuck back against my groin even harder. Again, I pulled my fingers back and added a third finger to the invasion, sliding them in to the hilt.

“Yes daddy, finger my ass. It feels so good.” Cassie wailed.

I told her if she thought my fingers felt good, then she was going to love what happened next, as I p[pulled my fingers out of her ass.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy, causing her to hump her ass in the air, searching for my cock.

I lined the head up with her asshole, but before I could thrust forward, Cassie thrust her ass back, driving herself onto my cockhead.

“YESSSSSSSSSSS, fuck my asshole daddy, take my last cherry,” my loving daughter wailed.

I eased my cock deeper and deeper in her bowels, feeling her vaginal walls spasming as she had orgasm after orgasm. “Oh god daddy, your cock feels so huge”, she moaned, as she thrust her ass back into my groin, taking the last of my cock into her ass. “I’ve heard about anal sex, but before today, I thought it would be gross and disgusting”. “But your cock in my ass feels oh, so good daddy”.

I grunted as I began to saw my cock in and out of her ass, faster and harder with each thrust.

Cassie reached under and began to caress her clit with one hand, the other, grasping the rails of the headboard to brace herself from my onslaught.

I could really feel the tingle in my balls, letting me know it would not be long before I blew my load deep in my sweet baby’s ass. I grunted and thrust harder into her ass and told her, “Daddy is about to cum baby. I’m going to fill your ass with my cum.”

“Cum for me daddy, please fill my ass with your hot seed”, my daughter screamed at me.

That was all it took for me. Hearing her beg for my cum caused the dam to burst as my balls began to pump out the second load in just a relatively short time.

“I’m cumming baby, daddy is filling your hot ass with cum”, I screamed as Cassie thrust her ass back into my crotch even harder, wiggling it from side to side.

“YES Daddy. Fill my slut ass with your hot cum, fill me up,” she cried.

Jet after jet of my hot cum shot into her asshole, my cock twitching madly. As my orgasm began to subside, I slowed the pace of my thrusts, until I finally stopped entirely, the sensations too much for my tingling nerves to take any more.

Cassie continued to try to thrust her ass back onto my softening cock, but my oversensitive cockhead couldn’t take anymore. I pushed her ass away from me, collapsing across her back, forcing her onto her belly.

Cassie pushed me off of her, my wilting cockhead pulling out of her tight ass with a soft plop, as she rolled over and wrapped her arms around me. “That was so fucking good daddy,” she whispered to me, her mouth close to me ear. “When can we do it some more?”, she asked.

All I could think was, how long is it going to take for my cock to recover from what had to be the best ever fuck of my entire life!

To be continued!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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